Monday, 17 March 2008

"Outfit; Biochemists & Real Love"

Outfit I wore on Sunday night for a movie with the Boy. The gray bangle is one I "customized" myself with a black marker: "Real Love, Ridiculous, Inconvenient, Consuming, Can't-Live-Without-Each-Other Love". Sex and the City and Jessica Cushman frenzy go well together.

dress: Kotton, belt: Thrift, tights: Accessorize, bangle: thrift, bracelets: Accessorize, boots: Musette.


Still sick today, so the only important buys I have made consist of a Starbucks Nonfat Latte, a book (Requiem For a Dream by Hubert Selby Jr.) and a gorgeous bangle that I got for about 60% off from Parfois accessories shop. I had my eyes on it for a long time but never felt the need to actually spend the full price, so I guess that waiting really does pay off in the end :)

Also, I suddenly feel the need to change my future profession after reading Gala's post Themed Outfits for Intellectuals. Seeing as there isn't an outfit for aspiring surgeons, I might consider becoming an illustrator, even if just for the cute Mikey Mouse hat!


saray said...

Great pics..

The Clothes Horse said...

Great look, especially love the bangles.

marmotte said...

Oh please! Never underestimate the power of a lab coat - we look so hot in it we need safety goggles ...for protecion :P

Fashion Tidbits said...

the boots look awesome on you!

Camilla said...

The bangles are cute! You look great :)

aficionada said...

love the title of your blog (=

cindy said...

love this look! i especially love your 'customized' bangle.

Tinsley said...

your house is just as stylish as you are!
hehe i love the starbucks mug!

Bocadelobo said...

i love ur look
have a great day

Bocadelobo said...

i love ur look
have a great day

Anna Pope said...

Thank you so much all!!

Marmotte: You are right darling, I never though of it that way ;D

Aficionada: Thank you, it's like my two most favorite tastes in the world :)

Tinsley: Thanks doll, my mom will do a little dance when she hears that, she's like the house decorator :D

Secretista said...

Great pictures!!

PAHHH--who says you have to dress dull as a surgeon?? When I told my old French teacher I wanted to be a Dr.(I'm not anymore), she was disappointed cuz she for sure thought I was gunna become a stylist or something Fashion related, but in her words, "You'll be the best dressed doctor alive!"... so take that advice honey. - Street style & romance in Paris said...

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