Friday, 16 July 2010

"Traumatised by my complete lack of trauma"

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza


When life gives you lemons, you use them for your cuticles. And when things get to stuffy, you go on the lazy man's route. That's what we did last Saturday, when a group of us (and by group I mean a herd and by herd I mean a hell lot of fun and nice people) took our books and our cameras and went reading in the park as part of the Lecturi Urbane movement.

It involved good books, soft grass, (more or less) hushed conversations, a lot of bikes and weather that was on our side even though the clouds had been acting like they had taken a fistful of diuretics for the entire of summer.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
Wearing: Kotton dress, Nine West shoes, random silver jewelery.

I spent some of the time making clover headbands and then prancing around with them like the 5 year old that I am.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
And spent the rest of the day matching the environment. The green movement, and all that.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
The books and Decat o Revista were used in the best way possible ;-)


Pancake Day
Wearing: Zara tee, BSB skirt, silver pendant.

As I mentioned before, I discovered a certain knack for cooking. Unfortunately, the knack comes and goes and when I find something I like I usually just do that for one week. That's how things went last week and I spent every day eating nothing but fluffy American style pancakes with too much maple syrup and a vast array of fruit!

Thank you Martha Stewart, they were very much appreciated.

And what better way to cook a rocking pancake batch than wearing a bedazzled Lady Gaga tee?


The 'Bucks

Most days are spent now cramming as much information in my head as possible (just two more exams left!) and most nights are passed in front of a Starbucks latte and avoiding those pesky summer rains. Why yes, I am an old lady deep down inside!

I have also amused myself with Tumblr and random internet memes. It is nice to find out I apparently write like David Foster Wallace. And my old posts resembled Mark Twain. Hmm, upgrade or downgrade? Will be the judge of that once I get my hands on Mister Wallace's books. We are literary twins after all!

It's In the Details

Admiring The Boy's watch is also a good way of spending a few quiet minutes :-)


Song of the Day: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

Sunday, 4 July 2010

"They left a ringing in my ear, but that drum's still beating loud and clear"

When one goes to a concert, one gets to sit on the ground and compare shoes.

As much as I love a lot of things in this world (glitter, Robert Downey Jr's gravity defying hair, those DSquared shoes), I think only a few things match the level of complete ecstatic love I feel a few moments before the first few notes of a concert break through the air.

Sonisphere Sonisphere
What is a concert without half-naked rockers doing a mosh-pit? Or without "rock on" hand signs? It's like tornadoes without Dorothy, really.

Maria and I, in our little space on the concrete, waiting for Rammstein to hit the stage.

That's why the last weekend was just what the doctor ordered - and I should know! - and the perfect cure for an exam addled brain. Two days of music, from the always rocking and always powerful Metallica to the only-the-Germans-can-pull-it-off insanity that was Rammstein, with little drops of Slayer and Alice in Chains in between.

Sonisphere Sonisphere
The Boy won't let me see the bands, boo ;)

I don't think I ever mentioned this around here but I used to be one of those sulky teenagers, wearing all black and all spikes and all chains, a long-haired emo before emo became cool and before cool became hipster. The sulkiness passed but the music remained forever etched into my brain, to the complete shock of my mother who hoped that with the discovery of pastels and dresses I would also stop, quote-unquote, ruining my ears with that incessant sound.

Metallica! Fire! Good noise!
(photo source: Metropotam)

So of course I was going to be one of the thousands of people at last week's Sonisphere Festival. And of course I was going to be singing along until my vocal chords gave away (I also partly blame the ice-cold beer for that too). Because Metallica showed us that they can still rock a stage like no other, even so many years after first gracing a stage. And because Master of Puppets still sends shivers down my spine like it did the first time I heard it, when I was too young to function. (Dear guys, I forgive you for the "Budapest" mistake, just let it not happen again, mkay?)

Rammstein! Flame throwers! Funny costumes! More good noise!

(photo source:

Because Rammstein reminded me why I stand by my belief that german is the language of anger and energy (I mean that in the best possible way possible) and because they're the only ones that can turn a concert into this over-the-top show. I mean, is this the best entrance or what? They even bought the noteworthy face mounted flamethrowers. Yeah, that is what I call a good, first-rate show.

Sonisphere Sonisphere Sonisphere
(I look so very surprised in all of these photos and still have no idea why)
Wearing: Zara blazers; Kotton dress; Musette/Replay booties; a bunch of very random accessories.

And of course at the end of the day, I'm still the girl who goes to a heavy metal festival wearing heels. My excuse is simple: those 10 centimeters are a concert savior when one is surrounded by metal heads who are too tall, who still wear their hair like James Hetfield in the 80s and who are sitting right in front of you so you can't possibly see the stage. True story!

(For any romanian speakers out here interested in a great review, check Vulupe's posts here :)


This past week has really been a week of firsts. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be in the same room with Jacqui Banaszynsk, 1988 Pulitzer prize winner, at her narrative journalism presentation (THANK YOU Decat o Revista!) I didn't know what to expect when I walked into that room and I admit I sat awkwardly for a moment when looking around and seeing mostly journalism students around me.

But then she started talking and I don't know where those 3 hours went. I listened and my brain has been in overdrive since then. I'm still in awe at the strength and conviction that flew with her words and at the end I was left with this need to know more, to say more, to hear more.

Other people have written about this meeting and I don't feel I can add anything without sounding like a little swooning girl (between you and me, that's what I am right now, but shhhh, don't tell her I said so!) so I will leave you with one of her favorite quotes:

"... history is written by those who have hanged the heroes."

And a link to her award winning piece: AIDS in the Heartland. Read it if you want to witness what creating something awesome feels like.


And, and, and! I'd also like to thank
Cristina Bazavan for the invitation to the Tabu Facebook Party yesterday. Besides it being fun, I got to hang around with some really, really, really, really, really stunning girls and be their personal cheerleader, and I also got to meet some smart and dapper people who I hope to see again as soon as possible!

Told you I had a very exciting week ♥


Sight for Sore Eyes
(My fridge door and fridge magnets are used for something useful ;)

And now back to the drawing board. Or, as they say in my neck of the woods, back to those annoying pharmacology books. The joy.