Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"So do you want to waste some time alone tonight?"

Wonderful video found via Dapper Kid. If you don't know his blog, you should check it out immediately. His writing is incredible, he is - no doubt! - one of the smartest and fashionable guys in this sea of blogs. And he might even run around rooftops wearing a cape at night. If that ain't cool, I don't know what is.


Music post time!

I'll start this by saying I am usually not a fan of electronic disco dance-y music. I grew up on my cousin's Queen and Metallica albums, on Rammstein, Muse and Linkin Park (I had my nobody-understands-me teenage angst period) and then fell prey to pop campy music and even took a long trip down Indie town too. But through all of this, I never felt the love for the electro pop scene because I always felt that if I'd buy that 30 seconds long preview of the song on Amazon and then just stick it on shuffle for 1 hour it would more-or-less be the same thing.

People around me still told me I just didn't find the one yet. The one song that would have me on my knees declaring eternal love and shared mortgage. And from time to time I had some flings with related genres (I'm looking at you Massive Attack, you saucy creepy minx, you.) but not many managed to pull on my heart-strings and temporal lobe.

Saying that, I'm here to present one very interesting, very well-made mini-movie split in 3 parts for what I might call a very catchy and kind of addictive - gasp! - dance-y song.

And that is Russ Chime's Midnight Club EP.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 1: Never Look Back)

I might have kicked and screamed when The Boy made me watch this at first, but one minute in and I was hooked. The song, it was good and didn't make me want to stick cotton balls in my ears and actually made me bop my head a couple of times. But what won me over was the video. I know, I know, it's not fair to ramble on about a song just because the video is cool. But the video is really, really cool guys!

It's a mini movie that focuses on one couple - who are just hipster-ish enough to own that cool factor but not so hipster-ish to make you wanna shoot a limited edition Spoon album just so you can make them cry - and their kidnapping which results in one amazing detective style story with just enough betrayal and mystery to keep one glued to their seat.

All with a happy ending, of course.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 2: Tertre Rouge)

I think what makes this video so special and great is the way it's filmed with flashbacks, parallel story-lines and that very engaging reverse narrative in the first video. It does push the cheesy limits a little, but it all turns out quite okay in the end. I was almost clawing at my keyboard waiting for each installment and found myself rooting for the Ray Ban wearing knight in American Apparel armor.

Check it out, it's a visually exciting way to entertain yourselves for 15 minutes.

That said, I need to go and blast some Pink Floyd and (newer obsession) Biffy Clyro at maximum volume for now.


(I'm thinking about starting to try to maybe post a little bit more frequently than I usually do. Like not waiting for a lunar eclipse before actually sitting down and writing something. And I would do that through little posts like this one, branching out and trying other subjects than usual. Hmm. We'll see if this lasts.)

(Also, I'm on BlogLoving all of a sudden. Who would've thunk?)


Song of the Day: Hurts - Silver Lining

(Seeing them live soon. On the count of free can I get a Whoop-Whoop?)


10ThMuse said...

hey, thanks for dropping by. well i know what you mean with electronic music. i grew up also with rock and spend half of my teenage in Fire but now i find myself very much into dubstep. i hope is just a phase. yes, you should post more ;)

Faboulista said...

not a big fan of electronic music though i think its a lot more poular in europe than it is here. this song is nice. i cant say that i love it and would listen to it over and over but its not annoying. my bf listens to electronic music at night usually when i do my homework and it drives me nuts!

Cecille said...

it's a really nice blog, Dapper Kid,... and about the electronic music, yes it's my favourite too but on the other side( techno,funky, etc)

Michelle Cecilia said... ur blog. linked it already. ;)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

thank you for sharing these vids, love the songs!

Nora A. said...

cute blog!

wanna try your luck and win one of 20 30€ coupons for the onlinestore enter my giveaway > !:) xx

Concurs Invisible said...

Te asteptam sa intri si tu in concursul nostru unde poti castiga premii in bani!

daphne sy said...

thanks for sharing this videos and songs. . I am not that fan of electronic taste of music but I want to try=0

Hanna said...

Ooooh you've made me want to go to a concert! It's been ages since I've been to ANY concert - what a shame!

Lovely writing, as usual.
Greetings from Ukraine!

Hanna said...
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