Sunday, 9 November 2008

"Outfit; You know that I can use somebody"

My life in the next few weeks will be the equivalent of getting bashed over the head by a lemon peel wrapped around a brick. I have so much to study that I will probably end up mumbling gibberish about heart muscles and liver ligaments by the end of it all. Sigh, the things I do for my very own McDreamy ;))

If any of you are interested to see how a day in my life goes, go here :) I think I've had that photo journal from some time now but never posted about it here. Better late than never when it comes self advertising, right?

Uni has taken over most of my free time this week, so thank god for movies! I found out they are the best thing when you come back home after a long day. My movie list this week included:
Flashbacks of a Fool (perfect if you feel like watching a soft slow movie)
The Golden Compass (I am a sucker for polar bears)
Being John Malkovich (just as weird as I expected)
Babylon A.D. (what can I say, I am a Vin Diesel fangirl. Actually, it was a good action movie and better than all the reviews I read)
The Big Lebowski (great, funny movie!)

Why yes, I am a movie fiend, why do you ask?

I've also seen The Duchess this week. I thought it was a very beautiful, albeit sad movie and I recommend it if you are a Keira Knightley fangirl (like me), if you enjoy beautifully filmed period pieces, if you love very pretty clothes and very pretty boys (and that is my very superficial side making an appearance here). It is definitely one of my favorites from this year.


My happy face after the too-early Histology lab :P

Tickle fight!!

I loose, Irina wins :))

The girls, waiting for our courses to start.

Me, Irina, Irina B, Andy and Maria doing our happy dance after we survived a 12-hour day.

The M&M's that were never eaten.

The most important buy of my week: say hello to Brendon, my new iPod Touch. He has been keeping me sane this week with his songs and his movies (I have learned that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the best movie to watch during long, boring courses!)

dress: Kotton, sweater: Mango, belt: Zara Kids, tights: Accessories, boots: Musette, bag: Nine West


Song of the Day: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody


Daphné said...

Lovely pictures!

Little Lj said...

I love your pink tights... gorgeous shots as always!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures...How is the ipod touch? Do you use the wi-fi for blogging purposes? ...Or if you don't, do you think you would be able to? I'm curious because when I turn 18, (about 8 months from now) I am seriously considering the iPhone to use for my blogaroo!


Jo said...

It is the first time I read your blog, and I already love it! It's fun how you share your daily life with your readers :)


ZORI said...

Congrats for the iPod.
I watch movie on my phone too, there are some lectures that are so boring...

Fashion Tidbits said...

i so want an iPod touch!!!!

Electro Geisha said...

i want this iPod ... me likey!!!! hello Brandon!:D

Liv said...

Love the song of the day. One of my faves from a few weeks back.

Love the pic of everyone standing around waiting for classes to start :)

punky said...

do you love it?
I want to get one for kyle for christmas.

lisa said...

looks like you all are having so much fun!!!
xoxo from las vegas

Bottes said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?
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Marina (from France)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for being a friend, your comments are always so amazing to read!!! :) Great boots on you, by the way. I love your striped scarf, cranberry tights and iPod, too. :P

I pass the award on to you, as well! <3

Unrealized Fish said...

I love your bag!

Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

i'm all about colored tights and yours are just about perfect!

Anonymous said...

nice sweater jijiji saludos de mexico
. marce

The Clothes Horse said...

You look lovely. I do adore Keira and I want to see that film.
I hope you survive school...

la couturier said...

lovely tights!

Song of Style said...

i love the way the pictures were taken!

intan bercerita said...

nice blog! :)
pretty dress, you're looking good on it ;)

yiqin; said...

I really love your banner! & the tights are awesome.

boubou said...

What a nice blog !! and nice photos :)
ill be back for sure :)

Bonne soirée !



Anonymous said...