Sunday, 8 March 2009

"Coming home after a long, long walk; One thousand stories and soon there's more"

Chocolates and school notes. Welcome to my week.


I sometimes feel like I'm standing still and the whole world is shaking around me. It's unnerving to say the least. And I'm not sure what's scarier, this or the fact that when it all stops moving I'll be too dizzy to hold still and end up falling to pieces. Hopefully next week will be better or there will be someone around to stick the bits back together.


Thank you everyone for the lovely sweet comments on the last post. All you guys rock so much, I am such a lucky person to have such great readers as you all!!

The past week has been a bit off for me. I'm still surprisingly positive though and I need to be because I'm doing that work for more than myself right now. Hoping (and actually knowing) this next week will be better! Until then, hope all you amazing, beautiful and intelligent girls out there have an amazing International Women's Day because we all deserve it ;D


The only good thing about that day was my make-up. So lets just focus on that, okay?


Unofficially, our very first day back at uni after our exam session and holiday-that-wasn't-exactly-a-holiday. The morning was spent running after Starbucks and then skipping some courses. The evening was spent watching Scrubs.

Andy's & my shoes.

Andy at a time when we were both thinking it would have been better if we had some more coffee and less uni.

Sitting at our favorite window. I was not feeling too photogenic at that moment in time.

Irina joining us and her coffee after class.

This is my happy face. Really!

top & sweater: Mango, boots: Nine West, bracelet: Parfois, jeans: Mango.


It was a too early morning. I had gone to sleep at 3 am that night after coming home late from the movies. I saw He's Just Not That Into You with friends and really enjoyed it. My girl crush on Jennifer Connelly just grew and grew!

Anyways, waking up early was worth it as I met up with my friend Roxana and we took a little field trip. You see, we found out that the Arch of Triumph we have here was open for tourists so we decided that it needed visiting.

The view from up. The city looks even weirder than normal. But the air was fresh after a downpour and the noise didn't reach us up here, so everything felt calm and it felt like my thoughts finally found a slot in my brain where they could rest.
I needed that.

Me and my dark-circles enjoying the view.

Roxana :)

Our bags wanted a photo too and how could we ever refuse?

The only other people up there with us were an elderly couple.

Self-timer is the best invention after the camera!

Can we please stop and stare at Roxana's shoes for a moment? Thank you!

And a view from back down. The day seemed to be brighter after that so I think this was a weekend well spent :)


Song of the Day: The Knife - The Captain


valy said...


Hadley said...

Your makeup on Wednesday is like a, a, a peacock or something! I love it! Oh my goodness! Or like a mermaid or something magical.
And the coffee shop photos are beautiful.

Jen said...

Your make-up is fantastic, as are your boots! Lovely.
Hope this week is better than last !
Happy Woman's Day too xxxx

Zmaga said...

Your make-up is AMAZING! So beautiful... I would never have the patience (or the skill) for something like that. I feel for you about the dark circles and I-can't-study-anymore issue. Hold on!

p.s. Happy Women's Day!

Anca said...

La multi ani! As fi vrut si eu sa urc in Arcul de Triumf... poate cu alta ocazie.

modern antoinette said...

Great shoes. I love them.

Your pictures are nice.


Alice X said...

beautiful, i love the photography here:) and your bags and shoes are AWESOME!

Electro Geisha said...

what to say... im not much into the make up if we talk about colors.. but i will admit it.. you did it gooooood! love the outfits, shoes (more than anything else!)...i wish you calm and resting week.. fill your batteries so you will post more, and i will read more :)

Crystal said...

Hey I love your photos more! Man I can't wait till I get my own DSLR. Sigh, I love how you made your red tights stand out against your outfit. :}

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it always (really, AL-WAYS) lifts my mood! Romania...isn't that where "Maiyahee, maiyahoo, maiyaha, maiyahaha" are from? Dragosta din tei...kitayey. :-D I'm just picking on you, don't get offended!

Anonymous said...

yay! new post.. have been waiting anxiously =D
and thanks for accepting my friend's request on facebook

totally heart your blog!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I mean, Sasha and Natasha and Anja - can you say fierce overload or what? hahah- exactly!! ♥

Oh and one day we must get together for some Starbucks and to try out that braided hair 'do, love!! ;]


The Clothes Horse said...

You look lovely. I adore your plaid coat. MMm...chocolates and time.

THE BAT said...

unbelievably gorgeous photos! you look like you had so much fun!

THE BAT said...

unbelievably gorgeous photos! you look like you had so much fun!

Miss at la Playa said...

the photo of the stairs, the one in black & white is seriously AMAZING. The most beautiful picture i've seen in months

Wanderlusting said...

Gorgeous photos - YOU'RE GORGEOUS! That's all I can say. Love it all!

x0x0 Lusty

Katie @ Très Lola said...

ah starbucks cult! love it <3 gets me through the stuff i have to do but rather wouldn't... theres some really great photos there... & how freakin' cute are you all? should have seen me as a student, i am very very glad there is little photographic evidence of my lack of fashion clue.
ps: eye makeup in that second photo is very pretty!

Alyssa said...

Darling, your makeup is gorgeouss!
And you and your friends look beautiful =) even under stress.

dapper kid said...

I love your coat and the eye makeup was fantastic :) That photograph of the elderly couple was so sweet, I love it! And hope the work load gets easier to deal with dear, just remember that it's all for good reason and how far you've already come :)

deltay said...

Ooh, your eyemakeup is lovely!

Fashion Tidbits said...

gorgeous eye makeup!

karl's sweet child said...

I'm dying to leave jakarta and stay in europe.. Romania fills with breath taking places!! You're so so so lucky to live in gorg place and have gorg friends!

Sol said...

Those shoes you wore at Starbucks... gorgeous!

proudly says, said...

your ladies are so beautiful and trendsetter!
i hope to visit your place someday.

meliindaa. said...

all of ur pics are gorgeous. and i love your makeup!

Enep said...

great pics! nice blog anyway ;3


coco said...

Great to start of with chocolates ha ha. I love your makeup look.

Ida said...

Love Mozart chocolates, and stunning photography!

Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* said...

lovely photos, i like your boots

dapper kid said...

I t-t-tagged you dear!

K said...

Such lovely photos in this post! I adore the self-timer-ed one, you both look very chic

Cas Ruffin said...

That sounds like a fun week! Nice makeup.

Mary said...

There is so much goodness here I can't even pick what to comment on!
The photography ios breathtaking, and I LOVE your jacket!

Molly said...

i love your posts, they're like a little peek into your life!

Shin said...

I want to go buy chocolates right now after your post! Ahhh. You have gorgeous friends by the way! xxoxoxoxo

Scheharazade said...

lovely chocolates !!^^

Trixie La Belle said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! I'd hang them on my wall. And I do love your blog, it's very refreshing. It's my new addiction, next to caffeine ;) .
Anyways, amazing:)

indigotangerine said...

absolutely lovely photos.
ps. we tagged you