Thursday, 31 July 2008

"Outfit; Lets put a smile on that face, doc"

What's up, doctor? (Me and Andy)

J.D.: [JD needs to have an appendectomy, and asks Carla who the surgeon will be] Yeah, but who's the intern who's going to be doing all the work?
Turk: [slides into JD's room dancing and singing] I get to cut you open, I get to cut you open.


This week I have gone from not knowing what to do with my free time to leaving the house at 7am and coming back home at 7pm after a long day at the hospital and then around town and promptly falling asleep before I even get to take my shoes off.

After what feels like ages in my summer hospital practice (I'm doing it at the Neurosurgery department) today I finally got to do something amazing: I spent 4 and 1/2 hours in an OR and saw 2 hernia operations (can you say ouch?) and a spine tumor operation. I got to wear the scrubs and I got to hang around with the doctors and see the instruments and how a real operation was done. Thank god for the masks or else I would have probably scared everyone with the huge grin on my face.

It's a great feeling when you realize you really did chose the (albeit hard, sleep-deprived and painfully long) right path for your future.

I got to spend a lot of great time with my best friend, just like we used to before university kicked our asses. That is always better than anything really.

PS: A lot of photos from the past two days so my excuses to any dial-up readers.


June 29th

Minnie found the perfect scooter.

She looked amazing as ever.

Cute boy ;)

Because in the end nothing beats acting like giggling 4-year-olds with a camera on the subway.

Me: dress: Mango (worn as skirt), t-shirt: Zara, belt: H&M, heels: Zara, bag: Musette, necklace: a gift, bracelet: killah

Minnie: jumper: Debenhams, top: Mango, bag: Meli Melo, shoes: Bata, necklace: Mango, bracelets: Parfois
(Might be subject to change because I am writing this from my memory of her wardrobe)


June 30th

Subway art is starting to get really good.

Andy and I met Maria and then Minnie for The Dark Knight. I liked it so much I had to see it again!

New sunglasses.

Minnie slept at my house and we had a little photoshoot in my hallway.

men's shirt: Springfield, belt: thrift, jeans: mango, heels: Zara, bag: Musette, sunglasses: fake D&G


Song of the Day: Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger


emily said...

ooooh, i like all of your outfits and the photography. and the cute boy looks cute!

yulanda said...

Love the plaid shirt & jeans!

Always In Style said...

What absolutely WONDERFUL pictures -- you both have mad style, I'm loving it all!

coco said...

I love these pictures. Such great style!
And that sounds like an amazing way to spend summer. I would love to be a Doctor.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i just have to say that you are one fashionable med student!!! :)

Mimi said...

Great pics.I love the plaid chemise,the purple belt and the high heeled shoes.
such a nice blog.

Ana said...

I LOVE LOVE Scrubs. Its the funniest show ever. Nice pics...your bff's outfit is so cutsey in a good way.

mary said...

1) you are beyond the limits of adorable.
2) I want to live where you live.
3) you take absolutely perfect pictures.

Tinkerbell and fairies said...

great look! Oh i need help with my dress alteration!

GossipZ said...

lovely photos!
I love your skirt!

The Clothes Horse said...

Really lovely pictures and outfits. Makes me desperate to live in a city!

Jay said...

First let me say WOW, Med school what an amazing and daring choice for a carrer! Also you and your best friend are gourgeous! the pics are stunning and someone should be a photographer.
ps. i really enjoyed this post.

Gloria said...

the photos and the quality is really really fabulous...

Fashion Is Poison said...

cute!! i LOVE your studded belt. hmm and that purple h&m belt was worn very well!

M @ Wearfare said...

Love fashion but don't have the biggest budget? Check out this blog: - mostly models. 24/7.

Honeymoon said...

Gr8 post !

Kaila said...

You guys sure know how to dress!
Your outfits are so cute!
The cute boy seems pretty cute. :)

Nicole Then said...

love the pictures and outfits!

Hadley said...

I lurrrrve the first photo of Minnie's legs and heels. So fantastic.

belle.chantelle said...

You dress well and you're a doctor. You're officially my idol. I'm favouriting you faster than laser eye surgery.

Gourmet Coffee and Tea said...

I love this blog.

Holly said...

Just found your blog. I love it! I like the intimacy of the shots with your friends. Your photos are so carefree and genuine. Your camera is amazing--even silly photos look professional. I like your style and look forward to seeing more. Added to my bloglines!