Sunday, 10 May 2009

"Who is that pointy eared bastard?"

Friday night diner. Chinese take-away rice, homemade roast chicken and Starbucks muffins. For me that is culinary perfection :)


Today I woke up, for the first time in a year, at exactly 2pm. That's what happens when you spend one night at a sleepover (with no sleep, of course) and the other night at a birthday party, where you drank whiskey and danced to salsa music.

I also saw Star Trek, finally!
I loved it so much that I am not kidding when I say it's by far my favorite movie of the year until now. I used to watch Start Trek the series when I was a kid and this movie did not let me down. The movie is a complete resurrection of the franchise and I think JJ Abrams made a fun, smart, exciting movie that shows that prequels don't have to be bad (coughlikeStarWarscough).

The actors were brilliant and I think they all worked with these beloved characters so well and made them their own while still respecting the original series and movies. Spock (Zachary Quinto) was my favorite, he was spot on mind-blowing awesome and surprisingly sexy especially when around Uhura (the beautiful Zoe Saldana) ;) I also loved McCoy (Karl Urban) and Simon Pegg was hilarious as Scotty. Eric Bana as Nero, just the right amount of crazy and tragic and funny. And Kirk as the badass womanizer, I loved him and how his friendship with Spock evolved through the movie.

Also, the geekgasm of seing the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, was the cherry on top of a way too yummy sunday.

After watching this movie all you can think when seing these two is BFFs!!

In other words, this Trekkie fan loved it and will probably see it again because that's how big of a geek she is ;)

Saturday was the day The Boy and I had our first 'fight': Is Star Treck (my choice) better than Star Wars (his choise)? My answer is yes and if you want proof look at Episode 2 & 3. We have Spock, nothing can beat that ;)


Three girls, muffins and a perfect house (Roxana's). I call that the perfect Friday night with the perfect company.

Roxana, Me and Florina and a mirror. As Muse would say: "You're the queen of thesuperficial..." ;)

Can you please take your eyes away from the gorgeous girls next to me and focus on Roxana's room so we can all fall in love with it?

Morning coffee in the garden after 5 hours of sleep. As Roxana said, thank god for brightening foundasion that managed to add another 5 hours to our sleepy faces!

My new blazer!

all our night dresses: Etam


A salsa club and alcohol left me a bit hungover but in a good mood today :)

Dana, Mada, me and Livia, two to four drinks late into the night ;)


Of course I could not leave the outfit go without a photoshoot.

blazer: Zara, dress: Mango, shoes: Nine West, tights: Golden Point, earrings: Castro.


Song of the Day: Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad


Jessica said...

I love you friend's wall paper!

dollymixtures said...

i love that blazer...and the leighton meester song (:

Jen said...

Wowww Roxana's room is very pretty. I love the stripes with the lace tights ! xxx

Cypriotchick said...

the blazer is amazing ice find!


Morgan and Taylor said...

the pictures of you and the blazer are stunninggg- i love it!

chantelle said...

i adore that blazer!!!
and it looks like you had wicked fun, i can't wait to see star trek myself.

muchlove said...

that wallpaper is so pretty!
love your white tights too.

Ioana P said...

who knew blair could sing? addictive song!:D aaaaw, looking at these pictures of u & ur friends, i realize how much i miss spending time with my girlfriends in "fascinating" bucharest!:)))

indigotangerine said...

i want that to be my bedroom....
I love that blazer, it's so striking. My dad really wants to see star trek, and i must admit i do secretly want to go.
Despite the sucky new star wars i do love the original....

deep_in_vogue said...

Wow you girls are GORGEOUS!! And that blazer is HOT!

dreamecho said...

what fun! and i love the stripes with white lace.

Alice in vintageland said...

Anna, You look lovely, I love the lace tights, I can't believe you bought them at gloden point (was it a long time ago or maybe I 'll be able to still find a pair of those?), the blazer and the white dress are also to die for! Star Trek here I come (I also used to watch the series when I was kid and after many year of comparing every SF TV series out there with ST my hope in this genre was restaured by Battlestar Galactica):) - I guess oance a geek always a geek:)

Wanderlusting said...

Lovely room, lovely shoes, lovely girls..LOVE MUSE! Also uber glad you loved ST, can't wait to see it!!!

Katie said...

i have such a crush on kirk after seeing 'star trek'! how funny was chekov too? i loved him!

i covet your new striped blazer!!! i'm so glad you had time for a photo shoot! you have such gorgeous friends, too.

Hanna said...

So many gorgeous photos in this post!
Lovely-lovely blazer you've got there and I can't take my eyes off the wallpaper in Roxana's room =)

Alice X said...

that blazer is reeeddddiculously awesome. reminds me of balenciaga long long before.

Tea said...

I adore that blazer!!!
and it looks like you had wicked fun, i can't wait to see star trek myself.

Alanda said...

Really love your Blazer!