Thursday, 25 June 2009

"She puts her makeup on like graffiti on the walls of the heartland, she's the last of the American girls"

Oh exam sessions, thank you for offering late night cramming sessions, huge carb & chocolate cravings and the need to curl up in a ball under the covers until this is over and it's time to hit the beach and the clubs.

Outfit photos are lacking because outfits are more or less no where to be seen. I have been living in my nightgown and under mountains of papers for some time now and the only outfits have been the ones worn when going to get my Starbucks and Coke Zero hit.

And because no outfits that means that it's time for another I Love Her/His/Their Style type of post!

As you know, I get girl crushes quite often. Diane Kruger, Keira Knightley & most recently, Kristen Bell. The crush started through our favorite psychotic serial killer, Zachary Quinto as Sylar in Heroes. Miss Bell played one of my favorite characers on Heroes, Elle, the girl with an electrical touch and huge daddy issues and Elle and Sylar's short lived relationship was what made me go gaga over these two.

Imagine my surprise when finding out that ZQ and Kristen are real life friends. And a bag of cute and funny to boot!

Fast forward over one Star Trek movie and Season One of Veronica Mars (as well as a solid love of her sassy voiceover on Gossip Girl as the title character herself) and my crush has reached new levels.

So here is the Zach & Kristen Appreciation Post, enjoy!


(click all photos for bigger!)

Kristen Bell.
She's cute, talented, fun size and bubbly. She's funny and always brings energy to the screen. She is also always dressed to impress. I don't think I've ever seen a red carpet look of hers I didn't like and I would wear everything she wears which is more than I could say about some other celebrities I know.
Oh, and did I meantion she's cute & gorgeous as hell?

Those earrings need to be in my jewelery box right now.

Surprise apearance by Dominic Copper ;)

The Heroes cast looking mighty good, as usual.

The girl loves gray and Zach Effron, it seems.

I'm not crazy about matching exept when it's done in surprising ways, like here: matching lipstick to bag, yes please!

My two favorite looks!

She loves her Little White Dresses.


Zachary Quinto.

When referring to Zach there are some things we need to know:
- The hair will be referred to as The Hair of Win
- Geek glasses are also made of win
- Due to his portrayal of both Sylar and Spock jokes such as "He just wants you for your brain" and "I would love to compliment him on his adequete attire. However, it is mostly logical that I suggest it would improve it's quality and usefulness if it were discarded on the floor of my sleeping quarters" are greatly appreciated (geeks represent, yo ;))

You cannot deny that this man is a GQMF. And if you don't know what that means, please check Urban Dictionary and then OhNoTheyDidnt Star Trek and enjoy the ride!

We call this the Zach Hat. When the man loves something, goddamit he never lets go if it.

Stripes and skinny ties are wardrobe staples (and I completely agree with that!)

Surprise appearance by Chris Fine... ahem, I mean Pine :))

Zach & Chris Pine: both looking delicious in suits, and both mixing and matching like they're on crack.

Can we say hottest cast ever? It's amazing how everyone in the Star Trek movie is just too fierce for their own good. Zoe Saldana being the fiercest of the bunch, of course!

I feel like a rendition of "Their milkshake brings all the girls to the yard" would fit right now :))


ZQ and KB.

Cutest best friends, yay or yay? (nay is never an option here :))

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Song of the Day: The Black Eyed Peas - Party All the Time


The Politic's Chick said...

I have to repeatedly thank you for the drool worthy pics of Zach. My coffee is now down the front of my shirt - missing the mouth is a normal thing when drooling. the nerdy glasses just make him look hotter.

Nice blog.

Winnie said...

Zach is fantastic!! I wouldn't have enjoyed Star Trek as much as I did if he didn't play Spock!

Anonymous said...

I think it's Kristen not Kirsten...

Anna Pope said...

Haha, thanks for the heads up Anonymous. For some reason she's always been a Kirsten in my mind :)) Just like Chris Pine is always Chris Fine to me :))

M said...


Anonymous said...

:P si eu la Kirsten Dunst ii ziceam Kristen.. deci suntem cam pe aceasi lungime de unda;))pana acum nu am comentat la tine pe forum...bun moment/ motiv pt un prim comentariu mi-am gasit. Anyway... I just luv your blog. E la loc de cinste in bookmarks. Take care. pup

Anonymous said...

ui ca si eu sunt cu capul in nori. La tine pe blog voiam sa zic. rofl

Hanna said...

Kristen's style is lovely - she doesn't try to pull the ropes too hard so as to shock but she does enough to look very individual.

And thanks for your comment on my blog!

yiqin; said...

I love kirsten voiceover in gg too ;)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I suddenly feel as thought we must meet up, have Pineapple smoothies and talk about Seth and Summer while finding the perfect Summer dresses. ;)

I love Kristen Bell, always classic and so pretty. She's great as the narrator on Gossip girl. :)


gahh. :)


Tereza Š. said...

I love all of these photos, and I love Heroes too and totally love outfit of kirsten. Btw, they would make such a nice couple :)

dapper kid said...

Kristen Bell is SO stunning, I absolutely adore her! That first polaroid is gorgeous :) And I am definitely a fan of Zachary Quinto...well a Sylar and Spock fan more to the point lol. His style is seriously amazing!! Hope the exams are going well dear :)

young-shields said...

woah, did not realise she was gossip girl voiceover! cerrazy.

and also, definitely a yay from me

y-s x

Alya said...

First off, I had no idea who Zachary Quinto was until this post. And now I have a new crush! He's so cuuuuute! Love!

And Kirsten/Kristen is so cute too.. her style is impeccable.

Alice X said...

yahyahyah! lovesss it, especially her... and his glasses, so lovely:D

Toni Tones said...

lovely kristin bell

Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* said...

I have been of fan of Kristen since Victoria Mars show, she is so adorable

The Clothes Horse said...

I used to be obsessed with Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell is a doll!

Cypriotchick said...

YaY all the way! very cute together :D


vicen said...

Link me please:
Thanks you.

­­ wang said...

You listen to great music.
Well at least the placebo/muse/green day/fall out boy part is good

annah-logue said...

such cute pictures! KB is gorgeous (:

indigotangerine said...

i didn't know he was so stylish! skinny ties, glasses and stripes? Yes Please!

deep_in_vogue said...

Great post, so visual! I agree, they are both gorgeous and super stylish!

lauren said...

kristen is completely adorable! she always looks amazing.

ralu said...

anne, you're tottaly adorable and awesome :) i ran into your blog last night by mistake (fortunate one:P) and it kept me awake for some good hours. i didn't really get to read all your posts, but i did check out all your outfits:D and as i've got a biochemistry exam in 2 days (and you know what that means), it wasn`t the smartest thing to do. but like robert downey jr said, as larry paul in an ally mcbeal episode, "it's not smart, it's heart-stupid". <3 great job!

Anonymous said...

YAY!i love them both±
and love your blog!care for a link exchange?

nookie said...

I loved Kristen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

Ingrid. said...

haha he looks so scary!!

yulanda said...

I love Kristen Bell. And I really miss Veronica Mars!

Alice in vintageland said...

Subscriu obsesiilor tale. Zach and "Fine" are just mighty hoooot.And you're hilarious : Their milkshake brings all the girls to the yard......hahahaha - so true:):):)

muchlove said...

I absolutely adore Kirsten Bell! I miss her in veronica mars :(

Jeniffer said...

wow... fantastic post!

Pandutzu said...

sylar :X:X