Friday, 29 October 2010

"Sip the bottle now don't be slow, keep up with me as we lose control"

AloChic Meet #2


This has been a very interesting week. Not only did a motorcycle run over my foot (I am now sporting the blue and purple outline of a bruise to prove it) but I also did put my not so vast emergency medicine knowledge to good use when a lady fell and banged her head on the bus. Apparently most people run when they see blood. Us med students get an adrenaline rush and start using really long words.

I also found out that if I were stuck with my friends in a jungle and I were limping, they'd leave me there. No biggie, I'd do the same, survival of the fittest and all that. They did say they'd get me at one point. After the book deal of course.

But even through early hospital hours and accidents, I still squeezed my feet into a pair of heels and tippy-toed last night to the AloChic Meet party held by the AloModa team. Be it rain or snow or sleep, I will never pass up the chance to spend a girls' night out with some very stylish ladies.

There were Cosmopolitans. There were great shoes. There were really cute outfits. It was very much fun indeed and I got to meet and reconnect with some wonderful girls.


AloChic Meet #2
Like I said, not even motorcycles will stop me from wearing heels.

Wearing: Zara dress and blazer, Musette booties, vintage bracelet, unknown brand (yet amazing!) comic book tights, Musette bag.

AloChic Meet #2
Pixie Shoes and AloModa collaborated and from those two style powerhouses came two beautiful pairs of shoes. I am convinced I wasn't the only one who wanted to run away with them!

AloChic Meet #2 AloChic Meet #2

AloChic Meet #2
A lot of swooning was happening over Dada's skirt.

AloChic Meet #2
I was this close to stealing one of these Paul Smith for Evian water bottles for The Boy because he is crazy over them.

AloChic Meet #2 AloChic Meet #2
The dress. The dress! My love for the night.

AloChic Meet #2 AloChic Meet #2
Stylish girls being stylish.

AloChic Meet #2

AloChic Meet #2 AloChic Meet #2

AloChic Meet #2

AloChic Meet #2 AloChic Meet #2
Florina and I doing our best posing for the camera looks ♥

AloChic Meet #2
Thank you Edi for these photos!


Song of the Day: Katy B - Katy On a Mission


lynnette said...

oh what fun!! :D Gosh I can't believe you squished your injured foot into a pair of heels! Please rest it and be careful while walking! >< Haha ok I'm probably a little paranoid but I've never actually gotten into an accident involving a motor vehicle like that before... so glad you weren't injured more than that!

Haha you sound like you'd be perfect doing emergency medicine! :P I think I'd be really freaked out and my mind would go blank.

How's pediatrics!! ughhh I'm so not enjoying orthopedics :( i think it's really hard!

DeVero said...

Thank you for sharing so nice pictures with us! Seems that you had a wonderful night!

Anna said...

I so loooove your tights:">, and your red hair, and everything!
It looks like you girls had a wonderful time!
I also wanted to thank you for you lovely comments on my blog, it means a lot to me!

Eszter said...

Looks like a fun party, I love your comic book tights and the overall look as well. Is the back of the white jacket the back of a GUARA jacket by any chance? It seems very much their style. Great pics.

EnRose said...

It was a great party with wonderful people, happy to be among them that night.
Yes, Eszter, that's a Guara coat with etnic details.

kirstyb said...

lovely post and great pictures xxxx

Jessica said...

i simply loveeeeee your outfit!!! i can't imagine that you still wearing heels when you foot injured!! :D