Friday, 16 July 2010

"Traumatised by my complete lack of trauma"

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza


When life gives you lemons, you use them for your cuticles. And when things get to stuffy, you go on the lazy man's route. That's what we did last Saturday, when a group of us (and by group I mean a herd and by herd I mean a hell lot of fun and nice people) took our books and our cameras and went reading in the park as part of the Lecturi Urbane movement.

It involved good books, soft grass, (more or less) hushed conversations, a lot of bikes and weather that was on our side even though the clouds had been acting like they had taken a fistful of diuretics for the entire of summer.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
Wearing: Kotton dress, Nine West shoes, random silver jewelery.

I spent some of the time making clover headbands and then prancing around with them like the 5 year old that I am.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
And spent the rest of the day matching the environment. The green movement, and all that.

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza

Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza Lecturi Urbane - Gradina Japoneza
The books and Decat o Revista were used in the best way possible ;-)


Pancake Day
Wearing: Zara tee, BSB skirt, silver pendant.

As I mentioned before, I discovered a certain knack for cooking. Unfortunately, the knack comes and goes and when I find something I like I usually just do that for one week. That's how things went last week and I spent every day eating nothing but fluffy American style pancakes with too much maple syrup and a vast array of fruit!

Thank you Martha Stewart, they were very much appreciated.

And what better way to cook a rocking pancake batch than wearing a bedazzled Lady Gaga tee?


The 'Bucks

Most days are spent now cramming as much information in my head as possible (just two more exams left!) and most nights are passed in front of a Starbucks latte and avoiding those pesky summer rains. Why yes, I am an old lady deep down inside!

I have also amused myself with Tumblr and random internet memes. It is nice to find out I apparently write like David Foster Wallace. And my old posts resembled Mark Twain. Hmm, upgrade or downgrade? Will be the judge of that once I get my hands on Mister Wallace's books. We are literary twins after all!

It's In the Details

Admiring The Boy's watch is also a good way of spending a few quiet minutes :-)


Song of the Day: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire


Daiane said...

Yay, you have a tumblr! I'm all over it!

I took that "test" earlier today and apparently I write like David Foster Wallace too. I mean, whaaa? Does it show only one answer? Curious as I am, I tried the analyzer once again, with a completely different result (shh!). Funny, this internet thing! :))

Is This Real Life? said...

ah love this post! so pretty!

Carissa said...

lovely post and nice pics!

Sil said...

Loved your pics! And thanks now I want some pancakes!!!! :-P

Hanna said...

that sounds like the perfect kind of day. =)

Anonymous said...

Clover headbands are amazing! You look so gorgeous.

Annika said...

i love the second photo! so beautiful :)

Chantelle said...

Anna you honestly look as cute as a button here! Hope you and The Boy are having a great summer! Bonne chance avec tes examens!

Clara said...

cute pics!

Ania Alonso said...

I like so mucho your blog!
kisses from Holland!

Electro Geisha said...

first bunch of photos reminded me of hippies. dont know why, but never mind, right? then i wished for Starbucks, but - we dont have it here, so, bummer, and at the end, only thing I can say, hope you`ve rocked those exams! :)

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Anonymous said...

the reading in the park sounds like an awesome event!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

just blogwalking

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani
Twitter : caramel_manda