Tuesday, 16 December 2008

"Outfit; Got a lot of friends who are stars but some are just black holes"

Very tacky-licious or not: matching my eye makeup to my outfit. But if December isn't made for tacky, than I don't know what is.


Students in white coats enjoying chocolates instead of anatomy. I love it when reindeer headbands take over the lab and for a few seconds the smell of formaldehyde is just a memory. We scare freshmen as they try to learn those nasty nerves on the bodies while we're sitting half a meter away trying to learn how to stick as many cookies in our mouths as we can. Generation gap, or maybe the fact that we just don't care as much about those books like we did (we do, we just hide it better)

There's still a Grinch (or more) in every bunch, meaner now than they were the rest of the year it seems. So I rely on those hearts next to me (the ones that beat, not the ones in jars, haha medical humor sucks) to block their so-called-songs out, smile at the boy who looks like that boy in that movie and take a piece of chocolate and think, hey it's finally Christmas, I can be as bloody jolly as I wish. So lets try that.

Say goodbye to the neon-lights, last day of school and I'm still not used to the thought. See you in January cold dark building and even colder eyes. Until then, I'm retiring my white coat to the closet.


Red, green and white - my favorite colors of this month.

Irina, me and Andy, high on sugar.

Maria, Andy and Irina.

The best gift wrapping paper ever - it leaves a mark.

Merry Christmas.

dress: from my bff's closet :P, tights: Accessorize, sweater: Mango, boots: Musette.


Song of the Day: The White Stripes - Candy Cane Children


Zmaga said...

I just wanted to say that your posts cheer me up and I love the "Song of the day" in the end! Your outfits are great, I can barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone make such combinations! But you inspire not to dismiss something just because it's maybe weird/unconventional/sparkly :)

Nemerae said...

Cool make up!!! love it :)

cas ruffin said...

I love it, Christmas is for dress up fun!

Isa said...

haha, merry christmas to YOU!
I don´t think I´ve seen a post that was jollier. is that a word? more jolly that is. ;)

I advice you to have some mulled wine and gingerbread latte (which I guess you as a starbucks devotee know anyways) as this is basically everything I drink in december.
*Fröhliche Weihnachten*

♥ fashion chalet said...

awwwww- reindeer ears and glitter; two of my Christmas favs!!

I think I want to try the DIY again, it was so fun.. maybe leggings next or skinny jeans (those were straight leg/boot cut) you should try it out. It's a lot easier than I first thought. Took less than an hour to do (only because I kept trying them on to see-HAHA.)

Thanks for the comment. The scarves are still on eBay every now and again. :)


annah-logue said...

i love love your eye shadow! and the glittery hands (:

thank you for always being so lovely and commenting my blog. i read yours, and like always, never get around to commenting. bad person.

Fashion Tidbits said...

you're so gorgeous. just had to say that again. :)

how on earth did you do that eye makeup? teach us!

Charlotte said...

I always love to put on fake eya lashes for Christmas days, to go out at night!

Anca said...

I love your make-up and your reindeer headbands :)


such joyful pictures...the make up is so fun-licious! Merry Christmas to you dear!

Ashley L. said...

Your eyeshadow is beautiful! I'm loving your style! :)

Freddy Style said...

hi..i am from indonesia
i love to visit ur blog^^

deep_in_vogue said...

You look cute ! As always :o) you like the white stripes? check out the kills !

discothequechic said...

i actually don't think the make up is tacky at all!

i always admire people who ahve the patience to apply eye shadow like this.

but maybe that's just because i wouldn't have a clue where to start!

Electro Geisha said...

sparkling and wonderful :)

Hannah said...

I really like your blog :D

Great eye makeup :) You're right...December is very tacky. Therefore, I say go all out! Hhaha.

I love your outfit, it's very Christmas-y!


The Clothes Horse said...

You look adorable. It's so nice to read about someone who has been bit by the holiday bug!

Jenny H. said...

cuteeee pictures.
i love the holiday season.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'd love for you to do my eye makeup this way, it's absolutely GORGEOUS. just gorgeous! xx

Anonymous said...

wow!pana n-am vazut ce scria pe pahar si pe tabla[la facultate?]nu mi-am dat seamna ca esti romanca:DImi place blog-ul tau,tine-o tot asa:)App...studenta la medicina?Tare as vrea sa stiu cum e pt ca o sa trebuiasca sa aleg o facultate si ma tenteaza medicina...dar nu stiu mai nimic despre ea:)

zsya said...

you're so pretty!! especially with tht makeup
it's funny how we have 'coffee' in pur blog .. we must loveee coffee lol