Monday, 10 March 2008

"she has flowers in her hair and on her dress and on her mind"

Miranda Priestly: Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.

Even though I realize that florals for spring are the most used cliche out there, I can't help but love them nonetheless. My brain has fallen in love with anything related to or resembling flowers, from flowery dresses to flowery headbands and flower-print scarves!

So of course my heart leaped with happiness when I saw this wonderful editorial from the April edition of Elle UK. Because nothing goes better with flowers than animal print belts, edgy spring booties and punk-pop bangles, really!

[Click for bigger; scanned by OhJane @ TFS]

So of course my wardrobe had to be introduced to flower prints as soon as possible:

One flowery dress, check!

One flowery skirt, check!

Left to right: Dress, skirt, bed spread.

Now hopefully the weather will get the message and bring out the sun.


Renée S. said...

Oh my, oh my, I want ELLE UK!

Miss Woo said...

i like toughening up floral with leather and big boots too!

Fashion Ivy said...

Love your blog. I'll definitely link you.

ChiliLady said...

lovely editorial! Hehe, i'm glad someone still quotes Miranda.

The Clothes Horse said...

Florals for spring might seem redundent, but I love all the editorials featuring them none-the-less.

lalaliu said...

florals for spring are the best!! I want a pickachu mask now!!

love your blog :D

Fashion Tidbits said...

thanks for linking me, i love the name of your blog it sounds so yummy! i've linked you too~

nothing beats flowers in real of course but i love florals on clothing too...

Anna Pope said...

Fashion Ivy: Thank you :)
ChiliLady: Meryl Streep was amazing in that movie, how could you not quote her?
lalaliu: The pickachu mask made me giggle outloud. Aww, thank you, same here :D
Fashion Tidbits: Thank you for the link! I love flowers everywhere, they always cheer up, don't they?

ed said...