Monday, 9 February 2009

"You're my kind of guy cause I like your style and you sound as horrible as me"

I would have loved to offer a dozen outfit photos today but I don't think anyone would be quite interested in seeing a make-up-less girl wearing gray sweat pants and a nightie buried under papers and clutching a Diet Coke for dear life. I might leave the house this week so fingers crossed until then!

Between reading about the reproductive system (as Andy said, it's weird that we'll end up knowing about that part of the human anatomy more through theory than practice by the end of this month. Thank you again university!) and taking naps, I spent my days thinking about men's fashion recently.

I always get asked what I want in a guy. Besides the smarts (no need to feel my neurons commit suicide while he's talking, thankyouverymuch) and the ability to stand me fangirl about Batman and Balmain, I admit that fashion sense is really a necessity.

I don't expect D&G suits all day but please boys, leave the sweat pants, crocs, socks with sandals combinations, polyester tight white tees, fake sunglasses with DIOR written in huge sparkly letters on the side and pimp shoes at home! Or better yet, burn them so no unsuspecting victim can run into them by mistake and suffer permanent psychological scarring. True story!

Personally I fall for all different kind of men's style. A man that can wear a suit makes me go weak in the knees. At the same time, I will always have a soft spot for bandboys with their white tees, ripped jeans and converse. Also, give me a boy that looks like he's been living in a library with his black rimmed glasses and plaid pants and I die.

Never make me chose, I love their ties and vests as much as the hippie headbands!

So, what do you fall for when it comes to men's fashion? What style makes your pupils turn into little beating hearts immediately? Geek Chic, Rock'n'Roll or Casual to the max?

And in case you need any inspiration, here are some of my favorite boys in all their perfect(ly) different styles. Enjoy :)


(click all photos for bigger)

James Franco:
The only reason I watch Spiderman every time it's on HBO. Smart, talented and stylish! And if you haven't seen Milk yet, than leave everything now and go see it. Great, great movie.

Be it suit jacket or leather jacket, he wears both so well.

Surprise adorkable Seth Rogen cameo.

Joshua Jackson:
He might have been born with style in his veins or taught by the always fabulous Diane Krueger, I don't care as long as he keeps looking this amazing forever.

Couldn't resist posting this photo. Adorable!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers:
After watching Velvet Goldmine and The Tudors I came to the realization that he is a perfect eye candy. And he rocks the casual I'm-too-cool-for-any-of-you look better than most.

The boys from Kings of Leon or most alternative rock bands out there:
I think my rock chick period has left a permanent mark on my brain. I blame the guitars and the fact that we could wear the same size and style pair of jeans :)) Also, the music aint' to be ignored either.

Robert Pattinson:
The just-got-out-of-bed-and-I-don't-necessarily-mean-from-sleeping casual look that this boy pulls off is why I like him. That, and he sparkles as Edward, what more can a girl ask for?

Him and Kirsten make a very nice red carpet couple.

Robert Downey Jr.:
Talented as hell and incredibly cool, what more can I say? I fell for this man when he starred in Ally McBeal and I am so glad he managed to turn his life around because he's too much of an amazing actor (on screen and off).

Stiller, Downey and Black: best on screen threesome ever.

And I couldn't not post a photo of his sweet and stylish wife.

Ed Westwick:
If the Chuck Bass way of dressing feels too much for the guys out there, then I think they can all take a lesson from his red carpet looks:

Ryan Gosling:
The perfect casual style.

Jared Leto:
You may not like his band or his attitude, but he's a really good actor and when the boy cleans up, he really look amazing:

Johnny Depp:
Need I say more?

Depp and Burton, too good not to post.

Brandon Flowers (The Killers):
Told you I had a thing for rock stars and band boys. And this boy has a bigger love for over-the-top and sequins than me so I can't help but love him.

Sparkles and suits, yes please!


If these aren't enough inspiration then I also recommend checking out The Sartorialist and Dapper Kid for some more perfect examples of what stylish men look like day to day.


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Song of the Day: Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position


Bambola said...

You have the perfect taste in men. Have I said that before? I have a strange sense of deja vu...Johnny Depp, James Franco, Josh Jackson, Ryan Gosling (there's just something about him)... The guy I'm kinda interested in has a combo of the far right guy of KoL & Jared Leto... I think. =S

=) x Bambola

Denishabeybeh said...

i love james franco on MILK.
Awesome movie i think and Sean Penn the greatest actor alive.

those stylish men are just too good to be true, but hey, they are an inspiration and looking gorgeous is enough.

i devour fashion said...

Hi! You've got wit and style, darlin! Keep it up!
As with men, i'll go with Johnny Depp anytime of the day! =)

Anonymous said...

wow you already wrote down my fave men in business. James franco and Robert D.Jr are awesome ;)

sandraaa_xo said...

such good eye candy here!
i've always just overlooked fashion and boys,
but this has made me realise just how much more good looking these guys are because they dress well!
I cannot begin to describe my weird fascination with franco.


Nemerae said...

I love James Franco style, wow!! *.*
And well, Jared Leto and Johnny Depp... great band in the first case and great actor in the 2nd (my fav indeed).
I like the rock chic elegant casual style haha, I mean a mixture of them, maybe elegant but also a bit rocker and not too elegant (bad explanation, I know :S).
Btw I love vests and blue colour (electric or navy) on boys :P

Fashion Therapist said...

What a great way to start my day with this awesome post and hot hot hot guys! Great choices!

Zmaga said...

Talk about eye candy! My favorites are Joshua Jackson, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson! Great choices (and descriptions, of course)!

Wanderlusting said...

I like how my boyfriend dresses actually - he's a musician but not too punk, not too emo. He's someone that will dress like Downey Jr one day, with a little bit of Kings of Leon and James Franco thrown in. He's not like overly stylish but I like what he's got going for him :)

Bekah said...

oh my goodness I love all of those boys
that boy style is exactly what I want

plus alex gaskarth from all time low (best band everr!)

this post made me very happy

Molly said...

i must say, shirts and suits make up my kind of guy (with trousers and shoes aswell of course!)
theres nothing better than a well dressed boy, i wouldnt mind ed westwick...

Sophillia said...

Rob Pattinson does that bed-head look perfectly and I love Brandon Flowers and Ryan Gosling! Great choices!

Alice X said...

this is SUCH a great post, i died and went to man candy heaven. oh i love thos alt rock boys in skinny jeans and blazers, RAWR. anyhow, ryan gosling kicks ass as does jared LETO!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'd like to present you with the "coolest blogger award" for these two specific reasons!!

(1) these men!
(2) Johnny Quest ring tone!!

hahahha =]


The Clothes Horse said...

James Franco could get me if he wore a paper fact, can I get him delivered to my house in said bag...?
You're so right about boys' style too. They can get it so wrong and yet, when they get it

belle.chantelle said...


omg. I needed that!

karl's sweet child said...

Ooowh I love james franco and robert downey jr (have you watch 'only you'? Robert is so young and cute in that movie) too!
I always fall for a metal-rock-messy guy with ripped jeans, long messy hair, beard and talents for music and arts.. :-))

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Great pics. Oh I love Joshua, oh and Mr. Depp ofcourse. I wish my boyfriend dressed like anyone of those guys, he he.
Stay chic!

dapper kid said...

:O Thank you SO much for linking me dear! I think I may have wretched when I read the line about sweats and crocs lol. Gotta love Johnny Depp, his fashion is all the more amazing because he never uses stylists :) And I do love James Franco's and Robert Downey Jr's style as of late!

Hanna said...

Jared Leto is so gorgeous..
I agree with you: it's hard to pick a style that looks sexiest on men. Peronally, I don't really like it when a guy is dressed very well but - heavens - there are labels all over his outfit, it's so tasteless. As long as a guy looks neat and individual, he looks good. Geek chic feels sexiest for the moment though :)

yiqin; said...

Great picks! These men are all so hot.

alice in vintageland said...

Apropo de coincidente si weird wonderful world: sunt usor obsedata de James Franco, Joshua Jackson (motivul principal pentru care am revazut la 23 de ani toate 6 sezoanele din Dawson's Creek si pentru care ador FRinge-ul), Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto (in cazul lui putem pune sunt-ul la trecut, eram "indragostita" de el in perioada in care juca in My so called life)si ROBERT Downey JR (love of my life - trebuie neaparta sa te uiti la sezonul 8 din American Idol - unul dintre concurenti Danny Gokey arata exact ca el -varianta mai tanara - e ciudat si are si o voce superba:)

Anonymous said...

Can I just say how I love that you have Johnny Depp, and then RIGHT AFTER you post Brandon Flowers? And your Kaiser Chiefs title and Muse in your banner?

"Sparkles and suits? Yes please!' You aren't by any chance a Victim, are you?