Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My Faves Fall 2008, Pt. One

(click all pictures for bigger)

I admit it, I've never been the biggest Chloe fan. That did not stop me from clicking the link on style.com and falling head over heels with their fall 2008 collection. I now feel the need to wear chiffon and flirty skirts with feminine blazers all winter long.

Also, I'm really sad I didn't buy a pair of flower-print tights when I had the opportunity. Going to have to check the shop again tomorrow :)

Another favorite is Alexander McQueen, although that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. This man never disappoints and this collection with the exquisite ballerina dresses and military coats, the lace and velvet costumes, with leather pants underneath a chiffon dress and indian-inspired headpieces is no exception!

I've always loved Sonia Rykiel. Her clothes are fun and comfy, feminine and perfect to wear day to day. Nothing is ever ground-breaking new but I think that's what she wants. Feel good clothes and feel good shows (really, I am the only one who loves seeing the models smile and skip down the runway? This show always makes me smile, always!). Happy 40th anniversary Sonia and please send one of those oversized color-block sweaters my way, mkay?


Anonymous said...

I just love Sonia Rykiel too! <3

Miss Woo said...

Mcqueen is so amazing this season, I want a wide, wide skirt!

ed said...

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