Tuesday, 20 January 2009

"What if she changes when her blood sugar drops? Like a hypoglycemic werewolf!"

One day I will be able to make a pot of coffee in the morning without leaving coffee stains all over the kitchen. One day.


Spent an entire weekend trying to decide between Grey's Anatomy and Gray's Anatomy. Ended up with a bunch of boring histology courses instead. Oh, epithelial tissue, how I loathe thee.

My exam session is starting to tip-toe closer (okay, maybe more like slam into me at full force & screaming) and my stress eating and my obsession over certain shows are starting to get out of control. I can't help it, icecream and McSteamy/Barney Stinson/Floppy Haired Guy/Chuck&Blair are my coping mechanisms.

Can I just fall asleep now and wake up a surgeon please?




Tuesday (today) :

Irina and I, in the anatomy lab.

top & sweater: Mango, skirt: Zara, tights: thrift, boots: Musette, necklace: Accessorize


Song of the Day: Incubus - Echo


MR style said...

that's nice

Zmaga said...

you look great! good luck on the exams!

Anca said...

I love the first picture, the colors and everything. I have exams too and I eat a lot of chocolate these days. I'll look so great (NOOOT) at the end of the semester. Good luck! :)

Little Lj said...

Oh I always love your photos, you have such a great instinct for capturing the essence of your day, and moments between friends!

Also, I MUST KNOW where you got your glasses from! I've been looking for a new pair, and I love the shape of yours... they are darling!

cras4 said...

Its impossible to make coffee without staining something, the people who claim its not , lie.

kait.lyn said...

cute tights in both outfits!
is your quote from pushing daisies? hehe.

i most definitely AM a hypoglycemic werewolf. if i don't eat & my blood sugar drops... ohhh mann! lol

dapper kid said...

Love both outfits and that anatomy room looks scarily amazing :)

Wanderlusting said...

Love the one of you on the table in that room...though it's kind of creeping me out. In a good way :)

Anonymous said...

Ann Mary? Is that u? my desk mate for freakin` 8 years? semneaza A.B

yiqin; said...

I love your tights! They are so amazing.

yulanda said...

Good luck with your upcoming exams!

Alice X said...

i LOOVE that picture of you in the washroom, it's sooo gorgeous. hah, thanks for all your comments:) i love jwalk's flipflops too, it's always nice having someone else to fan girl with me:)


Anonymous said...

hi Anna! I love your photos, I cant wait to see your next post :D

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous!! and inviting!!