Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"I was one of the insatiables. The ones you'd always find sitting closest to the screen."

Start of uni and I am lacking sleep but thankfully, not lacking in shows. Castle (Nathan Fillion is too charming sometimes, really!) and Merlin. And lets not forget today's episodes of House & Gossip Girl. Thank god for teevee ;D

I was talking with my darling girl Roxana last week about how we both can't wait for a good shopping spree. Shoes were of course the most important subject, but we also clicked on two desires: shiny leather leggings and baggy, harem pants.

Yes, we are not only jumping on the bandwagon, we are driving it :)) So of course, me being me, I started scouting for photos. Inspiration, how much I love thee! Now I just need the actual pieces of clothing and all will be well.



I'm not a huge fan of The Hills (but I surprisingly love The City) but I love LC's outfit.

If you could also give methe jacket in the last photo, I would love you forever and a day!

Note to self: heels, heels and more heels!

I admit it, I posted this because I love their entire outfits and not just the leggings.

Emma Watson is looking incredibly cute lately! And of course, Mary-Kate coul not be missing from this.

Pandora. Go and love!


Besides the leggings, another thing I need (and the darling tis serendipity agrees with me): pretty, shiny, black leather jacket. Yes, yes.


The reason why I think I'm starting to like these is because after all the skinny jeans in my closet, these just look so comfy. And kinda hot with the right pair of heels.

Can you say 'oh my god, can I be you?'

Balmain and Ralph Lauren know how to make them work.

I know I risk repeating myself, but shoes!!

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Song of the Day: The Kills - U R A Fever

Friday, 24 April 2009

"People don't realize this, but loneliness is underrated"

Sometimes you just need good things:

+ The most adorable experiment ever. People aren't half bad it seems.
+ Gala Darling cheers us up.
+ Love My Life
+ This much I know: Deepak, Noel, Nick, Gok.
+ For any romanians out there: need to check these out.
+ pretty photos & Elle.
+ some love for the unloved.
+ Hehee.
+ Really freaking perfect, cute bags.
+ Summer. And 500 days of it.
+ Girl Crushes in beautiful editorials.


My mom was out of town and you know what they say: when the cat is away the mice start to play. Or in this case, the mice drink too much diet coke and coffee and end up baking all night and then watching The Big Bang Theory and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Fun times :)

"Cooking 101: Med Student Style"

Maria and Andy started off with a bang!



I took the muffin making quite seriously: notice the sweat and flour on my face!

These were special muffins: a Ferrero Rocher chocolaty center and a splash (...or more) of whiskey in the batter ;D

The kitchen suffered. Or as Andy said, looked like it went through WW2 and was never the same again.

But it was so worth it!


I spent Easter with my family at my grandparent's house. I didn't take too many photos because I was distracted by all the cakes and chocolate but I did manage to snap some of the house and of my gran.

My granmother painted the Easter eggs this year just how I like them: crazy and psychedelic.

They're house is a mixture of old and new, so crazy yet it works for them.

My mom and her brother, I think.

My gran let me photograph her even though she's a bit camera shy. She thinks that photos should only be taken when people are dressed up and posing in a studio because that's how she had her photo taken when she was young. It was a once a year experience and you had to be all dolled up.

My grandfather was asleep in front of the tv so I could sneak a few photos.


Song of the Day: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition