Tuesday, 9 June 2009

"Where do you see yourself in five minutes time?"

Last minute study session? Or just hanging out on the school hallways?


Monday was an interesting day. While the entire country was on a national holiday, we were stuck at uni with an English exam. To say I was as excited as Spock in a kids' amusement park is an understatement.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was spent with a bowl of strawberries and Pushing Daisies. Ah, comfy bliss.


Reading about medical specialties and what the hell a proctologist does - oh fun.

Maria (and her still awesome hairstyle) and Andy.

I actually look this excited because I just had coffee.

Andy and Irina :)

This is how all the stairs look when there's an exam around.

This is actual excitement because I had just finished the exam, along with an A! I also think Andy enjoys herself too much when making me jump for photos (don't try to deny it!)

Irina, looking cute and pouty before walking in the exam room.

And the day could not be finished without the obligatory Lets Make Fun Of Anna Cause She Can't Do The Live-Long-And-Prosper Star Trek Sign time. I am a bad Trekkie :P

Yeah, yeah, but I'll get it one day and when I do I am so going all Klingon on your asses! And I will beat all of you at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. Ha!!

shirt, top: Mango, skirt: Zara, tights: H&M, booties: Replay.


Song of the Day: The Amsterdams - Chased by the Housewives


indigotangerine said...

i love pushing daisies! english exams are no fun, but strawberries a PD makes up for it, i think

Cypriotchick said...

good job on ur A! hope u did well on ur other exams too!


Alyssa said...

How do you lovely ladies manage to look so cute before exams?? I usually look like a walking zombie!

Alya said...

A couple of days ago I was at the hospital and I felt like I reaaally wanted to become a doctor!

Zmaga said...

Alyssa is right! I look so sad before my exams :/

dapper kid said...

Haha Rock,Paper,Scissors,Lizard,Spock tends to be a hard for me to keep up with, although I'm getting better at it! Love your striped top dear, especially the belted waist :) Hope your exams have been going well!

♥ fashion chalet said...

You sold me on True Blood, now to find a copy... haha :) and definitely watch The Office, starting in order, it's super funny and crazily addictive. You will see... ;)

Thanks for the comments, honey, they are always adorable and sweet- just like you!


chantelle said...

One day you will be able to do it my friend! Haha, i hope all the exams went well! I'm so glad school finished over a month ago for me. But I've been studying for med school entrance exams since classes ended. BLEHH...

M said...

THIS made my day. <3 You are now my favourite blogger.

Well done on finishing an exam! It's always worth celebrating afterwards with lots of comfort food and pyjama time.

Also, RPSLSpock is hilarious. I think I fell over and hit my head on a tabletop corner the first time I saw it on BBT lol. I'm actually really bad at the game as anyone who half knows me knows that I'll reflexively pull out the Spock. :P It can't be helped!

Sigh. I'm sitting here gushing about Star Trek and I've got an exam on the 25th... *headdesks*

Keep studying hard!

tis serendipity said...

Ahhh these photos are gorgeous!! =) I really like the black and white feel... but they make me think your school is a really old and traditional one with loads of history... is that the case? I'd love to go visit a university in Europe... haha it's incredible how you guys can be calm enough before an exam to take photos!
Whoohoo for the A! =)

Rumela said...

Wow!! maria and andy your hair style are really nice. i like your hair style.i ll cutting my hair as like you before my engagement. i am sure my fiance. thank you for shearing your post.