Saturday, 21 February 2009

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin, dance me through the panic untill I'm gathered safely in"

This has been a week to remember. Or rather forget. Can't do both, can I? Anyway, one exam down and I am already so tired that even 12 hours of sleep a night can't seem to help. Thank god for those little things that bring a smile, or else I think my world would not turn so easily.

Because I have been neglecting the blog, here is a recap of what went up, down and all around this week.


Dana came over for coffee. She was enjoying her freedom after having her Anatomy exam the day before.


More anatomy and my favorite kind of desert, baklava. In case you haven't noticed by now, I am a complete stress eater. And exams = stress, so this has been a week with a lot of baklava and popcorn and icecream.


Exam day, 3 hours of sleep, panic attacks, chain smoking, chocolate cookies, then finally free. Fell asleep (finally!!) after watching Yes Man (which I enjoyed a lot) and as many episodes of The Mentalist as could squeeze in.


Woke up (at 11am. Damn, it feels good to say that!) to this:

...and the darkest dark circles:

Mada invited me to coffee and I bolted out that door as fast as I could, leaving a trail of smoke behind me that would make the Road Runner proud!


Waking up late, studying a little (another one of those exams is arriving this Sunday), watching repeats of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and then coffee with Roxana. We finally managed to find a day where our schedules align and it was lovely :)

She is freaking adorable, yes?

Walking home, clearing my head, perfect.


Tomorrow, another exam that is killing my brains. I am lacking the will to study and even the mental capacity to do so after what has already been a one way ride to hell on a train made of books and dead neurons. Thank god I can take it in the summer again in case of failure or I would be, pardon my language, screwed. After tomorrow, I can finally relax for a few days... before I gotta start working on the next exam. Hmm, I am suddenly sensing a pattern in my life.


Song of the Day: Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love


Alice X said...

haha i love your label mcsteamy better be worth it, your friends are gorgeous and i wish you all the luck becasue when exams are over, it's party time :)

Zmaga said...

Exams really suck ... it's like one can never be done with that!
I love baklavas too ;)
You and your friends look adorable!

ZORI said...

good luck with the exams, I have finished with mine already. I feel like I have been drinking too much coffee this exam session

i devour fashion said...

hi! i love baklava, too!
AND that dress and tights are gorgeous! keep it stylish as always! =)

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) said...

The two street scene photos are wonderful. And you are always gorgeous, even when you are exhausted.

Hadley said...

1. am so jealous of your baclava. i may need to embark on a baclava mission in a moment...
2. no sleep and exam stress looks good on you
3. i really like your teacups

Chicisimo said...

I agree with Hadley, really like your teacups! Good luck with your exams:)

Anonymous said...

That dessert looks so yummy!

andra said...

U're tagged! MUHAHHA

Anonymous said...

Hello :)!

I've been following your BLOG for a while now and I like it so much.First of all I find your style amazing and full of inspiration.And,the pictures of your life always bring a smile on my face!
I wish you the best with your exams :o)!

mimi said...

ho! nice pics!

karl's sweet child said...

Gorgeous pics like always! I like the name roxana and you girls are so pretty!

Good luck on the exam, gorg..

medical supplies said...

oh! photos are wonderful!

Nice Post!

Thanks for sharing and keep posting more new info...

Thanks again.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hey, Sweetie, thanks for the comments and compliments. I hope you find the perfect cozy hat. I can't see your photos but I'm sure you like as smashing as always! =]

By the way, I'm chipper than usual because we're having great weather 39ºF-50's! xx

Ohhh and, here's to a marvelous Monday, my dear! xx

♥ fashion chalet said...

Switch to for unlimited bandwidth! =]

Aww I always smile when I see your user name pop up in my inbox :) me too when I see your name in mine!! =]

I want to see TDK today too. I swear it's addictive.. and as much as I crush on Bale, Heath stole the show. I love him as the Joker !!!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

hey I can't see any pictures... it says something like photobucket bandwidth exceeded. is it just me ?

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