Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Well, let the geek in the pink take a stab at it"

source: mixologies @ LJ.

I am sad to announce that for a day I will have to leave my darling camera at home and tell my girls who always take the time to take my photo that they're on a break.
Why you ask? Because on Friday I will be participating in a photoshoot.

To celebrate the opening of a new online mall in Romania, (with the support of Shopping Report - ex-J'Adore magazine), I was asked to build an outfit with the clothes from the site and then you - yes, you the readers! - will vote on it.

I couldn't say no because I can never turn down a fashion related challenge.

I am doing this alongside some very fashionable & lovely bloggers: Diana Bobar, Roxana Radu, Andreeea Molocea, Nookie, Maria, Adina Necula, Ana, Dada & Laura Bucur.

Stay tuned for more details and photos soon!

PS: I am strangely amused by the fact that my day will be something like this: waking up too early, studying, Microbiology exam, photoshoot, more studying, and a lot of Red Bull inbetween.


Quote of the day:
Andy: "Any testicles around here? Anna, go find some testicles right now, go go go"
(in regards to the microscope slides we had to stare at today.)
And the response:
Girl colleague: "I have one! Oh wait, there's even two of them on the same slide"

You know what they say, two are better than one. Heh, only in med school :))


Song of the Day: Jason Mraz - Geek in the Pink
I think I found my theme song.


yiqin; said...

LOL the joke is classic.

Zmaga said...

Wow, this sounds cool, can't wait to see what you came up with!
As for the song, I screeched as soon as I saw your title :D

Anonymous said...

love your title post...

i always use it as my quotes...

jason mraz-geek in the pink,
always be my theme song.. :)

alice said...

wow, congrats!

Diana said...

congratz for the photoshoot!
Next time you go to Starbucks, try Dark Berry Mocha Frapuccino!It's fantastic!

WendyB said...


Mary said...

Heh! Emjoy the photoshoot, and that picture.... woooooooooow super intense. And slightly an inspiration for life?

The Clothes Horse said...

Challenge? Sounds intriguing.
That picture is so happy!

Jessica said...

wow!! it's so cool!! congratz!! i'm waiting for the photos!! =))

M said...

Can't wait to see the photoshoot but I'm hoping you're not too worn out juggling everything! (Is that a thought bubble with the word 'Starbucks' written in it above your head? I think it is.)

On a related note... Don't know how you feel about fakes but knock off Louboutins are on sale. I am so tempted to grab a pair (or, like, fifty). Do you think it'd be rediculous to walk around hospital in scrubs and Louboutins? Hahaha.

And Re: you saw Star Trek again... ME TOO. We. Must. Resist. Until. After. Exams. Argh! It's killing me slowly-- It's winter down here so the temptation to stay in bed with hot chocolate and TOS is killing me. Killing me, I say.

dapper kid said...

Wow, wow, wow, how exciting! Can't wait to see your outfit dear. Haha, and the craziness of med school :P Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

Electro Geisha said...

exciting! im proud of you :) cant wait to see the pics :) you`ll do just great!

Anonymous said...

so u smoke....