Monday, 31 August 2009

"He took the days for pageant, and became as mad as rabbits"

These past few weeks have been sort of awesome really. I might even say legen - wait for it - dary! (The How I Met Your Mother craze is back and kicking :))

Late nights and pancakes and inside jokes. Yup, this is a summer that I might actually remember.

dress: Dika, socks: Golden Point.

dress: Kotton, shoes: Nine West, belt: thrift, watch: Swatch, Bracelet: CK Jewels


Before high-school, I used to love making mixtapes for friends. A bunch of my favorite songs, a CD recorder (it was way before I ever heard of CD writers) and some hours to spare and ta-daa! A brand new CD with all my favorites for my favorite person then.

(How old am I that I can also still remember making actual tapes? )

So here's a mixtape for all of you. These are some of the songs that have stuck to me lately, be it their lyrics or their melody or the moment they played at.

Download and enjoy, my darlings :)


Click Cover to Download:


Out of Heartache, A Mixtape
01 Mika - We Are Golden
We are not what you think we are / We are golden, we are golden.

02 Cobra Starship - Living In The Sky With Diamonds
And that girl loves danger / But she don't know when to stop.

03 Jonas Brothers - Hey Baby
The lines that you feeding will leave you alone.

04 Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance with You
The music's too loud and the noise from the crowd / Increases the chance of misinterpretation / So let your hips do the talking

05 Panic At The Disco - Mad As Rabbits
But there ain't no sunshine in his song / we must reinvent love

06 The Killers - Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)
But I know that I can make it / As long as somebody takes me home / Every now and then

07 Jason Mraz - Plane
And supposedly you can crawl right through me / Taste these teeth please / And undress me from the sweaters better hurry

08 The Teenagers - French Kiss
Your eyes don’t lie / Perfect timing for a / French Kiss / On your soft lips

09 Green Day - Viva La Gloria!
She smashed her knuckles into winter/ As autumn's wind fades into black / She is the saint of all the sinners

10 Eels - P.S. You Rock My World
And I was thinking about how everyone was dying / And maybe it is time to live

11 Empires - Valmont
So damn tragic, so fantastic.

12 Travis - Get Up
I need a little love and a hand to hold / Somewhere to hold the frustration / I need a little cause for celebration

13 Cage The Elephant - Back Against The Wall
I said you got me where you want me again / And I can’t turn away

14 Beck - Where It's At
Members only hyponotizers / Move through the room like ambulance drivers / Shine your shoes with your microphone blues

15 Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (ft. Beth Ditto)

16 Kasabian - Fire
I'm going, you tell me, I feel it, I say it / I'm heading back into the tunnel for my soul to burn

17 Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
When I woke up tonight / I said I'm gonna make somebody love me / I know that it's you / You’re Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky

18 Doves - There Goes The Fear
Out of heartache /Along with fear / There goes the fear again / There goes the fear

19 Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat
Best bit of the day / Now that's living / Why don't you run away? Are you kidding?

20 The Last Shadow Puppets - Separate And Ever Deadly
I'll pretend / I didn't hear / Can't you see / I'm a ghost / In the wrong coat

21 The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed
Awakened to cheers after years on the faultline / We are shocked to be here in the face of the meantime.

22 James Morrison - Once When I Was Little
We could build a rocket / Fly to the moon / Leave Tuesday morning / And be back for noon

23 Glitterati - Keep Me Up All Night
You can keep me up all night / Yeah, even though you're out of sight

24 The Hush Sound - The Boys Are Too Refined
And if I'm given the chance to be a doll in his hands / I will be sure we shake the mountains while we dance

25 Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
Right past the fabulous mess we're in / It's gonna be a beautiful day

26 The Stills - Let's roll
Don't be afraid / To be afraid here with me

27 The Strokes - Last Nite
Oh, baby, I feel so down / See, it turns me off / When I feel left out

28 The Wombats - Moving to New York
I've just had the craziest week / Like a party bag of lies, booze and then deceit

29 Fall Out Boy - Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown
Tempest in a teacup / Get unique / Peroxide princes shine like shark teeth

30 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
With the birds I’ll share, this lonely view

31 Razorlight - Golden Touch
Give them a taste but not too much

32 Bon Iver - Skinny Love
I tell my love to wreck it all / Cut out all the ropes and let me fall

What songs have stuck with you this summer and why? Which song is your favorite right now? How about lyrics?

Hope you enjoy all these songs as much as I've been enjoying them these past few weeks.
CD cover made by me. And yes that is a photo of the Panic! At the Disco boys. I have no shame for the love I hold for them, they're too adorable :))


Video of the Day: Panic! At the Disco - New Perspective
See, no shame :D

Monday, 24 August 2009

"The last thing on her mind is growing up, she's dancing with the stars and oh how the lights are shining"

"Let's say you're listening to your favorite band on a stereo system. There is a place between the two speakers where you will hear the two streams of music blend perfectly, exactly as the sound engineer intended. This place is called the sweet spot. If you play tennis or baseball, you know about another version of the term "sweet spot." It's the area on the racquet or the bat where you get best results when striking the ball. According to my astrological analysis, Taurus, this will be your ruling metaphor for the next three weeks. You have arrived at your very own sweet spot -- the embodiment of all that is melodious, graceful, delicious, aromatic, and effective. "

Horoscope via FreeWill Astrology


Friday, August 21st.

It was a day that just kept on going. Waking up I had no idea that I was getting ready for a day so busy that I would end up getting home the next morning after 24 hours of fun and no sleep.

Yeah, so maybe games are the things that keep us young and free and happy after all.

The day started with Cupa Pleosc (The Splash Cup) which was a water fight in the park. At first I thought I'd be there just to watch but that plan lasted approximately 4.6 minutes and I was bouncing my way into the middle of the squeaky war zone!

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009
Andrei and I caught in a surprise water attack.

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009
The entire gang for an end-of-game photo op. Needless to say, it took me about 4 hours to dry off but I guess it was all worth it ;)

Here's video proof if anyone is interested. You can see (and hear) me squee around there somewhere.


Next, the gang met up in Club Control. Beer, dancing to Arctic Monkeys and a pair of geeky coke-bottle glasses making rounds. Fun times!

Ignore my face, I think I already had some beer on board :))

20090821IMG_1333 20090821IMG_1334 20090821IMG_1319

20090821IMG_1331 20090821IMG_1320

20090821IMG_1325 20090821IMG_1327


20090821IMG_1411 20090822IMG_1497

20090821IMG_1342 20090821IMG_1374



What followed that was the night time bike walk, Ciclopromenada 2, where we biked around the city again (first time being here). It was weird because our numbers tripled since the last time but nothing will ever beat the feeling of riding your bike down an empty street at night :)

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2 Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2 Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2


Also, one of my photos (staring Andrei) made it in the paper. How cool is that?

More photos of everything here in the sets on my Flickr account :)


Song of the Day: Cobra Starship - Living In The Sky With Diamonds

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"We lived an adventure. Love in the summer, followed the sun till night reminiscing other times of life"

So I had the kind of weekend that kept me away from sleep and on beer and that made me sigh at the end and whisper "Best weekend ever" under my breath. Friday we all took off to Sirnaville festival outside Bucharest. I don't know what we were all expecting but it turned out great.

But I need to add that maybe the greatness of the whole thing was not necessarily because of the festival but the wonderful people I went with. So big hugs to @pandutzu, @gabriela_perca, @cart00n, @adrianciubotaru, @d3vilgirl, @davidpripas, @roxana_niculae, @iulianv. You guys made my summer go from blah to wonderful, you can't even tell we've known each other for only a week, can you? :))

There was music, there was laughing, there were mosquitoes and borrowed jeans, sex talks and giggling at inappropriate times, stalking of singers and actors, a sky that had visible stars, butterflies in my stomach and Lemons and Clark Kents, stolen cigarettes and totally unhealthy meals, twitter in-jokes, hugs to keep warm, new friends in unexpected places, making lemonade and feeling the smell of lemons all day, coming home at 6 am passing by people who were already getting ready for work and smiling right before falling asleep even though I'd be up in less than 5 hours to do it all over again.

Yeah, this is how summer is suppose to taste like.


All the photos from the weekend at my Flickr accound. Enjoy :)

Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009 Sirnaville 2009

Sirnaville 2009


Song of the Day: Empire of the Sun - We Are the People