Monday, 20 July 2009

"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny."

It is always a good sign while packing when you can close your luggage without needing to sit down on it. In my world anyway that is a little sort of victory :)

If you're wondering why I'm packing? In exactly 6 hours, The Boy and I are leaving for a week of sun and fun and food and lazying around on the beautiful coast of Turkey. We plan on sleeping in like the lazy med students that we are, drinking little cocktails with umbrellas in them and watching Star Wars movies while eating yummy yummy food.

I'm not sure if I'll get my hands on any sort of Internet connection there (I will try to use my Twitter at least) so hope you all have a great summer holiday and I will see everyone in 7 days :)


In these past few days I feel like I've been trying to do everything I've been meaning to do in the past few weeks. Feels good though :)

Many things have happened, and to the beautiful soundtrack of A Dustland Fairytale and Supermassive Black Hole. Can't wait to see what the cd skips to next.


The girls and I, Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the National Museum, diet coke, yummy pizza and walking in the desert like heat without getting sunburned. In other words, great day!!

Me, Andy and Maria in a group snuggle in front of the Atheneum.

Irina being ridiculously photogenic as usual!

I have no idea why I was laughing here.

Roaming the streets and enjoying icecream.

The search for food brings out our violent side.

I really love my city.

dress: Mango, belt: thrift, shoes & bag: Nine West.


Good food, good friends, good times.

Cliche? I think so :))

Nothing says girls night out like improvised photoshoots in the evening.

Roxana and Florina looked amazing (but when don't they?)

We were cracking up cause we were taking photos in the middle of the street with people staring at us like we were crazy :))

MySpace photo time!!

I love the old city center at night, perfect to take photos!

I loved this weekend!

Me: dress: Zara, shoes: Nine West, watch: Tissot, bag: Nine West.
Florina: dress: H&M, shoes: Nine West.
Roxana: top: Killah, bag: Bata, shoes: Nine West, watch: Calvin Klein Jewels.


Song of the Day: Pink - Funhouse

Friday, 17 July 2009

"And suddenly everything has changed"

It feels so weird to wake up with nothing to do but lie in bed, watch all the shows I've been missing on (hello Kings and Dexter, I missed your pretty pretty faces!) and eating cool watermelon while the entire city is under a heat wave.

My plans for the weekend involve sleeping. How awesome is that? (in my defense, I'm in the day after my exam session. Sleep is like caviar and diamonds right now!)


I love curling up in bed and watching movies. Especially at the end of a very long day, when nothing feels better than a good story and beautiful images to help you relax.

Last night I did just that and watched one beautiful movie, The Young Victoria. It's the second time I watched it, and loved it just as much as the first time. The movie follows the story of Queen Victoria in the years before she became queen and also the developing relationship between her and her husband, Prince Albert.

It's a soft, slow movie but that's why I loved it. Like a breath of fresh air after too many dark dramas and exploding wham-bam-think-you-ma'am movies! Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend bring to life two loved characters superbly, giving us a glimpse into a beautiful love story that entered history books. I fell in love with their love.

It's a love story that takes place over a historical background. It is also visually beautiful, all soft lights and perfect costumes, and that works perfectly with the romance coming to life between the perfectly decorated palace walls.

All in all, this is my new feel-good movie. Beautiful, even if slightly too sweet sometimes, but don't we all need some of that in our lives from time to time? :)


"The Young Victoria"
Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Mark Strong.

(click all for bigger)

Prince Albert: Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can.
Victoria: You don't recommend I find a husband to play it for me?
Prince Albert
: I should find one to play it with you, not for you.

You may dream of independence, but you won't get it. From now on, everyone will push and pull you for their own advantage, Melbourne more than the rest. Just remember, you are the queen.

The dancing scene between Victoria and Albert was my favorite part. So beautiful.

Victoria: I'm sure you're aware why I wished you to come here. Because it would make me happier than anything, too happy really, if you would agree to what I wish.
Prince Albert:
And stay with you?
And stay with me.
Prince Albert:
And marry you?
And marry me!

Prince Albert: I had two very good reasons. First, I am replaceable and you are not.
You are not replaceable to me!

source: all photos capped and photoshopped by me.


And here is the lovely trailer for your enjoyment: The Young Victoria.

PS: Post dedicated to Andy. Thank you for bringing this movie to my attention, you rock! (But you knew that already didn't you? ;))

Song of the Day: The Postal Service - Suddenly Everything Has Changed

Thursday, 9 July 2009

"Well my heart, it don't beat, it don't beat the way it used to"

The past weeks have been very slow and agitated at the same time. I've had a lot of time to myself, split between papers of Freud's theories (we're all overly sexual beings who develop abnormal relations with our family members, oh goodie) and nights spent with Smile Like You Mean It blasting through headphones and insomnia caused from too many glasses of Diet Coke.

I have realized I'm the most outgoing antisocial girl . I can't decide between lying in bed all day with my phone off and ignoring each breath around me or being out, talking and connecting and living.

I think this year has also been a two-sided coin. So many bad moments that deserve a glass a water and Xanax on the side. And yet those bad things have brought some beautiful moments after them. You lose some you win some. But I think I'm too used to losing things and people (and my sanity sometimes, some would say) that I am feeling like something's bound to happen, like waiting for the other shoe to drop even when there might not even be one.

I think I've also lost my track a little, especially when it comes to certain dreams and standards. I miss my photography so much that it was a bit shock to realize that I haven't picked up a camera (like, really do it and feel it and enjoy it) in some time.

Time to get back on that horse and get back on fighting, no?


Step one: Ignore the weird feeling buzzing underneath my skin.

Step Two: Pick up that camera already.

I love pomegranates. It's such an interesting experience to cut one up, when I was a kid I always thought it was the only fruit that actually looked like it was bleeding.

Met this little guy in my bathroom one night. He kept watch on me while I removed my makeup of the day and then I watched over him while he flew back out the window.

Favorite meal of the day. More or less, the only one I always enjoy to the fullest.

Colored my hair again after two months of it being ignored. Mom says the color is very close to the color of blood right now, and of course I took that as a compliment. (why yes, us med students are little sadists :))

I love being a redhead.


Thursday, 2 July 2009

"I've got this energy beneath my feet like something underground's gonna come up and carry me"

"We are called The Killers proxy by way of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada"
The only photo of the show from last night that I could find for now. I can't stop from smiling when looking at it. (Photo taken from B'


So yeah, The Killers last night, live at B'Estfest festival. It was AMAZING. I still can't believe I finally saw them live and to think I was actually thinking not going at one point. Wow, wow, wow!!

I remembered why I fell in love with this band so many years ago. They had palm trees on stage (how freaking awesome is that?) and played a great 1 and 1/2 hour set with songs from all the albums! I think I actually bounced like a little girl when they played Read My Mind probably my favorite!

And Brendon Flowers' voice sounds beautiful live! Dear god, I love that man so much. He's like a diva and a gentleman with the gestures and energy of a stage actor. And he sparkles both from the inside and through the ridiculously awesome blazer with sequined shoulders he wore. If there's one person's closet who I would love to raid, it's his!

The worst-turned-best part of the night was the downpour of rain that started before their concert. Everyone was soaked to the bone and there were huge puddles everywhere but I love it. Honestly, dancing and singing and not giving a damn in the torrential rain was the most fun experience I ever had at a concert!

I could watch them perform all day. Until then though, I'll have to do with enjoying this beautiful Flickr set and hoping they come back here again. Fingers crossed!


My shoes sacrificed themselves for my and the band's behalf :))

My make-up did not survive the night. I held my head in the rain and so did not care that I could feel the mascara running down my cheeks as the speakers blared.

I don't need curling irons. Just give me rain and The Killers and the problem is solved.

white top: Zara, sweater and jeans: Mango, bracelets: Killah and CK Jewelery, necklaces: Diva and Accessorize.


Because my love for these boys (and their charming and crazy singer) has grown to unbearable heights in the past few days, here are some of my favorite photos of them to keep things happy and feed my fangirl brain.

(click on each for bigger)

How amazing is he? A rock star that dresses like he's Oscar Wilde and Ziggy Stardust's lovechild. Be still me heart!

The feather jacket will go down in history!


Video of the Day: The Killers - When You Were Young & Sam's Town (Abbey Road)