Thursday, 7 May 2009

"Miss Curious killed the cat"

Sunday night & sweets. Yummy.


I think I am catching a cold and I am feeling all tired and achey. And I have a long weekend ahead of me so I am popping the pills and eating lemons like crazy. Two sleepovers and a party in the next 3 days and probably what will be a hungover on Monday.

I love weekends!

But for now, what I need is a warm cup of tea and Mad Men (yes, yes, I started watching another show. It's an addiction, I know.)

PS: I am now addicted to my Twitter. And the Jonas Brothers. But more to Twitter.


Overslept (and by that I mean I intentionally did not set my alarm) so I missed Histology class and the Physiology class was like taking sleeping pills by the dozen. My Thursdays either end up being very very exciting or very boring.

tee: Zara, skirt: Zara.


Visiting infectious disease hospitals and turning into a real hypochondriac. It sometimes felt like a really bad Stephen King novel, all we were missing was an axe and some creepy background music.

This is my horror-movie-ghoul impersonation.

Maria and Andy enjoying the future staph infections.

dress: Mango, leather jacket: unnamed brand, bag: Nine West.


Song of the Day: Jason Mraz - Mr Curiosity


Jen said...

Oh wow, I really did not expect that skirt to be blue in the first picture! I really like it :) Hope you feel better soon, and aaah I'm now craving sweets x

Helen said...

I love the blue skirt, it really makes the outfit.

Zmaga said...

Hihi, Jonas Brothers! Me too :) I guess that lil' girl of 13 never goes away, does she?

karl's sweet child said...

hmmm..GUMMIES! yummmm..
hey gorgeous, i tagged you, check my blog..


Jessica said...

wohooo!!! blue skirt!!! love it..

Mariƫlle said...

Thanks for the super sweet comment! I added you to my daily reads.. not the regular blogroll ;-)

P.S. the blue skirt is FAB!

yiqin; said...

Blue suits you really well!

Wanderlusting said... are so pretty :) have a great weekend!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love candy like that, especially sours :) you always look so pretty and sweet, too!


Hanna said...

Oooh that Zara skirt is very pretty. And you look gorgeous in that outfit!

Nemerae said...

MmMmMm SweeTsSs! :P
Love your blue skirt, and those pics in black&white, they're really great!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Love your blue skirt. I AM skirt, quite miserably so--would love a marathon of Mad Men to ease my pain...

Sydnie said...

Your blue skirt is fabulous! I love the length and the color. Great blog!


chantelle said...

1. loving the outfits.
2. Omg, those hospitals look dreadful!

Shin said...

I love your new header!! That blue skirt looks so pretty on you! xxoxoxo

Jenny H. said...

i love love love that highwaisted blue skirt!

and your header is fabulous :)

Jenny H. said...

i love love love that highwaisted blue skirt!

and your header is fabulous :)

Raquel said...

I really like your zara skirt!

Neira said...

Zara always has the best skirts! love it!

your blog is so cute!