Monday, 22 March 2010

"Hello, Oompa Loompas of science!"

One good thing about not having an sort of internet (Twitter on my phone does not count, okay?) is that I've been reading quite a lot lately, a pleasure that had been lost between checking e-mails a billion times of day and saving any sort of Sherlock Holmes graphics and Star Trek gifs I can find on Tumblr. Ewan McEwan, I love how you make me drool over your words and Chuck Palahniuk, your brain is a scary yet wonderful place!

Power of concentration, I'm doing it wrong.

I've also managed to run through all the Oscar movies of the year (minus A Single Man because the gods don't want me to bask in the awesomeness that is a Tom Ford/Colin - I love you Mister Darcy - Firth masterpiece) and all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Cooper, you are insane but I love you).

Surprisingly, my sleeping hours have been slightly chaotic. It's not my fault books get interesting right before bedtime. And it's not my fault they're running Star Trek: The Original Series only at night on tv, I do not have the will to say no to Spock.


Spare time makes the mind go geekier and geekier apparently and makes me also want to screencap every movie I own. And this post is brought to you just by that!

I watched Nine some time ago and liked it. I didn't love it because it disappointed in certain departments (it lacked cohesiveness and focus, the songs weren't as strong as I was expecting, the characters weren't very into character), because maybe I loved Fellini's 8 1/2 Weeks too much and this "adaptation" just grazed the surface.

But. I am sucker for beautiful images and, like a magpie loves shiny things for their shiny and not their total worth, I fell in love with the visuals of this film. Give me anything resembling Broadway and I melt like a chocolate ice cream in the sun.

Enjoy the beautiful photos and hopefully next time I'll be posting here from my own (my preciousssss....) internet connection and stop stealing it from where I can. Fingers crossed!


Nine 01

Overture Delle Donne

Nine 02
"Kiss your fevered little brow, Pinch your cheeks till you say ow"
A Call from the Vatican (Penelope Cruz)

Nine 03
"So you little Italian devils, You want to know about love? Saraghina will tell you.
If you want to make a woman happy, you lie on what you’re born with"
Be Italian (Fergie)

Nine 04
"I love the dark handsome guys with their skinny little ties dressing mod looking out of sight
I love to watch them as they cruise with their pointy leather shoes wearing shades in the middle of the nights"
Cinema Italiano (Kate Hudson)

Nine 05
"Now take it right between your thighs, you grabbed for everything, my friend,
but don't you see that in the end there will be nothing left of me?"
Take It All (Marion Cotillard)

Nine 06


screencaps by me


Song of the Day:
Florence and the Machine & Dizzy Rascal - You've Got the Love

Friday, 12 March 2010

"But in the years that passed since I saw you last you haven't moved an inch "

Not dead

No I am not dead. Just internetless for about 3 weeks now, which feels a bit like dead but not quite. It's painful and slightly nerve wrecking but, fingers and toes and whatever-can-be-crossed crossed, this place will be up and running soon (if not by next week, I'm sure I can find some sacrificial goats somewhere around here).

(Also, whoever said letting go - albeit forcefully - of any sort of addiction gets easier as time passes is a big fat liar who needs to be hit over the head with a pillow stuffed with bricks!)

(Did get a lot of reading done. That is a little sort of soothing victory.)

(Still need internet like air though.)

Not Dead