Wednesday, 25 August 2010

"Sometimes in the rain I think I'd like to burn, I never will"



As time's gone by I realize my blog has evolved from a daily outfit mix of posts to. Well, to a little bit of everything, like a melting pot of all the big and small things that bounce around in my skull. I've lost that feeling of comfort that I get when I'm in front of the camera and I'd rather be the one taking the photos, the one in control. Yeah, yeah, just another of my quirks and idiosyncrasies that my shrink is going to love in 10 years time.

So this is me getting back on the metaphorical horse and picking up the hypothetical gun and blasting away at it yet again.


The boy and I took a little stroll in the park after a wet and rainy summer day. I am amused by the fact that I have two very big parks right next to the apartment yet never seem to get the time (cough LAZY cough) to actually take a break and enjoy them.

That evening we had a camera, my Medusa head of locks and a hazardously thrown on outfit so a photo shoot was improvised on the spot.


46042010_07_19 45942010_07_19


I'm so glad you can still find permanent light fixtures in parks that are permanent and not stolen or turned off most nights. It does give the environment that Tim Burton meets Freddy Kruger feel but sometimes you want a midnight stroll and not a musical horror movie remake, you know?


When it rains, I wear sandals. When it stop, I wear wellies. Typical.

Wearing: Zara Dress, Mango cardigan, vintage belt, Golden Point socks, Nine West rain boots.


My days have consisted of nights actually. Movie nights or Starbucks nights or drinking until morning nights. Of course this is just the short low down but that's all that matters. And that's what sticks in my brain in the long run. Good, good times.


Song of the Day: I Am Arrows - Green Grass


Anca said...

Ar trebui sa scrii mai des pe blog! L-ai cam uitat in ultimul timp. :P

Abi said...

This is such an adorable outfit! I love the print of that maxi dress!

PS: I happen to love you "Medusa head of locks" :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Daiane said...

haha, "medusa head of locks", you funny girl you!

love the wellies + long summer-y dress!

kisses. many, many of them!

Nemerae said...

It seems like a magazine photoshoot.. love love that dress!!!

Is This Real Life? said...

ah love your dress so pretty looking!

Is This Real Life? said...

ah love your dress so pretty looking!

Anonymous said...

i like your outfits:)

devilishlypleasurable said...

these photographs look so graceful and poetic.. love them!

Tilly said...

ah ha I love your skirt! I always wear wellies even when its not raining, they're just so goddam comfy he he ;) xxx

Hanna said...

thank you! :) so are these! they look dreamy.

Syed said...

Loving the skirt and those wellies are so cool!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

such a wonderful dress, and the fuschia socks you teamed it up with are simply gorgeous

Sana said...

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TheMadTwins said...

wow, that dress and boots are amazing O.O
I'm looking for boots like that, but I can't find it :'(
but I adore you look :)

xxx London