Friday, 14 March 2008

"Outfit; Rubber, Prints & LiLo"

Outfit Friday 14th

A very early and very long Physiology course this morning so comfy was the way to go. And seeing as the weather has been going from sunny to rainy in 2 seconds flat, it was the perfect day to wear my gummy Nine West boots that I adore. After a week of running around in nothing but heels, my feet have been thanking me all day.

shorts: motivi, t-shirt: zara, tights: unknown, socks: golden point, rubber boots: nine west


So apparently Lindsay Lohan is doing her own leggings line. I am not sure if I should be laughing at what seems like a really dumb idea or crying at what seems like really a dumb idea. Hmm, I think I'll be sticking to laughing (for now...)

Something I enjoyed reading today was 50 fashion questions you should be asking right now. Very nice read, the author is funny and compared to most of the articles of this type she isn't trying to shove trends down anyone's throat (too much) so that is always a plus!

I really hate when I read fashion articles that instead of offering information and suggestions they just go and force (more-or-less) certain "rules" on you. I mean, fashion has always been, for me at least, something personal and tailored to every person's needs. So why then should I 'throw away my skinny jeans, cause bootcut is so in!' or get rid of my precious bag because 'big bags are out, get a clutch now'. Maybe bootcut makes me look fat and maybe I have to carry a laptop, gym clothes and half a dozen books with me all day, what then?

For heaven's sake, I am a fashionable girl, not a goose getting ready to become a Vogue editor's foie gras dinner!

In the words of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow:

"They're more like guidelines anyways"



ChiliLady said...

I really like your boots ;-) and the camwhoring power !

Daphné said...

Love the boots! (I linked you on my blog as well!)

Mimnor said...

Oh first time in your blog ! Just love it and love your boots !!

anna. said...

fun/simple/cute outfit.
how in hell can someone start a "leggings collection?"
unless they are tights, in really fun patterns...
don't approve.

Miss Woo said...

The rain boots are awesome, I need to get some funky ones like those..

lalaliu said...

I love your "grummy boots"!!! and totally agree about "fashion rules". we should make our own!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

can't believe that they're from nine west! cool! i was tempted for a while to get some polka dot rain boots but since it's not raining anymore the obsession seems to have gone away

Anna Pope said...

Chililady: The camwhoring power has come with lots of practice ;D

Daphne: Thank you for the link back!

Mimnor: Welcome and thank you!!

Anna: I have no idea! I mean, they're leggings, they don't get more complex than that *headdesk*

Miss Woo: Thank you, they are the best of shoes for those lazy sort of days.

Lalaliu: We really do need new rules. The first one should probably be: "never follow rules when it comes to your personal style"

Fashion Tidbits: I couldn't believe it either when I walked in the store and they were there. The weather here is always weird so for me they were the best investment :)

Anonymous said...

Very, very true! You're making a very good point and I can only agree to that!

Was never too sure about wellies, but yours are amazing! Might reconsider.

aficionada said...

♥ gorgeous photos & boots !!!

Anna Pope said...

The Kitten: I've always been a fan but never thought I would wear them. But when I saw these, it was love!

Aficionada: Thank you!

JuliAM said...

i love the wellies look, but am never quite sure of how to put it together in a did a great job

Stivi said...

I love your look in wellies. It would be very nice if you want to share your pics in my site about rubber boots:

let me know. thank you :))

Anonymous said...