Monday, 31 March 2008

"Outfit; Pretty Odd, Skeletons and Flowers"

Late outfit post again, I can't seem to be able to post them on time. I blame the fact that whenever I turn on the computer I am always distracted by the new Panic at the Disco and The Hush Sound albums that I have on repeat!

Music killed the blogger, it seems!

Thanks to my friend and personal photographer, Andy B., I finally have pictures outside the house and at university. This is me trying to make the Tortured Med Student white coat look chic and probably failing miserably.

Flying pose, trying to be tres Vogue Paris :P

The infamous white coat!

dress: Mango, sweater: Zara, belt: Zara, trench coat: H&M, tights: unknown, boots: Musette

I am officially on holiday this week seeing as my country is hosting an international NATO summit so all schools and universities are closed, hooray! So I will have time for more posts and hopefully more outfits soon.


Song of the Day: Panic at the Disco - Mad As Rabbits


Miss Woo said...

You look lovely in the coat and the floral dress, and haha I really like the skeleton!

P said...

your outfit is wonderful!

Fashion Tidbits said...

cool! which uni do you go to?

ChiliLady said...

the jump shot is really great^^
How's Mr. Skeleton?

Anna Pope said...

Miss Woo: Thank you and The Skeleton says thank you too :))

Fashion tidbits: I go to Carol Davila Medical School in Bucharest, the biggest med school in Romania :)

Chililady: Thank you, it took about 6 tries till we got it right, lol! And Mr Skeleton is okay, just sort of quiet ;D

Camilla said...

What a wonderful dress! :)

WendyB said...

Great pix. Love the jumping shot.

Sheryl Wong said...

I like how you matched the floral dress with the trench coat! Great match!

Anna Pope said...

Thank you all so much!


Cierra said...

I would love to do a link exchange, your site is fun and inspirational, and i am a new blogger, check mine out and let me know :)