Sunday, 3 May 2009

"Was it you who spoke the words, that things would happen but not to me"

I now understand why happy people are happy. They get enough sleep! After two blissful nights of 14 hours of sleep I can now feel human again. I know this will not last long because my body usually responds to rest through insomnia (side effect of medical school, me thinks!) so I am enjoying every minute to the maximum!

This was also a week of geekgasms. Besides the Star Trek commercials and photos that keep popping up everywhere online (Spock! Kirk! SPOCK!) I also saw Wolverine and enjoyed it so much which proves that I am a huge geek at heart. I am quite surprised by all the bad reviews it's been getting.

Guys, it's a movie about Wolverine. He growls and claws at people, buildings blow up when he's in town and shirts fly off at every fight. I seriously do not expect deep philosophical meanings and the answer to the questions of life and humanity when I enter the cinema. I want a kick-ass mutant superhero dude who blows shit up and claws peoples' faces off and does crazy mutant superhero things!

It doesn't have to be brainy. I say it again, it's Wolverine, the guy with the muscles and the growl and the fierce facial hair who kicks stuff! And to that I say: HELL YEAH :D

Also, Hugh Jackman. And Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, the 3rd coolest X-Man after Wolverine and Magneto. I rest my case!

Also, check out the new blog header! Sometimes insomnia is productive :)


Woke up at 6am for a PE class that was not even held properly. At least we got to spend some time in the sun in the park.

Maria not loving the camera.

jeans, shirt & blazer: Mango, white top: Zara, boots: Nine West, belt: thrif.


Spent the morning falling asleep at Microbiology class, the afternoon doing an english assignment at Starbucks, and the evening feeling confused at Anatomy class (seriously, you miss one or more courses and everything after is just gibberish. Nervous System, how I am starting to loathe thee.)

dress: Stradivarius, jean shorts: Bershka, booties: Replay Jeans, red leather jacket: unnamed brand.


Leaving the house at 7:30am and coming back home at 8:30pm. Fun, fun fun!

The first time I wore these shoes. 12 hours later, I was still able to walk to I call that a victory!

Remember kids, do as your doctor tells you and not as your doctor actually does :))

Yeah, we're the ones who will be holding the scalpel soon :P

dress: Kotton, vest: Mango, belt: vintage, tights: Golden Point, shoes: Nine West, badge: Gourmandise.


Song of the Day: Jason Mraz - Details In The Fabric (feat James Morrison)


Zmaga said...

Oooooh, I love the new header! Supermassive black hole! And that picture of your on the left is so beautiful :)

Anca said...

insomnia este intr-adevar productiva :)

Alya said...

love the new header! it fits the blog more :) But now the site appears too wide on my browser.

Melanie said...

Cute vest!!

Bambola said...

The new header is awesome! Love the text on it too.

So nice to see you back here =)

I can't wait to see Wolverine! I loved your review of it...

&& before I forget, have you coloured your hair? It looks amazingly shiny & the colour is gorgeous.

Denise said...

first thing i noticed was your eyelashes. so cute.

it's always so nice of you to share sweet photos of you and your friends.

have a great day!

karl's sweet child said...

you are sooooo pretty! and your friends too like always

Jessica said...

love the new header yeah! and oh i so love your wednesday look, esp. the red jacket!! =)

Miss GoodyTwoShoes said...

You are a beautifull girl!
Nice shoes!

coco said...

Wow I should shop in Mango more, I love all of that look.

Ashita said...

lovely blog!

indigotangerine said...

love the black and white outfit, and that header is superb!

jo said...

sleep always does lots of good for me (: you remind me of garance dore in the first outfit photo!

M said...

*secret Vogue menthol smoker* *runs for the hills* ARGHHH HYPOCRICY! HOW I LOVE ITS NICOTINIC ACTION!

:( I should really quit.

Ruxandra said...

pantofii pe care i-ai purtat joi: SUPERBI!!!!!oricum, toate tinutele tale sunt minunate...:)

Kate @ Très Lola said...

Lovely new header miss! & I really must get out to see Wolverine.. absolutely not my style but Mr Jackson is CUT. Love!

Alice in vintageland said...

The new header is super cool! You look stunning as always, I love the dress and vest action, I also wear that combination a lot.:). I'm also a huge geek:):):)

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it. I've been reading it instead of studying for my exams. I'm also Romanian, but i've spent my college years in the US, so it's interesting to read your blog and see what i've missed by not being in Romania with my friends. I really envy you for spending so much time with your mom and your friends :-)

dapper kid said...

The header looks so wonderful! Ooh I am seriously in love with that red jacket dear, it's so fantastic! And I adore your blazer and top in the first outfit :) Argh, I have yet to watch Wolverine, I'm excited to see Gambit in action, he's my second favourite (after Wolverine, I have all the comics lol).

Wanderlusting said...

I've been reading the X-men comics since I was a teenager and have to wonder how Wolverine compares to the comics? I personally LOVED X-Men 1 and 2 (not 3 though, ugh) so I was hoping Wolverine would follow a similar suite. I saw X-men 5 times in the theatre lol - also a major geek here!

Love the new header and love how you chose that photo of you to be on it - you look amazing in it!!

Winnie said...

Love the monochrome outfit!

Also, I need to see Wolverine too!

chantelle said...

ahah i totally agree with you about wolverine!
It's suppose to be entertaining, not philosophical. We're not going to have an existential revelation after viewing the film.

chantelle said...

ahah i totally agree with you about wolverine!
It's suppose to be entertaining, not philosophical. We're not going to have an existential revelation after viewing the film.

Charlotte said...

love your new header! I also love sleeping, I wish I could have a 12hrs straight of sleeping!

tis serendipity said...

DEFINITELY THE SONG OF THE DAY!! =D That's like pretty much one of my all time favorite songs ever!! You always look so well dressed for class ;) I shall aim to be like that too. Though everyone else always tends to ask me why i'm 'dressed up' even if it's just the addition of a simple black jacket. Sigh that's the level of fashion you get in medical school in my country. bahhhh.

lovely photos as always! =D