Saturday, 9 October 2010

"And suddenly she starts to believe."

You're the Apple to my Galette

Why yes, I am trying to distract you from my lack of posting by making you drool over photos of an apple galette. Is it working? You feel your salivary glands working in overdrive and suddenly forgiving me for my abandonment? Then my work here is done. And in case you want to try this at home too, head over to Smitten Kitchen and go buy a pound of apples.

So yeah. I've learned to cook. A few burns here, a bag of sugar on the floor there, a smoky kitchen from time to time but now I can whip up a pretty acceptable dinner. Either that, or everyone has been lying to me and spitting their food in napkins when I wasn't looking. Hmm.

* :) :)

I did a photoshoot for Intre Fete, a lovely lifestyle and fashion site written by lovely, smart, stylish girls for other lovely, smart, stylish girls. Thanks to AloModa for inviting me to take part in their campaign. I got my make-up done and had fun with the other girls, especially Hilke who was also my photo buddy as you can see.

All in all, I'll never say no to having fun with such incredible and enjoyable girls. :) :)
I was wearing my own outfit: BSB dress, Zara Vest, thrifted belt, Guess shoes via Solestruck.


My Insides Are Made of Fluff

My Insides Are Made of Fluff

I also did late night night runs in search of Jagermeister, one of the best things the Germans ever invented. Sadly, it was nowhere to be found. But I did find the cutest little plushies ever (Eeyore was always my favorite Pooh character. Pooh always seemed like an addict to me and Tigger gave me the chills with his psychotic attitude) and there was Absolut Vodka at hand's reach.


LinkStreet Fighting

Got my ass kicked at Street Fighter. Still rock at Wii Raving Rabbids.


Tabu Party September 2010
The Boy and I, one awesome Cosmopolitan and one delicious Whiskey (in a Cosmo glass but still a tres manly drink nonetheless.)

Tabu Party September 2010

Tabu Party this week. Thanks Mihai Terzea for the lovely photos (he even managed to catch me with my glasses on!), thanks Tabu for the invite and thank you Inozza for the company, you charming funny girl you!


Did I mention I started my 4th year of university? I'm doing Pedatrics right now. Planning on stuffing my (comfy, comfy) scrub's pockets with candy in case the kids attack - don't judge me, I get nervous around tiny, tiny teacup humans! - and still trying to find where they keep the toys. If I ever find a Batman action figure I am never giving it back. Never!


Song of the Week: Hurts - Wonderful Life


TheMadTwins said...

Wow, amazing photoshoot! I love it so much. The clothes and background as well. Your haircolor is so pretty and special ^__^
I like it :)


Anonymous said...

Hello...dat fiind faptul ca iti urmaresc blogul de ceva timp...te invit sa ridici un premiu savuros...


Cecille said...

looks like you've had a great time doing that photosooting for "Intre Fete" and the results are awesome!!

D. said...

You've been missed :/

You look amazing in the photos, just thought you should know :)

Ina said...

Just so you know, the fact that your compliments made me smile didn't take my mind off the promised cupcakes and pancakes. :P

vv said...

I really like ur blog. great post!

plase visit


Janal said...

yo, chillax down to

keep it orphan

WendyB said...

I liked Eeyore too because I related to his depression!

Chantelle said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! I've missed seeing your posts weekly on bloglovin. I'm sure paediatrics is keeping you quite occupied! Congrats again!

Chantelle said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! I've missed seeing your posts weekly on bloglovin. I'm sure paediatrics is keeping you quite occupied! Congrats again!

blow8 said...

fantastic blog, great photographs babe.

Silkybow said...

your photoshoot looks amazing!
love your hair colour (:

Cecille said...

you were so funny on your comment :)! Have a nice day!


OMG you will so relate. You have to start watching MSCL and let me know how you like it, It's free on


Wynne Prasetyo said...

the dress pattern is so lovely, and the vest adds a touch of unique embellished look. great job! :)

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Hahaha :) You have a very chic and funny blog here! :) Love the med look with the glasses! :)

Follow my blog at

Kimmi said...

Mh, nice cake!
And I like this dress. ; )


annierama said...

amazing post and blog! Just discovered it!
Your hair is amazing and these shots are great!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

cute and interesting pics!!!

Anaivilo said...

Am mai descoperit o roscata! :D
It's so fun seeing girls with red hair who actually look great! Some are disasters. Wow, a doctor, that's big, to me it really is! I really like your blog! :D

Anaivilo said...
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Michelle Cecilia said...

amazing photos! great blog. linked u in my blog, k?

La petite Lou'lou said...

congrats for the shooting! i love the vest! I wanted to buy it, but it was too expensive for my budget