Friday, 23 January 2009

"With a laugh like that and a look like that you make us all just go la la la la woah"

It suddenly feels like days are shorter. 24 hours aren't enough for hundreds of pages of courses of anatomy and histology and physiology, for reruns of Grey's Anatomy and Skins, for all the books on my shelf waiting to be discovered, for painting my nails in neon colors, for watching Heath Ledger movies with my mom, for breaking some friendships and healing others, for Pilates, for my abandoned scrapbook, for Starbucks runs, for smiling at cute boys that love coffee cups too, for sleep, for dancing around in the morning.

Or maybe it's just the exam session that makes me feel rushed, and panicked and surprisingly small even when I'm wearing my highest heels. March needs to be here faster so I can finally breathe again.



Weird day with even weirder car trips (7 girls in a small car? no problem!), with warm lattes and getting home early (always a plus).

Andy and Maria and Maria's oh-so-pretty bag!

Irina and Maria. We're always too sleepy for our Microbiology course.

dress: Zara, star hoodie: Pull&Bear, tights: Accessorize, boots: Musette, coat: Motivi, bag: Nine West



Weird keeps on happening but lack of sleep distracts us from it. Day with too many microscopes, with almost-exploding capillaries and the best pizza ever (or what hunger does to one's brain)

Good when used to measure blood pressure. Bad when left in the hands of med students who watched too many Jackass episodes.

Irina and Andy.


dress: H&M, cardigan: Mango, tights & socks: Golden Point, booties: Replay Jeans, necklaces: vintage and Diva, belt: vintage, coat: Motivi


Song of the Day: Elbow - One Day Like This


Bambola said...

That last photo is just gorgeous. What a way to end the post. Beautiful.

Bεαтя¡z said...

You are so talented!
The last photo is perfect! :O
I absolutely love your blog.
Good luck on your exams. I am sure you will do great ;)

Alice X said...

i love your picture, what camera do you use? the black and white is soo beauitful and i especially love the close up of the necklace. gorgeous.

ZORI said...

lovely photos. The med school does not feel boring when you are presenting it. The tights and the socks are so sweet.
Lovely photos

♥ fashion chalet said...

OK, so, I'm a pretzel freak ahah, I love my soft straight out of the oven, oversize pretzels too!!!! =]

That coat is super fab. I want it. Whenever I see you in glasses, it inspires me to wear my own out for the day. They're such an accessory piece and more comfortable than contacts.

I love reading your feedback each time, thank you so much!! :]


selinaoolala said...

omggg those tights and the socks, love it!!

Raquel said...

I really like your coat. and the owl on your bag is simply adorable.

Zmaga said...

The coat is beautiful!!

yulanda said...

I love the ankle socks over the tights! I'll have to steal that idea one day :)

karl's sweet child said...

Oh anna..gorgeous pictures like always! You are my number one inspiration.. Hihihi..

mai said...

i love the last photo!
& have you had the chance to watch the first episode of the third series of skins? it has good potential, but it certainly has a lot to live up to.

beautiful blog :)

yiqin; said...

You always look so happy & pretty in your photos :)

Cara said...

I hear ya on feeling like you have no time at all. I wish I could perpetually be on Christmas break!

PinkBow said...

gorgeous pink nail colour!

xs said...

love those blue tights. i've been wearing tights with everything!

Anonymous said...

splendid photo with cheer and outlook and importantly the beauty of cheer...

Mary-Laure said...

Those pictures are so cool! I love the necklace, the pink nailpolish, your long hair, everything!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great coat. The stockings and shoe combination are really cute.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i swear. you guys are the best dressed med students in the world! lol

Robert said...

Wow, poza alb negru in care revista :p