Thursday, 8 January 2009

"Outfit; She is yesterday's news, she's got a red pill, blue pill"

My favorite classes are the ones where the teacher is just as sleepy as us and I can sit down with a good book and my Coke Zero.


This week has been a very slow week. It felt like the hours of the day were as sleepy as me. But now courses are over and I can sit down with a hot cup of tea, watch the snowflakes outside my window and enjoy Serenity.

This week I've learned:
+ that the thymus is the one thing between us and the nice bacteria out there that keeps us from actually being dead as a doornail. I think I will come out of this Microbiology course with a bigger germ phobia than I already have.
+ how to read a cardiac Echo

Also, I came to the conclusion that my life sometimes plays out like a really ridiculous rom-com soap-opera. And that I should maybe start doing something when I like certain people (also known as: cute boys who also like me back) before they suddenly decide to pack up and move to Germany (true freaking story).


Playing with microscopes and not getting what you're looking at: the favorite past times of Med students for decades ;P

Between lab classes.

Last lab, getting bored and freezing in the only part of uni that has no heating. Me, Andy, Irina D, Irina and Maria.

dress: Naf Naf, sweater: Mango, tights: Accessorize, boots: Musette, necklace: Accessorize, bag: Furla, scarf: vintage


Song of the Day: David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust


karl's sweet child said...

is it even legal to dressed so stylish when you are a med student??hehehe..

Bambola said...

You look so stunning! I think I always say that though. Love the scarf & the skirt :) x

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit!!!

Can't believe you're a Med student! You've just changed my opinion of females in that profession forever! Lol dare upset my stereotypes! :D

classic noir remix / lesley said...

You're the most stylish Med student I have ever met/seen in my life. :D Gorgeous outfit! I love the necklace especially! My best friend has a thing for stars, so I know she'll love those too. :)

Yay for David Bowie! :D

ZORI said...

Lovely shots!
We don't have Coke Zero here, is it very different from the original?

Iina said...

I like your outfit:]

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

I loved that book and the movie was great too.

devon maid. said...

I have the same story almost, except mine moved to sweden :'(

great blog!


Rosanna said...

i really love your necklace!! you look gorgeous


deep_in_vogue said...

oo gorgeous pictures! you are soo lovely!

Lunemoiselle said...

Your title makes me want to read Valley of the Dolls. Again. Like, for the 56th time.

Alice X said...

wow i never knew you were a med student, can't believe you actually dress up for class, nice pictures:)

Anonymous said...

I have the same story...except mine moved to Turkey!!! :'(

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) said...

Love the skirt and the stars! You are so gorgeous.

clairegrenade said...

this skirt is trés cute!!

Chester said...

That is a fabulous outfit.