Saturday, 16 May 2009

"If the world ends, I think we could laugh just enough to not die in pain"


And sometimes, it feels like some things just fall into place. Shared smiles over glasses of alcohol as the ice cubes (half melted, but still there) touch your lips, laughs as the cigarette smokes swirls in indistinguishable shapes above your head and under the stars, the vibrations of the music under your toes as the night passes on.

I feel sometimes as if I can actually hear the click of most of the pieces arranging themselves in this weird puzzle to form an image. Finally. It's still not there, not fully; more like watching a movie through foggy glasses or like a watercolor painting that has been kept under rain drops. But still, every good feeling has to have a beginning, isn't that so?


Friday night, my birthday get-together. One huge table, great live music, good food and good hearts. Do you actually need anything more than that for a perfect night? I honestly think that that is what happiness feels like.


(click photos for bigger)

Roxana, Florina and I.

Yes, there was alcohol involved! Me, Irina D, Maria and Andy.

Irina and her boy, looking adorable together. Me giggling like a kid along side Mada and Dana.

Between one Irina and the other.


This is the moment where we all stop what we're doing and start loving Maria's new hair style, which is absolutely divine.

Why yes, we are mostly 21 years old. Mostly.

Andy's hair is also gorgeous. No wonder I felt the need to color my hair, just look at the competition!


The Gifts also rocked my socks straight off my feet!

My friends know me well; a comic book geek with a shopaholic brain.


Song of the Day: Primal Scream feat. Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning


Diana said...

i love your hair with the red dress, and yes, that does sound like a great night!

chantelle said...

your red hair is KILLER!
I think you should be a superhero now. Dr. Red.
Omg... you are too cool.

Ruxandra said...

se pare ca te-ai distrat de minune:)

Tea said...

I love your hair with the red dress!

indigotangerine said...

you and your guy are just adorable. happy birthday!

Alice X said...

anna! you look stunning in red. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Happiest birthday.. Mine was this weekend too! xo

♥ fashion chalet said...

I swear we'd be best friends if we ever did meet!


didn't see either film yet, hopefully this weekend?


Wanderlusting said...

Love your dress, your hair - wow, how is being a hot redhead treating you? Bet you are turning heads left and right :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a super fun time- happy belated birthday!!

karl's sweet child said...

okay, your hair is fab fab fab! and you and your boy's kiss pic is adoreable to the max!heehee..

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday! ( i'd appreciate one of those cocktails, please)

Marie-Louise said...

oh the red hair is wonderful!!

Zmaga said...

It looks like a great night out! And you and your boy - totally adorable!

dapper kid said...

LOVE the red hair and red dress!!! Glad you had an amazing night, and totally jealous of your Marvel Vault lol.

The Hippocratic Oaf said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had fun.

Anonymous said...