Friday, 27 February 2009

"Dont meddle with the heart, or meddle with the mind, dont know what she hides"

I feel like I am turning into a vegetable. Or anyways, getting into a vegetable mindset. I just wanna sit around, doing nothing. And that is bad because I still have exams left and I am starting courses next week. Summer, please come faster so you can melt the cold from my bones and maybe get me back on track again. Please.


This week was a week of watching Miami Ink re-runs and of presents. Both were muchly appreciated!

I finally have a watch! It's a pretty pretty silver Tissot one which will hopefully last more than the CK one I had that lived a short life and met it's death by falling and smashing on my hallway floor.
The other watch is my grandpa's. He let me play with it today when he visited and I was this close to stealing it :P

The two rings and matching earrings from my mom for the 1st of March which is a big celebration here.

And D&G's L'eau The One. I already had The One but this is so much fresher and sharper, I love it.



Wore this two days in a row mostly because I didn't do much but walk to the supermarket yesterday and had coffee today.

skirt: BSBS, sweater: Zara, tights: Accessorize, knee high star socks: a gift from my girl Dana, booties: Replay Jeans.


Coffee and law students, what more could anyone want? :)

Lets take this moment and fall in love with Roxana's bag, shall we?



Girl's night out. Got tipsy drunk with one beer, lame I know. I blame my lack of any social life for that. Also, I was Look of the Day on FabSugar with this so I guess that was a little sort of accomplishment in itself :)

Maria and I :)

Roxana, me and her gorgeous earring that says 'earring'. Too cute!

Dana and I!

Laura who was back from school abroad and Dana, being too cute too!

Yeah, yeah, we were all wearing flower print dresses. Seriously, we did not even talk before meeting up. But you know what they say, great minds... ;D

dress: Zara, belt: unknown, tights: Accessorize.


Song of the Day: Little Boots - Every Little Earthquake


Denise L said...

you really have a funky style!

keep it up.

and i love seeing you with your girlfriends, makes me miss mine. huhu.

yiqin; said...

I adore how you wear socks over tights :)

Hadley said...

OK, your watch is perfect, that blue rose ring is amazing-and-a-half, and your star tights make me so happy!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your ankle bootie oxfords and strawberry pink tights. I hope your Saturday is a fantastic one, darling. Wishinggg for some Doo.Ri tights myself..<3


Zmaga said...

Roxana's earings are so cool! You all look great!

Unrealized Fish said...

Your stars-socks are cool

Midnight traveller said...

Your bright tights are so exciting! As soon as it cools down a little more here I will be getting some too.

And those rings. I love them!

Midnight traveller said...

Your bright tights are so exciting! As soon as it cools down a little more here I will be getting some too.

And those rings. I love them!

Rosanna said...

love your tights :)


Alya said...

Turquoise.. nice! I'm really into a pair of turquoise stud earrings that I (stole) borrowed from my mom. I feel great wearing them, they really add a bit of something to my face.

Anonymous said...

where did you guys go out?


Jen said...

I love seeing all your photos from your nights out! It's lovely. Love those booties from your first outfit, and the coloured tights!

dapper kid said...

That dress is so beautiful, and I love the starry socks and shoes in the first outfit :) The new watch looks fantastic too, and I love the D&G, smells so nice!

Fashion Tidbits said...

love those rings darling!

febrina utami putri said...

woo i love the star printed socks, and the boots it's adorable.keep rocking girl!

Poshhh said...

i love the new dolce and gabbana fragrance! cute blog

tis serendipity said...

your outfit is totally cool! =) i've never seen anyone wear such cute socks over tights before. very unique look.

I just discovered your blog and I'm really liking it! =) Hope you don't mind that I've added you to my blogroll. Are you in medical school? Because I am too! ;p It'd be so nice to get to know someone in med school who's equally into fashion because I don't come across many of such bloggers!

Congrats on being featured on FabSugar! That outfit was really great especially with the pink tights.

Hope we can exchange links! =) Thanks!

Shirley said...

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@3 said...

;))) Rochia de la ZARA e superba! Si nu spun asta pentru ca am si eu una! :)) ci pentru ca intr-adevar este! Imi place combinatia cu nuanta tipatoare.