Monday, 2 February 2009

"Cinderella, she seems so easy. 'It takes one to know one,' she smiles and puts her hands in her back pockets"

It was a very lazy weekend this one, as long as you don't take in account the pages and pages of physilogy and courses on microcirculation and hemodynamics. If they sound boring it's because they are.

What I wish to do now is curl up in a warm cocoon of blankets and watch Skins and The Mentalist (a/n: thank you Andy, it's not like I did not have 15 other shows to be obsessed about. But you are right, than man is the perfect eye candy!).

Or maybe go have a warm cup of tea with colorful blonde girls and celebrate us getting here. Or girls who send beautiful texts that melt my heart and celebrate us starting here.

What I will do is brave through a million more pages of courses and freezing temperatures to get to my Informatics class. Either way, wishing everyone who stumbles on this blog a very happy week!


Saturday morning:
Nothing says relax like Starbucks dates. Met up with Dana (Mada couldn't make it, but we missed her for sure <3) and drank tea and lattes and talked and laughed and it all felt like home :)

Me in my new sweater, a surprise gift from mom!

Dana and her Blair-ish outfit.

sweater: Mango, top: Zara, tights: Accessorize, skirt: unknown.


Saturday night:
Theater night with mom and family friends. The play made us laugh and then we had dinner and I got drunk on champagne that was on the house. Good times.

The theater house is in the old center of the city. There were a lot of photo opportunities!

coat: Motivi, bag: Musette.


Today (Monday):
I love when my mom cleans out her closet. I especially loved it this weekend when I was presented with her clothes from back when she was my age. Crochet tops and cropped sweaters and especially four warm, comfy, large, slouchy sweaters. It's funny how something she wore 30 years ago is suddenly 'in' today.

sweater: my mom's from when she was my age, skirt: Pull&Bear, booties: Replay Jeans, various rings;


Song of the Day: Aqualung - Good Times Gonna Come


Ambroisine said...

I love the floral skirt on the first picture..

coco said...

I love the floral skirt. Very Luella. And your glasses are lovely too.

Nemerae said...

I love Starbucks! *.*
Nice shoots and cute skirt!!

Fashion Therapist said...

That ruffled skirt is so adorable!

Zmaga said...

Have a great week too - don't work too hard!
I heart that skirt from the first picture - I thought it was a dress at first!

ZORI said...

I love it when Moms makes surprises.My Mom surprised me with GUCCI jacket today. I am so excited to wear it! Lovely photos

Theresa said...

i like the floral tights

jo said...

you mix your patterns so well! i think you make grays more interesting than i do :P

Dani said...

Your outfit of saturday morning it's awesome!i just love the dress and your mom has a very good taste because the sweater she gave you it's wonderful.
I also love the cleancloset day's, yesterday my grandmother give my a bracelet she doesn't use anymore (:
Have a good week!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

ce dragutica esti in prima poza <3<3<3 xo

Sexy Sadie said...

loved the skirt and the floral tights... they are sooo cute!

Ashton said...

I love your tights, they are so cute. That skirt is great too, I have been looking for something similar. Great blog!

Mary said...

I love everything you wear, you always look well dressed without being too put together!

Oh skins <3 I wasn't a huge fan of the second ep, but I love all the characters so much!

Elli said...

Such a nice blog!
Linked you of course :)
Greets from Germany..

Kay said...

Ah I wish my mum still bought me stuff as a surprise, it's such a nice feeling (:
I love your rings, they really compliment each other.

And of course I would love to exchange links

Alice X said...

i love all of your outfits:) those photos of the city at night are so beautiful, nice photography:)

Sam said...

The last floral skirt and tights are so cute! Like how they look together!

cas ruffin said...

I like the sweater. How is The Mentalist? Is that a good show to get into?

Denishabeybeh said...

i inherited some of my mom's cool padded jackets too wc is so back again.

it got me thinking to invest on really good stuffs now that will last long to hand it down to my future daughter too. it think that will be nice.

nice pictures btw

Angela said...

you deserve an award for having the coolest tights ever. seriously. those are amazing.

i looooove that luella lookalike skirt! my heart just melts when i see tiny flower prints!

and your mom has some good taste, that sweater is so cute!

♥ fashion chalet said...

That first photo of you is just so cute. I love the one of with the Starbucks in hand too. You're just so pretty from your hair to your thin legs. =]


Hadley said...

your rings make me VERY jealous.
and i love your tights!

Jenny H. said...

thanks for the comment on my blog.
i loveee your blog.

and those tights in the last picture are amazing. i wantt some like that!

looks like you had a good weekend :)

Grace said...

I love your blog, I love the titles and I look forward to reading it all the time. You are one med student who defenitely knows how to have fun. You would put a bit of fun into Grey's Anatomy.

yiqin; said...

Those are great shots! I love your skirt & tights <3

dapper kid said...

Looove the floral skirts and those first two black and white photos are stunning!

Sophillia said...

Your outfit is lovely! Especially the crochet jumper! And Skins is such an amazing show! It's on it's 3rd series here in the UK and it is just so good! :D

Wendy said...

You are gorgeous!

Josephine Wayward said...

i like both of your skirts... and the photos are very nice. especially the b/w ones.

Charlotte said...

Love he flower skirt. You seem to be having having fun with your friends over a coffee!

Cyanilla Latte said...

Buna Ana,
S-a dat drumul la leapsa.
Blogul tau a primit o nominalizare pentru premiul "Your blog is fabulous"

Detalii pe

Wanderlusting said...

I wish your "unknown skirt" was known. So I could buy it! What a gorgeous floral trim, sunny and subtle and right with everything :)

classic noir remix / lesley said...

Your photos and outfits never fail to amaze me. :)

kaitlyn said...

i loooove the second outfit!! the chunky sweater with the delicate floral skirt is so pretty. love your blog!


karl's sweet child said...

ooowh, the saturday night pictures are just great!