Tuesday, 26 May 2009

"I take the necessary steps to get some air into my chest"

My uni is starting to live up to it's reputation: long, tiring and moving too fast. I had a small panic attack yesterday when I suddenly thought that my exams were in June and not July. That would have resulted in more panic attacks and probably the fastest learning session ever. Who needs sleep or food? Like my Anatomy teacher said: "No time to study? What, don't you have nights?"

Thank god for lazy mornings when I can sit down with a cup of coffee, cuddled up in my bath robe and watching Star Trek or a good movie. Finished watching Easy Virtue today and I recommend it with all my heart. Funny yet slightly cynical movie, but if you're like me that's the perfect combination!

Have a great day everyone. Mine will be spent between libraries and gym classes so better load up on coffee while there's still time!


A good day. Managed not to get kicked out of English class for playing Rock-Paper-Scissor-Lizard-Spock and that is a small victory me thinks. Big Bang Theory fans will understand ;))

dress: Kotton, tights: Golden Point, zipper pin: from a hand-made fair.


Too much Red Bull, too little food, 4 hours of library study and too much Start Trek.

One of the gifts I got for my birthday is this amazing Calvin Klein jewelery bracelet. It is my new baby right now!

jeans: Mango, ripped shirt: Zara, socks: Golden Point, bracelet: CK Jewelery, watch: Tissot.


Song of the Day: Jonas Brothers - Paranoid
(Haha, I love these lil' jail bates so much :))


Denise said...

you really are all about fun. i love the tee!

visit me sometime!

have a great day!

mariarose said...

your hair is so stunning!
i also love the spotty tights ;) and the ripped shirt. I love Zara stuff, it's so good...I have a black cardi from there that's lasted over 5 years! Mind you it's got a hole now :(

And hehe English classes are meant for that kind of shenanigans hon!
Have funnn xxx

yiqin; said...

I really adore your hair! Plus the back of your top is sexy ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the original Star Trek lately too.

Pansy said...

Oh goodness, your hair is so pretty I can't stand it!! That color is perfectperfect.

Jenny H. said...

i loveee the ripped shirt.
that is fantastic!

thanks for the commenttt.
you are just as gorgeous my friend!

karl's sweet child said...

that ripped shirt sooo stunning!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I need a ripped tee and your watch/bangle is pretty rad! :)

x, thanks!

andrea said...

awesome photos, great outfits i especially love the bracelet in the second set of pics

McCall said...

that shirt is so cool and i love your hair!

you have a very nice blog! visit me sometime?

chantelle said...

And question, where did you learn your english? You're in med school in Romania, and it's astonishing how well your write and your jargon is on point. Nice work!

Diana said...

Hey, you should do a top 10 tv shows you like or top 10 songs you are obsseded at this moment.Nice blog

tis serendipity said...

Wowww I totally love these photos!! =D they're from such a unique angle and have such a unique feel to them too...
And your hair is flaming gorgeous!! haha sorry I haven't commented on your blog in ages so didn't realize you'd dyed your hair... NICE man. ;p

Ahhh i'm so relieved it's the holidays now... Med school exams are just the WORST. Had a really rough patch when I was studying for mine just a few weeks back. Kinda worried about failing though because that would mean i'd have to take a re-exam in July which would wreck traveling plans. Do you guys have to do that too if you fail?

It's great that you're going to the gym often! =) Always good to keep up with exercise and endorphins when studying hard... you can do it!

dapper kid said...

Love your glasses and that zipper pin is so cute :) Wow, that t-shirt looks so fantastic, and loving the bracelet!

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

wow...u have red catchy hair.

i love eyeglasses detail, and the brooch is so inspiring for the DIY project..ouw and i love the zara ripped shirt. :)

Visit mine.

Petite Esth├Ęte said...

that bracelet is insane! and i love the ripped shirt!

Jessica said...

wuhuuuw the ripped tee is just perfect!! and your glasses and the zipper pin! wow =))