Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"This was no accident, it was a therapeutic chain of events"

Very tired. But it's that nice tired, the good kind that leaves your bones feeling soft with amusement and excitement. I find it amusing how last I didn't have things with which to fill out empty hours and this week I am running around like crazy and living off coffee and a few hours of sleep.

New faces. New places and activities. New delight that makes your toes curl. New smiles shared over cans of beer and cards. New sleepless nights and new laughs that still echo in your ears even after the lights are off.

Yeah, I could get used to this :)



Whatever people tell you, I was not falling off!!

Only a few things are better than a day in the park with bike rides and (pink!) cotton candy and improvised picnics at sunset.

And that is a day like that that continues with a night spent playing card games, pretending to be murderers and laughing until your cheeks hurt.

What site am I on here? Twitter, what else? :))


Song of the Day: Noisettes - Never Forget You


Raigan said...

I'll also miss Ryan Ross's makeup, i mean really i'm not even that good and i'm a girl! haha

Your hair is sooo pretty and it looks as if you've been having a great time!

I now use the blog Hummingbird which is on my profile, just so you know :)

have a great weekend...i guess thats whats up next, right? haha


indigotangerine said...

ooh,bike rides and cotton candy and a foggy twighlight with friends, it looks like fun.
no helmet? tsk tsk.

Pandutzu said...

u're the killer :))))

Ruxandra said...

bike rides and park, cotton candy and friends, can you ask for anything else?:)

Sexy Sadie said...

it's always fun to change your routine...

you make me want a cotton candy SO BAD!

Monica said...

Your red hair is pretty. I love cotton candy.

Anonymous said...

what's the name of that parc? is it in bucharest? it looks beautiful.


yiqin; said...

OMG your hair. I am so in love wit it.

Alice in vintageland said...

You may be my favorite redhead right now, except me:). You rock those shorts by the way!:)

IonuĊ£ Bunescu said...

Ma scuzi ca iti stric eu toate comentariile in engleza ;;)

Vroiam sa ma amuz si aici de cum ne uitam noi toti intr-o parte ca dupa avioane :))

Charlotte said...

great plan for a summer day! I am back at the office now :(

Moorea Seal said...

cutie blog. ps the Noisettes are AMAZING!!! i saw them in seattle a few weeks ago.