Thursday, 2 July 2009

"I've got this energy beneath my feet like something underground's gonna come up and carry me"

"We are called The Killers proxy by way of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada"
The only photo of the show from last night that I could find for now. I can't stop from smiling when looking at it. (Photo taken from B'


So yeah, The Killers last night, live at B'Estfest festival. It was AMAZING. I still can't believe I finally saw them live and to think I was actually thinking not going at one point. Wow, wow, wow!!

I remembered why I fell in love with this band so many years ago. They had palm trees on stage (how freaking awesome is that?) and played a great 1 and 1/2 hour set with songs from all the albums! I think I actually bounced like a little girl when they played Read My Mind probably my favorite!

And Brendon Flowers' voice sounds beautiful live! Dear god, I love that man so much. He's like a diva and a gentleman with the gestures and energy of a stage actor. And he sparkles both from the inside and through the ridiculously awesome blazer with sequined shoulders he wore. If there's one person's closet who I would love to raid, it's his!

The worst-turned-best part of the night was the downpour of rain that started before their concert. Everyone was soaked to the bone and there were huge puddles everywhere but I love it. Honestly, dancing and singing and not giving a damn in the torrential rain was the most fun experience I ever had at a concert!

I could watch them perform all day. Until then though, I'll have to do with enjoying this beautiful Flickr set and hoping they come back here again. Fingers crossed!


My shoes sacrificed themselves for my and the band's behalf :))

My make-up did not survive the night. I held my head in the rain and so did not care that I could feel the mascara running down my cheeks as the speakers blared.

I don't need curling irons. Just give me rain and The Killers and the problem is solved.

white top: Zara, sweater and jeans: Mango, bracelets: Killah and CK Jewelery, necklaces: Diva and Accessorize.


Because my love for these boys (and their charming and crazy singer) has grown to unbearable heights in the past few days, here are some of my favorite photos of them to keep things happy and feed my fangirl brain.

(click on each for bigger)

How amazing is he? A rock star that dresses like he's Oscar Wilde and Ziggy Stardust's lovechild. Be still me heart!

The feather jacket will go down in history!


Video of the Day: The Killers - When You Were Young & Sam's Town (Abbey Road)


[LA] said...

LIKE this post!

Zmaga said...

Lucky! I want to see Killers live!

Bambola said...

Oh my! He's so fine! I didn't realise!

Sounds like a brilliant night!

And, I can't stop by without saying - YOUR HAIR!? It's gorgeous when it's curly! You should wear it like that more often, I would LOVE hair like that!

Bambola x

Rand said...

i love your heels+sockls SO DAMN CUTE
loving the killers too:)

Anonymous said...

you have gorgeous hairrr <3

Pansy said...


Maverick Malone said...

You are so lucky. SOOO lucky, I want to see The Killers SO bad!! I love brandon flowers!! They are going to be at lollapalooza, I think and I want to go SOOOO bad!! Awesome pics.

xox, mavi

E said...

He has such a fabulous sense of style. I love your photos of your look. Very nice.

chicisimo said...

OHHH! I'm so jealous!! It sounds like a really incredible night!!

deep_in_vogue said...

Gotta love the killers!! What a fun night you had!

Hanna said...

I love that outfit of yours! I guess, The Killers' concert was an occasion worth sacrifising shoes and make up for. =)

dapper kid said...

So incredibly jealous! Glad you had an amazing night :) And wow, I LOVE the curls!!! Although I do have a secret belief that everyone looks better with curls ;) Hope you are having a beautiful weekend dear.

mariarose said...

Awh I like the Killers :')
Wish I could go see 'em live too...look's really good. And palm trees on stage? Why's no-one thought of that before?! I LOVE your hair btw...especially the colour, it's so gorgeous. xx

Twobreadsplease said...

I'm glad the concert was so good! I love your hari and your shoes! x

Shin said...

I love the killers! A very fine dresser! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

oohhhh!! i loooovee the killers!! love!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Brandon Flowers and his voice, leave me WEAK IN THE KNEES :) their music is like a magical Journey into the unknown- star filled Skies!!


JINX said...

i really enjoy your style and what you bring to the blogging world


Alice in vintageland said...

Brandon Flowers is too good to be true, love The Killers (Sweet Talk is my current obsession), imi pare atat de rau ca nu am reusit sa ajung la concert!Arati superb cu parul rosu, vad ca deja a capatat o nuanta very Marcia Cross si imi place la nebunie!:)

Alya said...

The Killers is right now my favorite rock band. If you can call their music rock. I don't know how to describe it exactly.

Anyway.. I really love their song Human. I looove listening and singing to it.

chantelle said...

Seriously... Your hair suits that colour so well! I adore the natural curls. Amazing!

Wanderlusting said...

I saw them in April - I am not a fan of their new stuff at all but they put on a VERY good show. Lots of energy.

But srsly...he needs to lose that facial hair in that photo, lol

Leti said...

outrageous hair colour :)))

Sarah said...

i like your blog and this post--the killers always had a good dress sence i think