Saturday, 24 October 2009

"Welcome to the new deja vu!"

For some reason, this photo keeps reminding me of Pan's Labyrinth. And that I need to watch Pan's Labyrinth again. As soon as the days get longer by 10 hours and I have the time!


Hello my darling pumpernickels, I missed you dearly! I know, I know, I have been a terrible blogger, both with posting and with commenting. I blame that completely on the small moment of insanity, that short period of time when my brain went into snooze mode and my rational side took a long vacation three years ago and I decided, "Hey, you know what? Medical School sounds like an awesome idea! And how bad can it be, really? Sign me up!"

Most of my free time goes to getting from one hospital to another, eating, twittering like crazy and most importantly acting like an old cat lady who goes to sleep at 9pm every night.

I have started my 3rd year in dear old Hippocrates's school for 2 weeks now and thus I have entered the first year of actual hands-on, face to face contact with patients and hospitals. Or, as I like to call it, the "Oh shit, oh shit, what do I do, they're looking at me, dammit act like you know what the doctor is talking about!"


Actually getting to observe patients is a daunting task that is scary and amazing and interesting and did I mention scary?

But I have thankfully learned the two rules of being a Med Student who has to deal with patients for the first time:

1. They are more scared of you than you are of them.
2. They actually think you know what you're doing and can't feel the panic attack going on in your head.

Now excuse me, one Pathology book and one bag of marshmallows are awaiting my return :)

I leave you with some photos of the past two weeks and a promise to try and extend my bedtime to the oh-so-risky 9:30 so I can blog a little bit more often...


Random days:
A day spent at the hospital, trying to read lab works and smoking on the hospital roof. Fun times!

Dark circles included!

cropped sweater & top: Mango, long sleeved black&blue sweater: Zara, earrings: Promod.


Thursday, 22nd October:
One of those amazing 8am-to-8pm school days. Thankfully, it included awesome future plans, cute boys and late night Starbucks with the lovely people that never cease to make me smile.

Buying tickets for the Opera for November!

Me and Andy being camera shy.

The light was too great, couldn't resist the photo opportunity! (Thank you Andy!!)

skirt: Zara, trench: H&M, boots & bag: Musette.


Friday, 23rd October:

One thing that has been blooming is the photography opportunities and my love for this art form.

Got to photograph the Friday bike ride that anyone in Bucharest can read about here. The guys were very fun to talk to and photograph even if I was a little bummed that I couldn't go with them. But next week, if the weather is nice, I am so joining them, seeing as I might actually get a bike by then :D

More photos here :)


Saturday, 17th October:

I also got to take some photos at the Funk Rock Hotel concert in Silver Church. I only caught two of the acts but they were AMAZING. My photos can be found as always on my Flickr: CinnamonAnna :)

Les Elephants Bizarres:
First time seeing them live but by the second song I was already a fan. Great songs and can't wait to hear them again!
Les Elephants Bizarres @ Funk Rock Hotel

Les Elephants Bizarres @ Funk Rock Hotel Les Elephants Bizarres @ Funk Rock Hotel

Les Elephants Bizarres @ Funk Rock Hotel Les Elephants Bizarres @ Funk Rock Hotel

The MOOoD:
Second time seeing them live and they are getting better and better with each performance. Of course they were called out for an encore! I love the energy in their set and it helps that the guys are very fun and very nice :)
The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel

The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel

The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel

The MOOoD @ Funk Rock Hotel


Song of the Day: Nine Inch Nails - Closer

Monday, 5 October 2009

"Be my, be my, be my little rock & roll queen"

I love when I get to re-color my hair. My scalp may be in pain, but my heart it flutters with joy!

This has probably been my default expression for the past week. Last Tuesday I had one last exam and since then I think I spent just a couple of hours at home, not taking in account the hours spent sleeping.

Actually, this has been my expression all summer. I started university today, first year spent in the hospital and not in the university's corridors. And usually autumn has always left me feeling down, but there are so many awesome things planned still that all I can say is, Bring it on!

So many late nights spent laughing and dancing and drinking (can never, ever forget the drinking ;)), so many shared lattes and cigarettes and smiles and Big Bang Theory in-jokes, Wii games and movies and so many more amazing things.

The one word that will describe this summer:


Here is a recap of the past couple of weeks. Beware of photo overdose!

26th September:
Morning spent giving "smiles" signs to people on the street. Fun times!

"A smile for you" post-it notes.

Onics (whom I finally met that day!) and I after giving smiles :)

Cute smiley girls.

Pandutzu and Onics, smile break!

Wearing: jeans & tee: Mango, blazer: Zara, shoes: Aldo, bag Accessorize.

Saturday night was movie night!
Star Trek (2009) and Reservoir Dogs (which will be making an appearance on the blog soon enough!)

Maria and I fangirl'ed over Captain Fine, as always, while the guys looked on.

Of course I Twittered all night long. Lucian showed us how you count to three in romanian (anyone who has seen Inglorious Basterds will get it ;)

The night was a success. But that was expected with such fenomenal movies!


Wednesday 30th:
Twitter movie night. The movie was Gamer, staring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall. It wasn't great and it was like watching the world through the eyes of an epileptic cameraman but I guess it could have been worse :P

Video review here via Olix (sorry, only in Romanian :P)

After, the party continued at my house where wine was drunk and fun was made :)

Thursday 1st:
Morning spent helping renovating a house while wearing heels. That was a very fun experience!

Evening spent playing Wii. Got my ass kicked at tennis by Rox (but she rocked all games) and then lost my chance at Tennis World Dominance by dirty cheaters who cheat (they know who theya are!!)

This was just before we let. Needless to say I was slightly sleepy!

Friday 2nd:
Bar hopping, pancakes and rain.

David and Corina, loving the camera!

Got to wear my Guess shoes. Be it rain or sleep, high heels are always gonna be stuck on my feet :))


Song of the Day:
The Subways - Rock`N`Roll Queen