Tuesday, 25 November 2008

"Outfit; That's the plan, rule the world, you and me, anyday"

A well deserved break.


I have a five day weekend this week. And I might actually have a social life in this December. Ha, take that medical school.



Very simple, very lazy.

I need skinnier jeans because I really want to try this look from Lilliebe's blog.

Good things about this day: a. buying new cute underwear and b. falling in love with a new show (How I Met Your Mother)

jeans, tee: Mango, booties: Replay, necklaces: Police and Diva



The new Starbucks cups make me want to burst into song and reenact scenes from Elf.

Two days of jeans and my colleagues already think I am going insane and/or sick. But no worries, I will be back to skirts and dresses tomorrow as I have accomplished my task: finally getting a cross-legged photo on one of the tables in the Anatomy class (and also, not freezing my toes off in the cold, cold weather.)

jeans, cardigan: Mango, booties: Replay, top: Gap, assorted necklaces: Levi's and thrift.


Song of the Day: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Slipping

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"We like to break rules, both got tattoos, we tend to smash things and we like to scream"


I get guy crushes a lot. And I also get girl crushes (anyone who knows me knows I swoon when the words Keira Knightley are uttered next to me). So it's always great when these two crushes get together and form one huge Couple Crush.

Like the Joshua Jackson/Diane Krueger crush that has had me swooning for some time now. Ignoring the fact that they are both gorgeous and talented, they're also the perfect red carpet couple. And it's always refreshing when a guy follows his girlfriend's (fabulous) lead because we all know who wears the fashion pants in most relationships.

I am going to go watch Fringe now, so please enjoy the photos I collected and please try to keep the swooning and envy in check (like I have been trying, albeit unsuccessfully!)


(click photos for bigger)

Gorgeous and cute!!

Uncle Karl loves them too so how can you not? :))

source: diane-kruger.net

Monday, 17 November 2008

"Outfit; Melodramatic fool, neurotic to the bone"

Everyone with me now: coffeeee!!


The day you are happy you can finally get home so you can study for The Tests Of Doom is the day much alcohol would be quite welcome. Welcome to Medical School, pass the shot glass!

Have a great week, everyone.


skirt: Mango, cropped sweater: Kotton, tights: Zara, glasses: Fendi


Song of the Day: Razorlight - Golden Touch

Saturday, 15 November 2008

"I must confess I'm in love with my own sins"

Geek chic or no?


Yesterday I:

+ got a new pair of glasses. Black rimmed, Fendi and really weird to get used to.

+ got incredibly drunk on Cosmopolitans and Apple Martinis for Andy's birthday.

+ saw Quantum of Solace for the sole reason of watching Daniel Craig be naked and hot on screen.

+ re-ignited an old crush and was very happy about it.

Good start for a weekend.

PS: Excuse the bandwidth problems, I didn't think that many people were checking the blog so I never bothered to check my Photobucked account. Photos will be back up on the 9th!


The birthday girl <3

Andy & Maria.

Irina being very drunk.

The future alcoholic doctors of the world.

Andy and I :)


Song of the Day: The Ordinary Boys - Nine2Five

Sunday, 9 November 2008

"Outfit; You know that I can use somebody"

My life in the next few weeks will be the equivalent of getting bashed over the head by a lemon peel wrapped around a brick. I have so much to study that I will probably end up mumbling gibberish about heart muscles and liver ligaments by the end of it all. Sigh, the things I do for my very own McDreamy ;))

If any of you are interested to see how a day in my life goes, go here :) I think I've had that photo journal from some time now but never posted about it here. Better late than never when it comes self advertising, right?

Uni has taken over most of my free time this week, so thank god for movies! I found out they are the best thing when you come back home after a long day. My movie list this week included:
Flashbacks of a Fool (perfect if you feel like watching a soft slow movie)
The Golden Compass (I am a sucker for polar bears)
Being John Malkovich (just as weird as I expected)
Babylon A.D. (what can I say, I am a Vin Diesel fangirl. Actually, it was a good action movie and better than all the reviews I read)
The Big Lebowski (great, funny movie!)

Why yes, I am a movie fiend, why do you ask?

I've also seen The Duchess this week. I thought it was a very beautiful, albeit sad movie and I recommend it if you are a Keira Knightley fangirl (like me), if you enjoy beautifully filmed period pieces, if you love very pretty clothes and very pretty boys (and that is my very superficial side making an appearance here). It is definitely one of my favorites from this year.


My happy face after the too-early Histology lab :P

Tickle fight!!

I loose, Irina wins :))

The girls, waiting for our courses to start.

Me, Irina, Irina B, Andy and Maria doing our happy dance after we survived a 12-hour day.

The M&M's that were never eaten.

The most important buy of my week: say hello to Brendon, my new iPod Touch. He has been keeping me sane this week with his songs and his movies (I have learned that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the best movie to watch during long, boring courses!)

dress: Kotton, sweater: Mango, belt: Zara Kids, tights: Accessories, boots: Musette, bag: Nine West


Song of the Day: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody