Thursday, 31 July 2008

"Outfit; Lets put a smile on that face, doc"

What's up, doctor? (Me and Andy)

J.D.: [JD needs to have an appendectomy, and asks Carla who the surgeon will be] Yeah, but who's the intern who's going to be doing all the work?
Turk: [slides into JD's room dancing and singing] I get to cut you open, I get to cut you open.


This week I have gone from not knowing what to do with my free time to leaving the house at 7am and coming back home at 7pm after a long day at the hospital and then around town and promptly falling asleep before I even get to take my shoes off.

After what feels like ages in my summer hospital practice (I'm doing it at the Neurosurgery department) today I finally got to do something amazing: I spent 4 and 1/2 hours in an OR and saw 2 hernia operations (can you say ouch?) and a spine tumor operation. I got to wear the scrubs and I got to hang around with the doctors and see the instruments and how a real operation was done. Thank god for the masks or else I would have probably scared everyone with the huge grin on my face.

It's a great feeling when you realize you really did chose the (albeit hard, sleep-deprived and painfully long) right path for your future.

I got to spend a lot of great time with my best friend, just like we used to before university kicked our asses. That is always better than anything really.

PS: A lot of photos from the past two days so my excuses to any dial-up readers.


June 29th

Minnie found the perfect scooter.

She looked amazing as ever.

Cute boy ;)

Because in the end nothing beats acting like giggling 4-year-olds with a camera on the subway.

Me: dress: Mango (worn as skirt), t-shirt: Zara, belt: H&M, heels: Zara, bag: Musette, necklace: a gift, bracelet: killah

Minnie: jumper: Debenhams, top: Mango, bag: Meli Melo, shoes: Bata, necklace: Mango, bracelets: Parfois
(Might be subject to change because I am writing this from my memory of her wardrobe)


June 30th

Subway art is starting to get really good.

Andy and I met Maria and then Minnie for The Dark Knight. I liked it so much I had to see it again!

New sunglasses.

Minnie slept at my house and we had a little photoshoot in my hallway.

men's shirt: Springfield, belt: thrift, jeans: mango, heels: Zara, bag: Musette, sunglasses: fake D&G


Song of the Day: Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger

Friday, 25 July 2008

"Outfit; What does not kill you, makes you stranger"

This is a double outfit post because last night I slept at my best friend's house and did not have my beloved camera with me. We saw The Dark Night and all I will just say in a few words what so many people have said more eloquently than me: it is an awesome movie and Heath Ledger's performance is one of the best I have seen in years!

Slept two and a half hours last night and I was so sleepy today at the hospital. But a couple of syringes and some running really did the job in keeping me awake. Well, until I got on the tram to get home but that is a different sleepy story.



jean shorts: Mango, t-shirt: Kenvelo (stolen/borrowed from the best friend), vest: Mango, sneakers: Converse, necklace & earrings: Parfois & Accessorize (borrowed again from best friend), belt: no idea, headband: Accessorize



jeans: Mango, sneakers: Converse, shirt: Mango, hoodie: Mango, necklace: thrift.


Song of the Day: Rihanna - Disturbia

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"Outfit; Just human nature"

My first day of summer practice started with rain, 7 hours straight without any food and seeing someone's veins way closer than I ever expected. I also found out that next week I will be the one taking blood samples. Did I ever mention I'm a med student with a phobia of syringes?


My poor teddies will be my patients for some time, just until I stop running away from needles.

(excuse the bad phone photo quality) Now honestly, don't we look like the kind of future doctors who you'd let get close to you with a needle? Don't answer that!

dress: Mango, fringed scarf: vintage (my mom's), belt: thrift, socks: unknown, beads: thrift (gift from Spain)


Song of the Day: Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

"Outfit; Goodbye yesterday's rags, hello surgery ward"

Today was a very long day that started with me literally running out of bed when I realized my alarm did not ring and ending with a long walk with Andy downtown (in the half cloudy/half rainy weather) and some nice news... As of tomorrow I am starting my summer hospital practice, so that is good. The best part is that it will be at the Neurosurgery department and that just has me bouncing on my seat as I type this!

It also means the end of my sleep seeing as I will have to be there at 8am every morning. Sleeping in was good while it lasted. But who knows, maybe there'll be a McDreamy around the corner tomorrow so who cares, right? ;)


dress: Mango, sweater: Mango, belt: thrift, knee high socks: unknown.


Song of the Day: Gym Class Heroes - Peace Sign / Index Down

Sunday, 20 July 2008

"Wearing my heart on my very fabulous dress hemline"

So this is what being able to wake up after sunrise feels like. I could get used to this, really.



Girls night out. Walking hand in hand and feeling like the cast of a and-they-lived-in-smiles-ever-after kind of movie. Finally, the four of us in the same room after what feels like ages in the heart and months on the calendar. Shared laughs and wine glasses and so much more.

Happy first day of summer holiday.

Still friends after so much. Still here.

Friday, 11 July 2008

"Backstage lights & homemade mascara"

So another exam has come and passed, along with the 2 hours of sleep and 3 pots of coffee before it and 13 hours of sleep after and I have one day before I have to start studying for the next (and LAST) one next friday.

And because I was so, so bored (this is what happens when you're stuck inside for too long) and since season one of Ugly Betty was downloading way too slow, of course I did what every girl does: played dress up! Except it was make up!

Next time I jump my make-up case I am definitely taking my darling girl for the ride because she is amazing with a brush and a pot of make-up in her hands!


Song of the Day: The Hush Sound - Honey