Friday, 17 April 2009

"Bet she's delighted when she sees him because she must be fucking freezing, scantily clad beneath the clear night sky"

Tomorrow I am going to my gran's place for a couple of days to celebrate Easter (it's the orthodox one's turn now) so I am preparing my stomach by eating a rich chocolate muffin that I bought for my mom and lazying around watching The Big Bang Theory.

I just came back from the movies (Monsters Vs. Aliens, so much fun!) and the thought that I have a free week next week where I can just sleep as much as I want and do what I want is just great!!

Because I won't be online for a couple of days, this post is a photo overload from the past computer-less weeks.
Enjoy and to all the Romanians reading this: Happy Easter! Paste Fericit :)


It was Irina's birthday party! We had pizza and alcohol and a great time!
And Irina proved again that she is a mastermind ;D

Irina, who looked gorgeous!

Taking a photo of a photo.

Me molesting Irina. Couldn't help it, she looked too gorgeous!

The whole party gang.

My outfit for that day.

A little friend we met on the way to the restaurant. Such a beauty!

dress: Kotton, vest: Mango, tights: Accessorize, socks: Golden Point, shoes: Corso Como, belt: vintage.


Last Saturday:
The V for Vintage fair day. A couple of photos that I forgot to post.

Me, Maria and Andy waiting for the fair to start.

I would have stolen that Harley if I could drive!

What's better than cookies or cake? A cake made with cookies!

dress: Kotton, socks: Golden Point, leather jacket: unnamed brand, shoes: Nine West.


Bowling Night:
So at one point during my computer hiatus, I went bowling with Roxana and her friends. The funniest and best people I met, we had so much fun and acted like kids. In other words, we had a great night!

Of course I chose the pink bowling ball :)

Roxana and her bff, so cute!

Whack the Weasel (any Dexter's Lab fans will understand!).

The girls won glow in the dark bracelets. Mine was pink.

Roxana and I :)

dress: Zara, belt: thrift.


Maria's Birthday:
The first 21st year old of the bunch. Club Control, a lot of alcohol and cigarettes, a lot of eye candy, great music and greasy fast-food at 5am. Great, greata times ws had by all!

The birthday girl, who looked amazing!

Andy, Irina, Irina D. and Maria, pre-alcohol!

Andy's new hair color = love!!

I was probably drunk by this time.

I was for sure drunk by this time :))

dress: Zara, tights: Accessorize, skull bracelet: Killah.


8am-to-8pm school day:
Histology, physiology, anatomy, info and too much coffee.

trench: H&M, socks: Golden Point, booties: Replay Jeans, bag: Nine West.


Song of the Day: Arctic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down


Raquel said...

the picture with the harley is great!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the green socks and outfit by the Harley :) wicked chic yet Gossip girl-ish too, which I adore!! ♥

Yummy dessert. Share please?

Hope your Easter goes well and you get plenty of eggs. :)


Cypriotchick said...

Have a happy Easter! Love all the photographs!


jo said...

i just have to say that you've got the coolest leg wear! the socks and tights in the first outfit is so funky and the ones from accessorize are so pretty.

Jodes said...

you and your friends are so chic and so fun!
that harley is truly dreamy - i would completely forgo pretty hair for freedom.

Hadley said...

pretty sure you guys are the best looking group of bowlers ever!

Alice X said...

woww, looks like some fun times! you and your friends are all so gorgeous:)

mia said...

My first visit in here - thanks for all the great reading!

lot's of love

indigotangerine said...

you look like you are having a blast. I really like that pink plaidish zara dress.

Denise said...

girlfriends having fun = perfection!
i love all your dresses. so cute. so fun , just like you!

have a great day!

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

Just found your blog and I love it. Great quality photos!

mayica said...

Love your blog, the pictures are great :)

Jenny H. said...

greatt pictures.
looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

i love the first dress and especially those shoes!

JASMINA said...

I looove you black evening dress.It's really very nice!

Oliphe Butarbutar said...

cute outfit!I like ur shoes! Maegan said...

omg where to start? fabulous outfits! ...loving the super hero look.

chantelle said...

I. I've missed you and your posts!
II. I love all those pictures, especially you and your friends' outfits at the 21st birthday outing! HOT!

Katie said...

i love the outfit you wore to the fair. that red leather jacket is drool-worthy!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I have started adding cinnamon to my daily coffee ritual, all I can say is magically *explosive* .. j'adore!! :)

Thinking of you! :)


dapper kid said...

I love your red and blue combo in the first outfit, and your red leather jacket is to die for!! Hope you have a fabulous Easter with your grandmother dear :)

Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* said...

I simply adore the knee tights!

tis serendipity said...

Wooohooo your red leather jacket is too awesome for words!!!! Heh and your friend maria had the cutest hat ever... such fun!!

sa said...


sa said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.