Sunday, 16 March 2008

"Faeries in my Shop"

I am sick with the flu, so no outfit post today because I really don't think that PJs and cups of tea are in this season ;D

Checking (note to self: next time I leave country for holiday, buy this magazine) I stumbled upon this article about the fashion house Only Hearts. And even though the thing that attracted me to the article in the first place was the Bat For Lashes reference, after checking the pictures I really really like the clothes.

They're flirty and fun, nothing too over the top or complicated, but lovely nonetheless. Now I really wish I bought things online, because this and this and this too would look very nice in my closet!


In other news, I'm sure everyone and their grandma's neighbor's dog knows about the gorgeous Prada movie, Trembled Blossoms, made for the S/S 2008 collection. What I didn't know until today was that there's a comic book after the movie too, complete with Sasha P. look-a-like wood faeries:

If I ask nicely, can I get a copy?


Camilla said...

I want a copy too! :D

the_kitten said...

Wonderful blog! Truly amazing and utterly lovely!

Thanks for your lovely comment on mine and adding me to your links. Be sure I've done the same with yours :)

Miss Woo said...

all the dresses are beyond gorgeous!

miss_vogue said...

god that comic book accompaniment is stunning! - Street style & romance in Paris said...


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ambika said...

I especially love that last dress with the peek of yellow. Too sweet.

Anna Pope said...

Camilla: Me too :D

The Kitten: Oh, wow, THANK YOU so much for the kind words, I love your blog so it means a lot!

Miss Woo: I would really buy all of them *loves*

Miss Vogue: Prada knows how to make a collection pop!

Ambika: That's my fave too

Anonymous said...

JAMES JEAN! He's my favourite artist of all time :D

ed said...