Monday, 5 October 2009

"Be my, be my, be my little rock & roll queen"

I love when I get to re-color my hair. My scalp may be in pain, but my heart it flutters with joy!

This has probably been my default expression for the past week. Last Tuesday I had one last exam and since then I think I spent just a couple of hours at home, not taking in account the hours spent sleeping.

Actually, this has been my expression all summer. I started university today, first year spent in the hospital and not in the university's corridors. And usually autumn has always left me feeling down, but there are so many awesome things planned still that all I can say is, Bring it on!

So many late nights spent laughing and dancing and drinking (can never, ever forget the drinking ;)), so many shared lattes and cigarettes and smiles and Big Bang Theory in-jokes, Wii games and movies and so many more amazing things.

The one word that will describe this summer:


Here is a recap of the past couple of weeks. Beware of photo overdose!

26th September:
Morning spent giving "smiles" signs to people on the street. Fun times!

"A smile for you" post-it notes.

Onics (whom I finally met that day!) and I after giving smiles :)

Cute smiley girls.

Pandutzu and Onics, smile break!

Wearing: jeans & tee: Mango, blazer: Zara, shoes: Aldo, bag Accessorize.

Saturday night was movie night!
Star Trek (2009) and Reservoir Dogs (which will be making an appearance on the blog soon enough!)

Maria and I fangirl'ed over Captain Fine, as always, while the guys looked on.

Of course I Twittered all night long. Lucian showed us how you count to three in romanian (anyone who has seen Inglorious Basterds will get it ;)

The night was a success. But that was expected with such fenomenal movies!


Wednesday 30th:
Twitter movie night. The movie was Gamer, staring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall. It wasn't great and it was like watching the world through the eyes of an epileptic cameraman but I guess it could have been worse :P

Video review here via Olix (sorry, only in Romanian :P)

After, the party continued at my house where wine was drunk and fun was made :)

Thursday 1st:
Morning spent helping renovating a house while wearing heels. That was a very fun experience!

Evening spent playing Wii. Got my ass kicked at tennis by Rox (but she rocked all games) and then lost my chance at Tennis World Dominance by dirty cheaters who cheat (they know who theya are!!)

This was just before we let. Needless to say I was slightly sleepy!

Friday 2nd:
Bar hopping, pancakes and rain.

David and Corina, loving the camera!

Got to wear my Guess shoes. Be it rain or sleep, high heels are always gonna be stuck on my feet :))


Song of the Day:
The Subways - Rock`N`Roll Queen


Anisha said...

I missed your posts!

Emma said...

I love your hair, it really suits you. and i really like those tights! so fierce


Liberty London Girl said...

Your hair is FABULOUS! LLGxx

indigotangerine said...

you take such beautiful pictures. The smile note brigade is such a wonderful idea.

Zmaga said...

Nice default expression! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice colors, nice pictures...

It suits you perfect with that red color...

Alice in vintageland said...

Red hair looks sooooooo great on you! I love the way you succeed to just express feelings through your writing and photos - this is definitely not just a fashion blog. And those pink tights plus the guess heels are a pair made in heaven!:)

Raji said...

Oh wow I love the hair
And the pick tights & guess shoes, lovelyyy :)

Looks like you've been having a really good time!

Electro Geisha said...

pretty in pink, looking great with red hair, always so interesting posts - i just love to come here :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

Love the smile notes idea. Awesome. You really made up for missing posts.

Yes, I get the count till three picture. We are all big fans of the bastards here!

Wanderlusting said...

WOW! Great great pictures!!

Tell me, how often do you have to colour your hair and what shade do you use? Punky? Manic Panic?

Reason I ask is next year I am hoping to go that colour, maybe a tad darker. And then black tee hee. But it's gonna be quite the commitment!

PS love that striped blazer.

Feelmore said...

I have never seen that color hair look so good on someone! You are stunning! And dude, big bang theory is the best show... kind of addicted....

Kate @ Très Lola said...

Giving smiles to people on the street? Girl, you are awesome! Loving your hair.. and striped blazer too!

john said...

wonderful photos as always!! the couch shots especially!

i'm glad your autumn is going well!!

Maverick Malone said...

Ahhh, you have no idea how jealous I am. I've always wanted to die my hair like that ever since I first watched Run Lola Run (like, eight years ago!) I can't, though, my hair is far too dark and it's chemically relaxed already so bleaching it first would kill it!

but yours looks so good, seriously. lucky.

NOWandthenboutique said...

What a fun blog! Just stumbled across it, it has a great vibe about it (makes me want to travel!)
Love the hair too, reminds me of the 5th element, awesome! I'll definitely be checking back in for updates :)

- nowandthenboutique

Anonymous said...

ce ciudata e dat admiterea la med vara asta.cand am fost sa ma inscriu te-am vazut pe acolo. si stiu sigur ca erai acolo.mi-am zis "gata,asa vreau sa fiu si eu".sigura pe mine,zambitoare.cum erai si tu.:P

Anonymous said...

Your red hair looks fab!! I love going red, but haven't got up the courage...I've been sticking to a "plum brown" with red hints...

Your bright tights with the black heels are great!


Author in the making: said...

Your hair looks great, love the blog xxx

Vanessa said...

The smile post-its was a wonderful idea! I'm sure you made the day of many people.

Your hair also suits your complexion really well! Lovely color. :)

kirstyb said...

loving the colour of your hair xxxx

lynnette said...

mannnn such funnn!! :DD haha you certainly are hooked on twitter aren't you!! haha i love the photos...

btw, i've started a new blog! ;p haven't officially announced it on my other blog yet but i wanted you to know first... here's the new add:

hope to see you there? :)