Friday, 19 December 2008

"Outfit; You sold your soul, like a roamin' vagabond"



On Wednesday I had a sleepover with the girls from uni to celebrate that we are finally free and Christmas in the same package. Yesterday was a day only for sleep after only 4 hours from the night before and today was spent with my girls at our Starbucks. I think I am starting to get used to this whole 'time to breathe' thing.

Holiday is officially here, no more lab coats and anatomy books and waking up before the sun rises until January. Can I get a whooo-hooo?

I plan on sleeping, seeing my girls every day, sleeping, watching all the movies I downloaded but never got the chance to see, sleeping, reading non-school books, and sleeping. See a patterns there? ;D

Movies I am watching today/this weekend:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Milk (Sean Penn and James Franco on the same screen? Yes please!), Appaloosa (Viggo! Jeremy! Ed!), Seven Pounds, The Wackness, season 3 of How I Met Your Mother, Elf, Mysterious Skin (Joseph Gordon Levitt fest) and season one of Firefly (how did I not hear of Nathan Fillion before this?)

Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, Letters to a Young Novelist by Mario Vargas Llosa, The Life of Hunger by Amelie Nothomb.


Wednesday Night:
Sleepover with the Med girls ;) Gifts were exchanged, wine was drunk, fun was had.

I think the reindeer horns fit me very well, don't you?

Maria and Andy.

Irina and I and a pizza after 7 hours of not having time to eat. Can you see the desperation?

Irina D and Irina attacked by flying pillows.


Thursday Morning:




Coffee and a little bit of shopping with my girls:

I used to do my makeup very bright and funky each day and then I stopped when I started uni. I promised myself to go back to the crazy this oliday, so expect a lot of eye photos in the near futre :P

dress: Kotton, cardi: Mango, boots: Musette, bracelet: Accessorize


Song of the Day: The Matches - December is for Cynics


UrbanCannibal said...

Woo-Hoo! Enjoy your downtime!


Awww happy holidays. I like the nails. Mmmmm that pizza look GOOD.


Anonymous said...

Your post title sounds like The Killers. Very, very nice!

Diana said...

Hey!! I just wanted to say that i love your blog and you seem like really cool. It's nice to see a girl from Bucharest with such good taste in movies, music and,of course,fashion. Don't forget to post!!Happy Hollidays!

Bambola said...

Woo-Hoooooo!! =P

Hope you have a lovely break! Your Christmas slumber party looked like a lot of fun. :) xx

Tinsley said...

great pictures! do you use some type of filter on them?
and i cant wait to milk over the holiday break

Tinsley said...

great pictures! do you use some type of filter on them?
and i cant wait to milk over the holiday break

copperoranges said...

you look like you are having a blast!

good luck with the wackness ... i saw it this summer and thought it was bizarre and kind of off putting..

Angela said...

Lovin' the holiday spirit amongst the med students!

Your red and green nails (and red tights) are so cheery I love it all!

Definitely gonna be brave (read: less lazy) and try to put some effort into my eye makeup from now on!

this wheel's on fire said...

Wow I love your blog!!

Enjoy Milk---it's pure amazing :D

Stop by my blog, you may like it xo

WendyB said...

I love Firefly -- watched it with my stepdaughter, after we got through all the seasons of Buffy and Angel.

Poster Girl said...

Great manicure and eye makeup! I just saw Milk 2 days ago and it was AMAZING.

Hippy Chic said...

Looks like you girls partied hard!! Love your eye makeup and nails, so funky!!! Have a happy holiday!!

dapper kid said...

Ooo presents!! Love the outfit and your colourful nails, and I totally adore that bracelet :) Oh oh and Everything Is Illuminated is such a beautiful book :) And Firefly is amazing!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

that pizza pic is hilarious

♥ fashion chalet said...

i want some, seriously, too cute! x