Thursday, 21 October 2010

"Shut up and let me see your jazz hands! Remember when you were a madman, thought you was Batman."

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu
Did I ever mention that when I was a kid I really, really wanted to be a ballerina princess? (In my head, princess and ballerina always came hand in hand. Damn you Disney!). I also wanted to be a veterinarian who only worked with bunnies and a princess warrior who owned a magical unicorn, but ballerina was still in my top 5 career options. It's funny how things change; right now I'm aiming for zombie fighting House M.D.


Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the photography book Oglinzi/Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu at Odeon Theatre. Now, I think I must start this by saying that Razvan Mazilu is one of the most talented dancers I've ever seen on stage and I have been in love with his work ever since I saw his take on The Picture of Dorian Gray on stage. It was this perfect combination of theater and ballet with so much beauty and emotion that I remember not being able to applaud for a few seconds because I was left awed when the curtains closed.

And thus started my love. I saw Dorian Gray about 7 or 8 times on stage (I need to thank the kind lady at the ticket stand for giving me the opportunity to watch it the last two times for free after seeing me there too often. Thank you for fueling my obsession!) and tried to see every show he put on stage.

So now you understand why I was bouncing like a ferret on pixie dust when Monday came and I found myself on the stage where I had seen some of my favorite plays.

The book features photos from some of his best shows all neatly wrapped up for our enjoyment. A handful of talented photographers worked on this project along with Razvan Mazilu and friends and all the money made from the sales will go as scholarships to young and talented dancers who need financial support to continue doing what they love most: dancing. If anyone is interested, the book can be bought here.

The evening was absolutely delightful. Not only did I bump into Dada (and her practical yet still chic wellies; you can find her post about the night here), Julia and other stylish young girls, we also saw a live show from the young boy who will receive the first scholarship which just made my skin turn into goosebumps. The evening ended with The Boy and I enjoying a walk home in a city that got a nice wash after the pouring rain.

I might never object to spending my Mondays like this.


Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

We got to look up close at some of the costumes from past shows at Odeon theatre.

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

I wanted to steal anything velvet-y, The Boy wanted to steal the brogue shoes.

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu
Fluffy hair, oh fluffy hair, when it rains you puff up like no other. At least you look nuclear red in the light, just like I like you.

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

So much talent in such a tiny body. Razvan Mazilu was right to say that talent is talent even when, ahem, height challenged. I mean, have you ever seen Mikhail Baryshnikov on stage?

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

She was gorgeous ♥

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

Lansare Oglinzi / Mirrors by Razvan Mazilu

(photos by me)

I wish I could be more coherent, but by the end of the dance my brain went into ecstatic shutdown and even today all I can come up with is an astonished "Wow"!

Now excuse me, I need to have a long conversation with my family as to why oh why did they not sign my up for ballet and instead chose math tutoring instead. Because 15 years later I can't touch my toes and math still leaves me with the glazed, flabbergasted wide-eyed look of a squid faced with theoretical physics. Sigh, sigh, sigh.



Cecille said...

beautiful photos.. and i say you once again that i love the colour of your hair!!

Anaivilo said...

I used to take ballet courses when I was young. I still remember some moves, but I didn't have time because of school..and it became very rigid, and all that grace you see on stage is actually really...painful. But's "wow! "
I am sure this was a great event, I am sorry I missed it. But a lot happens in Bucharest.. ;)

Anaivilo said...
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ailovesamore said...

*blogwalking :)
wow , amazing photographs :))
great blog btw :)


Hanna said...

I just love the way you write! =)

Ballet is such a hard thing. It looks easy, but as soon as you try a class, you start to wonder how the dancers ever make it to the end of any show!

Veterenarian is not so bad. I wanted to be a shop assistant. The one who stands at the till. that pretty much sums it all up. =)

Vantage Point Vintage said...

Great blog! Love your reflections & pics.

Jenny @vpv

Faboulista said...

i wanted to become a ballerina when i was young too. i rememer my mom tried to sign me up for classes in bucharest but when we went to the actual school they were closed for the summer. i was very sad and dissapointed. thats when my dreams of becoming a balerina were shatterd. harsh!

The Hearabouts said...

If our childhood dreams came true, we would be "work" colleagues at present, riding magical unicorns in the enchanted forest and/or taking care of poor little injured bunnies. Not ballerinas, though, 'cause i gave up ballet when I was 7-8 and took up karate :)).

Anyway, I envy you for being able to attend such amazing shows. Oh, but why haven't I gone to a ballet show until now?

Amazing photos, btw.


TheMadTwins said...

wonderful photo's!
My sister wanted to become a ballerina to, but it is very hard indeed. She has been through a lot, but after her studies from dance she never get in a higher school.
Ballet made my twin sister very unhappy. I love to see, but it is so pity that the world of dance so hard is.

loves Paris

Lela said...

Oh, incredible. I need that tutu for every day.

Lela London - Fashion Blog and Shoe Blog

Sofie said...

These photos are SO beautiful! :-)


DeVero said...

You take so nice pictures! I have now seen your entire blog ;) So inspiring!
There is no more elegance like the one that the ballerinas have. I'm impressed how they manage to dance all these kind of positions.


Landel said...

gorgeous photos! I wanted to be a ballerina too lol but right now I have no time for that. I am busy with my career blah blah =)
free stylish heels