Sunday, 20 July 2008

"Wearing my heart on my very fabulous dress hemline"

So this is what being able to wake up after sunrise feels like. I could get used to this, really.



Girls night out. Walking hand in hand and feeling like the cast of a and-they-lived-in-smiles-ever-after kind of movie. Finally, the four of us in the same room after what feels like ages in the heart and months on the calendar. Shared laughs and wine glasses and so much more.

Happy first day of summer holiday.

Still friends after so much. Still here.


emily said...

summer is amazing. <3

Anonymous said...

I love you blog. And I hope you'll be writing more often:-) Cheers!


GossipZ said...

I love summer holidays!

discothequechic said...

you all look so happy!
and that is radiating onto me hah.

the feeling of being with old friends is so special.

El Notable said...

I absolutely loved your blog. Amazing pics and it looks like you have a blast posting! this is mine though it's written in spanish (I live in Madrid...) hope u like it!

CoutureCarrie said...



Ahhhhh love it:) Cute photos.


Miss Woo said...

The four of you are adorable, and chic! how do you do it? ;)

Fashion Is Poison said...

yayy girls night out rock!