Thursday, 16 September 2010

"Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store"

Dog Days Are Over?
What better way o start a post than with a photo a dog so fluffy you'd think hiss life is a permanent spin cycle in a dryer? If he were mine I'd carry him around as pillow.


It took me a while o realize September is here and it is not planning on leaving until all the liquor is gone and there are no more clean dishes in the house. Just sitting there on the couch staring at me as I stare at it with my ruffled up feathers and cup of coffee.

Things are feeling disarranged and unhinged and bouncing around like a rubber ball on a frenzied rampage. Sending the blame to weather changes and all the crumpled paper living on every available flat space. Thank god for cuddles, Mad Men marathons and a newly discovered Skittles obsession. And Absolut Vanilla vodka.


A sunny day and a garden usually mean improvised photoshoots with The Boy. Or, when lazy bones are taking their revenge, it means watching Mad Men on the couch. But from time to time it's nice to tell the lazy bone to shut up and just go and enjoy the sun and all that vitamin D.

Dog Days Are Over?
Nothing brings out the child in you like a swing.

Dog Days Are Over? Dog Days Are Over?

Dog Days Are Over?
Contrary to popular belief, even if I do have zero balance when just standing around on terra firma, I still did not fall flat on my face. Barely.

Dog Days Are Over? Dog Days Are Over?

Dog Days Are Over?
I am no longer a redhead. You can call me Faded Carrot Top from now on.

Dog Days Are Over?
The puppy is the fluffiest thing ever (even fluffier than certain unicorns) but he doesn't show any sort of reaction to anyone's presence, always being far more interested in random twigs or imaginary Chupacabras he thinks are hiding in the back garden.

Dog Days Are Over? Dog Days Are Over?
Not even a nod of recognition when I ended up running after him. He must be the life of the party.

Dog Days Are Over?
Not even my pouty face could make him stay.

Wearing: Mango dress, Zara blazer, Musette booties, Dior sunglasses.


Song of the Day: Tennessee Ernie Ford- Sixteen Tons


Cecille said...

Great Post!! The pictures are lovely as always

nookie said...

aww, that's one cute dog!

Anca said...

I love your hair colour. You look lovely as always. And the dog is so sweet.

Megan said...

I found a hidden park during my last week of summer before this school year started. The swings were creaky and rusted, but for 10 minutes I felt like I was 5-years-old again.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

you're a beautiful brunette! these photos are so much fun, I love your outfit and the happiness you show in your poses :)

Radu said...

Buna ziua,

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Cu respect,
Ursu Radu

(Dupa vizualizare as avea rugamintea ca acest comentariu sa fie sters)
PS: Va rog includeti link-ul si titlul dorit pentru a va adauga.

Syed said...

CUUUUUTE - how fluffy is he! And I do love your tights.

Lela said...

Swings and shoes - my kinda girl!

Lela London

TheMadTwins said...

love the tights and the shoes soo much ^__^
and what a cute dog ^__^


Hanna said...

That outfit is a floral... bomb! Lovely look

Karoline Kalvø said...

I adore you. Stunning.


Falvo said...

Buna ziua, dorim sa va facem o propunere comerciala! Daca sunteti interesat trimiteti un e-mail la

PhotoLeoGrapher said...

Super! Felicitari! Excelent! Ai...

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I love the dress and the uninterested pooch :) Btw, I have zero balance and fall on flat surfaces pretty often :/

Follow my blog at

Anonymous said...

The puppy is adorable! (My friend taught it was a lion!! hahas)
And I love the leggings (:
- Sarah

Anonymous said...

you have the greatest tights :x