Wednesday, 5 November 2008

"Outfit; The sound of the stereo, the dim of the soft lights"


Student: What does M.D. stand for?
English Teacher: For Doctor of Medicine.
Student: Then shouldn't it be D.M.?
English Teacher: It comes from Latin.
Student: From what exactly?
English Teacher: Medicus Whateverus, who the hell cares? Do I look like a bloody Latin teacher to you? Shut up. Just shut up.

Sitting here, staring at the screen, I suddenly remembered this fun little exchange from one of my English classes. And as I am with lack of inspiration (or sleep and food, god bless you Med School) I think I will leave you with just that :P

PS: Obama <3>


Obligatory coffee break for the day :)

Andy and I, acting our age at Anatomy class.

Daniel Craig has made us very happy this week. Quantum of Solace next week!

One good thing about finishing our courses at 7pm: great photo opportunities.

Maria, Irina, Irina B. and Andy.


dress: Mango, sweater: Mango, boots: Musette, tights: Golden Point, trench: H&M, bag: Nine West


Song of the Day: Rammstein - Ich Will


yulanda said...

I love how you match the photo in the background where you're drinking coffee!

Little Lj said...

Ok, ditto what yulanda said! It's great. And I love the end of class photos too!

Lovely x

D said...

I consider your blog to be very inspiring:-)

Great pictures!

Mary said...

Love the coffee break picture best, just wow, but love them all. that trench is golden. adn you're super gorgeous.

the conversation made me giggle too!

yiqin; said...

You and your friends are so adorable :) & daniel craig was so damn hot in the movie!

Liv said...

=) Love the way you match the picture in the background in the first photo.

*drool* over Daniel Craig! Cannot WAIT to see it.

Fashion Tidbits said...

love that huge coffee cup!!!

Anonymous said...

You have so much fun with your girls! ...I hope that I have such a great bunch when I get all independent and go off to college...

have a great day!


M said...

The lighting in your photos is just incredible.
Its hard for me to define the feeling they evoke in me.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

you have really pretty eyes!

belle.chantelle said...

you look like you're having fun in these shots!

medulienka said...

I love Rammstein too=)