Monday, 30 August 2010

"Numberless names with the force of the ninth wave"

I decided to dye my hair red out of two very important reasons: a) I had always wanted to be a green-eyed, freckled red-head and the hair was the easiest way to get closer to that dream without painful (and alien) surgical procedures and b) I had a sort of quarter life crisis.

I can still remember the look of shock on everyone's face when I ended up with this this bright red carrot-top-on-crack hair. I think I tried every sort of red out there since then (my poor hairdresser hates me already) but I am still not sick of being an - albeit false - redhead and I can't picture my hair back to it's what I fell now to be dull chocolate brown.

Unless I have another existential crisis as that usually leads to my hair being sacrificed on the altar of change and craziness.

I love redheads. And because I'm the kind of person that makes up lists in her head about all her favorite things, I could not pass up a chance to present to you my favorite of the bunch.

My Top 11 (I cheated a little) Favorite Redheads:
(in no particular order)

1. Florence Welch (Singer; Florence & The Machine)
Florence Welch
Not only is she an energetic entertainer she also has a voice that will rock your world. The pale skin and the fiery locks combined with a majestic presence on stage makes her one of my favorite singers of the moment. She also makes these fantastic, whimsical videos that you need to watch over and over again.

2. Conan O'Brien (Late Night with Conan O'Brien)
Conan OBrian
In case you were wondering, I was always on Team Coco. Enough said.

3. Amy Adams (Actress; Enchanted, Doubt)
Amy Adams
She's adorable! She played a real-life Cinderella, all wide eyed and innocent and then so effortlessly managed to convey the austere nun in one of my favorite dramas, Doubt, where she also never wavered in front of the force that is Meryl Streep. She's cute with an edge and gives redheads a very good name.

4. Christina Hendricks (Actress; Mad Men)
Christine Hendricks
The term girl crush is an understatement. When she walks on scene in an episode of Mad Men you literally can't take your eyes off her and you suddenly understand why all the men at Sterling-Cooper would kiss her perfectly polished shoes in a heartbeat. This girl looks like a modern age Grecian goddess and I see why the boys at Esquire have such a colossal crush on her. I mean, don't you?

5. Felicia Day (Actress; Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Guild)
Felicia Day
Pretty girl who rocks Dungeons and Dragons? Who makes Neil Patrick Harris swoon? Who can look gorgeous and geek out at the same time? And who's incredibly sweet and down to Earth? Felicia Day is every teenage nerd's dream girl. She is cute as a button and can still kick your ass at comic book trivia. If you haven't seen The Guild yet, you should. Or at least their nerdtastic music video. Did I mention she's the writer and producer too?

6. Deborah Ann Woll (Actress; True Blood)
Deborah Ann Woll
I love True Blood. It's cheesy, it's over-the-top and veers off into tacky territory every episode but man, I love it. But I love it not because of the script but because it has some of the funnest characters out there and I wouldn't mind if they killed everyone else and it just ended up The Eric, Laffayette and Jessica show.
She plays the wide-eyed innocent vampire trying to sort things out and she does it with more poise than most female characters in that ridiculous show. She is also the cutest thing ever, does a great Bill impersonation and her and Pam are hilarious.

7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Actor; Modern Family)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Are you watching Modern Family? Great, isn't it one of the best comedy shows out there? Oh, you're not? The what are you doing here? Leave this blog, lock yourself in your room and don't leave until you've watched all 2 season of the incredibly funny and witty sitcom!
JTF plays one half of the most charming gay couple on television, Mitchell and Cameron. He is a theater alumni and one very funny guy, the perfect mix of talent and charisma and wit. He and Eric Stonestreet do make the most adorable daddy duos ever.

8. Rachel Hurd-Wood (Actress; Peter Pan, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)
Rachel Hurd Wood
This girl is looks like a freaking faery! Peter Pan flew her to Wonderland and Ben Wishaw followed her across the map (in a ridiculous stalker-like sort of way, but still!) and I can see why. I'm sad she hasn't been doing any work lately because I thing she's enthralling on screen.

9. Kate Walsh (Actress; Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice)
Kate Walsh
Grey's Anatomy more-or-less went downhill for me when my favorite fierce female doctor, Addison Sheppard aka Kate Walsh, left the show. She brought much needed spice to the show and I think she is a delightfully captivating woman, spunky and sarcastic and funny. She also rocks a salmon pink pair of scrubs like no one's business!

10. Simon Pegg (Actor; Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Star Trek)
Simon Pegg
My personal king of comedy. He's such a hilarious guy and he took cop movies and zombie movies to a whole new level, much more clever and playful. He's also a huge geek and his tweets are always, always amusing.

11. Karen Gillan (Actress; Doctor Who)
Karen Gillan
Okay, okay, I loved the David Tennant/Donna Noble season of Doctor Who the most and I was so weary of starting out the new season with the new Doctor but it was love at first viewing. Firstly, because Matt Smith is a great Doctor, clever yet crazy and playful like a baby schizophrenic giraffe; and secondly because Karen Gillan is not only ridiculously pretty but with enough cleverness and just playful enough to keep up with him. The red hair and freckles just made me like her even more. Come on new season of Doctor Who!

Okay, so I cheated on this a little bit and I'm going to be cheating some more only because there are so many talented carrot top people out there that it is impossible to choose!

Honorable mentions:
(a.k.a. the I Liked You More When You Turned to the Red Side list)

12. Scarlett Johansson (Actress; Iron Man 2)
Scarlett Johanson
I always thought Miss Scarlett was a beautiful girl but I personally thought the red hair she sported during the Iron Man movie turned her into this kick-ass vixen. The black leather bodysuit and high-kicks might have had something to do with this too, but I stand by my belief that the new color put her on a whole new level. Tony Stark would agree.

13. Nicole Kidman (Actress; Moulin Rouge)
Nicole Kidman
I'll just let you know now that I think this woman looks like she's been carved out of marble is is splendid actress. I was so dsappointed when she went blond forever considering my biggest crush on her started when she was setting the stage on fire in Moulin Rouge. Still hoping she'll turn back to her roots (pun intended) in the near future.

source: photos from Tumblr, collages made by me.


Well, this turned out longer than I expected. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed doing writing this and I leave you to stare at the photos and enjoy the view :)


Song of the Day: Klaxons - Echoes



love Florence Welch...beautiful, great voice and nice songs!!!!

eleanor said...

I wanted to be a redhaired greeneyed freckled girl too! worse luck - my sister is exactly that. hmpf.

I like your list, got my thinking of my own (because who can resist making a good list) and there's lots of overlap. Though I think Lauren Ambrose, Karen Elson, Pippi Longstocking and Vincent Van Gogh would have featured on mine.

Your hair looks lovely by the way!

Faboulista said...

you should have included Ioana from Fashezine as well. her red hair has made me numerous time want to die it as well. but it would look so shitty on me!

BornConfuzed said...

I never liked red hair on anyone, but some people just effortlessly rock it =)
Love your blog by the way, it's so uplifting and mesmerizing.
Btw, I was hoping for a new playlist. Last year's "Out of heartache" pulled me through my Peds/ER rotation =)

Ashley K said...

No Karen Elson?

H to the izzo said...

These are great! I love natural redheads and sometimes get the idea to dye my own dark brown hair. Problem is, most people try to dye their hair red and it turns out an unnatural color, either too red or purple, and no one has hair that color. I don't want to end up that way.

Anonymous said...

You should also look upon Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy):X:X:X He's sooo sexy and red hair :D

nookie said...

nooo, red hair rocks!! I think your hairdresser loves you not hate:) Ohh well, I'd be happy if I was him/her:)
I don't have the guts to paint mine any color so spending money is easier for me:))
I loved Coco Rocha so much when she was a redhead and Deborah rocks!

Rianna Bethany said...

Scarlett johanson just suits any hair colour! I dont know what I like more, her blonde or red?
Rianna xxx

Andrew said...

Nice Klaxons reference. Oh, redheads FTW!

Tilly said...

Awww I loved reading this post! I'm a natural red head so this post makes me happy he he ;)

If you hadn't have said your hair was dyed I would have gone on thinking it was natural! It really suits you! You look like Jessica Rabbit! xxx

ps I can't believe you like Doctor Who! I thought I was the only geek in the blogysphere!

Abi said...

I think there is something quite subtlely alluring about redheads! Christina Hendricks, for example has always stood out to me and I think its mostly because of that hair!

If you hadn't mentioned that your hair was dyed, I would have thought you were a complete natural. Should we be thankful for your quarter life crisis? No. But it's great you took it out on you hair! ;)

Mary said...
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Nemerae said...

I absolutely love this red-orange colour for hair.. but dunno if it will look good on me, so..

Syed said...

Gotta love redheads! One of my friends dyed her hair orangey red with henna recently, twas quite the transformation.

Iulia Romana said...

Ai un blog foarte tare ! Si Florence Welch e o scumpa :X

Iulia Romana said...

Ai un blog foarte tare ! Si Florence Welch e o scumpa :X

yiqin; said...

I want to be a redhead too.

Hanna said...

I love Amy Adams!

Red hair is great, except I can't dare to dye mine properly red (it has hints of ginger in the sunlight, but that's just a wannabe red =)) Red is such a sunny colour for hair

Arbeitskleidung`s Blog said...

red hair and green eyes, that looks really good.

The Hearabouts said...

Thanks so much for your comment, it's much appreciated .

We've been watching your blog for some time, too. I'm glad we share the same obsession with red hair. Because IT IS an obsession, I know it :P.

P.S: Pe lista mea cu "people who inspired me to dye my hair red", at the top se afla Karen Elson si Shirley Manson. Maaajor girl crushes.