Sunday, 20 June 2010

"Lived and learned from fools and from sages"

This is how it feels like

I am suffering from author's block, if you will. An annoying, troublesome creative slump. The part of my brain that loved the click of the camera and the tac-tac-tac of a keyboard has fled the coop and is probably drunk in a rundown bar while I'm using my keyboard as dust gatherer. I sometimes feel as if I can hear my brain sloshing around and slowly dripping out through the boredom cracks in my skull.

Does anyone have a cure for the creative equivalent of being down in the dumps? If yes, please write down on post-it and send by carrier pigeon. They'll know where to find me.

On this background, I've been trying to distract myself/entice my neurons with different activities:

♥ my birthday in May (feeling too old in my own skin but still too young at the same time, how is that possible?) . Brought good times and great gifts, so I can't complain too much about getting old.
♥ experiments in the kitchen which did not end in fires, surprisingly, and the realization I can make delicious stuffed peppers and chocolate muffins.
♥ painted Easter eggs with mother and ate abnormal amounts of chocolate that holiday and every other holiday from New Year's until now.
Bike-walked. Not as much as I want, but still. It was fun!
♥ Saw Cluj for the first time and Sinaia for the one billionth time. Remembered why I love road trips and late nights spent in the company of lovely people.
♥ been losing sleep. Dreaming about Zombie Apocalypses and making plans of action for when that time comes (rules include: cardio and shotguns. Thanks Zombieland!)
♥ Watched all of Supernatural. All of 30 Rock (I thought I hated it. It was a shock to realize I actually don't. I call this the power of Tina Fey). And started M.A.S.H. and Doctor Who. Hmmm, I am slowly understanding why I've been losing sleep ...
♥ Tried the wind-swept style. And the Cousin It of Adams Family fame style. Changed hair color with every coloring and ended up slightly amber. I am now sporting what I call "Fake Red Head Who Has No Time to Dye Her Hair and Whose Hairdresser Is On Holiday" style. It works for me!
♥ Girls' night out, of course.
♥ Started taking the whole vegetarian thing very seriously. And the coffee addict thing too.
♥ Also started taking football (yes, football, not soccer, thank you very much!) very seriously
♥ Saw Aerosmith live just 2 days ago. Spent time afterward dreaming of sequined blazers and dancing to Dude Looks Like a Lady as these two things seem to work together. Steven Tyler is one ball of rock-and-roll, crazy energy.

♥ ... O yeah, started exams. Thinking I won't finish them alive, if my pathology book has anything to say about it.

All in all, it has not been a boring time! Fingers crossed for my inspiration and if you need me I'll be off re-enacting the Glee dance scenes and dreaming of future times when school books will be locked in dark places and days will be nothing more than vodka-orange glasses and lazy reading on picnic blankets.



Song of the Moment: Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
(Supernatural reference FTW!)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Sex and the City is here. You ready?

(I apologize for every non-romanin speaking reader, I promise something soon for you too!)

Uite cum ma reintorc eu la blogul meu. Si nu singura, ci cu un concurs absolut delicios!

Eu si cu ne-am aliat fortele in cadrul campaniei lor si oferim o invitatie pentru doua persoane pentru vizionarea speciala de pe 10 iunie la Multiplex. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa lasi un comentariu mic la acest post si poti castiga. Extragerea castigatoarei va avea loc joi dimineata, 10 iunie.

O vizionare impreuna cu un grup de fete stilate, frumoase si rafinate unite prin dragostea lor de Manolos si Cosmopolitans, nimic mai placut nu-i asa? Then what are you waiting for? Lasa un comentariu si ne vedem joia viitoare.

Bafta :)