Thursday, 4 February 2010

"I've got that lefty curse, where everything is flipped and awkwardly reversed"

Cinnamon&Coffee Post - Nokia

In my tiny little world, exam sessions mean: drinking the very first of many coffee cups when the sun is not up yet, considering chocolate and pizza to be highly nutritional options for breakfast and/or lunch and/or diner, improvised dance-a-thons in my sweatpants in front of the mirror to crappy pop music caused by excessive caffeine intake, a drab of despair and a spoonful sleep-deprivation topped up with a semi-marathon of Grey's Anatomy episodes and did I mention the way-too-high-to-be-healthy-but-hey-you-do-as-your-doctor-tells-you-and-not-what-(s)he-does number of coffee cups a day?

So of course it is always a pleasant surprise when there's something out of the ( completely unordinarily) ordinary. That surprise came in the form of an e-mail from the lovely Shira at WOMWorld/Nokia asking me if I wanted to play around with the Nokia N97 for a couple of weeks. As I am a tech geek wrapped up in the layers of fashion fiend, I could not say no!

I love trying out and playing with new gadgets and when I got this little creature (which I have named JouJou Bon) in my possession the first thing I loved about it was the fact that not only does it promise to be perfectly capable to do everything one needs tech-wise, it also cute to boot! Call me superficial but I love when style meets function, it's like having a chocolate center bom-bom all in a pretty wrapper - eye-candy and perfect palate pleaser in one :)

I admit it took me a little time to get used to the menu after coming from my iPhone and the touchscreen responds to pressure and not just a little tap (scrolling through the menu was one of the things that I personally found a bit hard to do without accidentally opening an application) but as soon as I got the hang of it, it felt quite okay. I've always had a soft spot for QWERTY keyboards and I thought it was much easier to use than a normal touchscreen one the grammar mistakes in my text messages seemed to decrease slightly.

It fed my need to stay online 24/7, fast internet browsing and twitter (once I installed my twitter client of choice) at my fingertips. I was also extremely pleased to have PDF reader installed! Magazines were a bit hard to browse (too many photos slowed it down, I think) but I enjoyed quite a couple of good books during study breaks.

And, lest we forget what it was actually suppose to be in the first place, it is a really great, easy to use phone!

Its size compared to my iPhone. It's small but not too small that you can't type. Although I have to admit that most of the guys I showed it too where a bit annoyed at the little buttons. I just think the problem was their big thumbs and not the tiny buttons :))

Cinnamon&Coffee Post - Nokia
Photos via phone. Stupid expressions via me.

All in all, I love the N97 mini. It's stylish and lived up to my expectations, even if it did stumble around in certain areas. I'm not sure I'd give up my current phone for it but if in the future I was offered one, I would certainly not pass that opportunity.

Thanks Shira for the opportunity to play around with this little creature. Check out the other reviews from District of Chic, C'est Girl so Chic and the incredibly adorable La Couturier.


January 21st:
The day I realized that pathology would be, quite ironically, the death of me. Also, the day after I died my hair, making my head proudly representative of the entire spectrum of reds and oranges.

Cinnamon&Coffee post


January 22nd:
The celebration of the very first exam this season took place outside the university, between mountains of snow. I was viciously attacked two to one and could not get away! I blame the hair that makes it impossible for me to hide in this goddamn white scenery. Thankfully, I will always be found if ever caught in an avalanche.

Snowy Days and Boring Classes Snowy Days and Boring Classes
Redheaded orange-head?

Snowy Days and Boring Classes

Snowy Days and Boring Classes Snowy Days and Boring Classes
Andy looked like a frozen polar bear so she was spared the snowing. Maria and Irina snowball fighting before realizing they'd rather team up and attack me.

Snowy Days and Boring Classes Snowy Days and Boring Classes
Snowy Days and Boring Classes Snowy Days and Boring Classes
Like I said, those two girls are evil, utterly evil I tell you ;)

dress: Kotton, sweater: Mango, tights: Accessorize, belt: Zara, boots: Nine West, coat: Mango.


Song of the Day: Nelly Furtado & Chris Martin - All Good Things